5 Ways Exercise Will Develop You Into A Better Entrepreneur By Abigail Ireland

Anyone who puts themselves into the “entrepreneur” bucket is likely to be a go-getting, risk-taking and pretty determined individual. The entrepreneurial spirit is typically fast-paced, creative and resourceful – juggling many balls in the air whilst wearing multiple hats. With this comes a tendency to overwork, over-commit and become thinly stretched across multiple projects.

Introducing exercise into your daily routine is a powerful way to flourish into a more balanced, productive and creative entrepreneur. This is about understanding that being at the top of one’s game is about having a healthy approach to mind, body and business. Here are five ways that you can use exercise to supercharge each and every day by peak performance strategist Abigail Ireland.

Use yoga for headspace

In order to produce your best work, you need to have a clear mind and develop the ability to focus. To start with, allocate just 20-30 minutes a couple of days a week to practise a mindful, gentle yoga routine (Hatha is great). There are lots of apps and videos online which can help you to restore balance and a slower pace into an otherwise hectic lifestyle. Be present, breathe deeply and enjoy the flow.

Practise patience with weights

Allocate two to three days a week to do some resistance training. Going to the gym just once isn’t going to be transformational. Achieving the best outcomes takes consistent hard work, often without an immediate result. Days, weeks and months can go by without signs of progress but an inner game is being developed despite the lack of results on the surface. By chipping away each day, changes will eventually appear out of nowhere. Weight-training is a great way to develop muscles, transform physiques and develop hardcore patience. It helps you to accept that it can take a long time (even years) to reap the rewards. The same goes for entrepreneurship and building a business, so great lessons can be learned.

Regain balance with stretching

Working away on a business involves an investment of time. This can mean long hours in front of the computer, living a sedentary lifestyle and sitting at a desk. All of this can lead to an aching neck, tight shoulders, and underused lower body muscles. Every hour, set an alarm to take a five-minute break to stretch, rebalance and loosen tight muscles. Roll your shoulders, pull your shoulder blades back and down, and check that tech neck. Regular movement will prevent the risk of injury and stiffness.

Develop determination with group classes

Nothing pushes you out of your comfort zone more than competitive sports or activities. As an entrepreneur, it’s crucial to be able to bounce back in the face of adversity or failure. It’s also important to know your limits and then push just a little bit further. Join a group fitness class (virtual or in-person) so you can compete against yourself and others (but don’t take it too seriously!). You’ll be surprised at what you have in you when you benchmark yourself against others.

Use cardio to energise

Get your blood flowing and transport oxygen to a tired brain. Take time out from work to go for a 30-minute jog and gradually extend the duration or intensity as you get fitter. If you’re short on time, spend just 5-10 minutes doing a series of alternating upper and lower body exercises to work the heart and get your circulation going. Think squats, push-ups, lunges and shoulder presses for a simple and effective routine.


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