Nazli Hariri, is a London based jewellery designer & gemologist but born in Iran and educated in gemology and psychology who started her jewellery business in Iran when she was just 22 years old. Nazli established a very successful business and then took a brief hiatus when her son was born, since launching her jewellery line years ago her use of precious and colourful materials and soulfully made unique pieces essentially gained her many clients in Tehran.

Nazli‘s grandfather was an antique and art deco jewellery collector, however, unfortunately, his collection was seized in the Islamic revolution of 1979 along with many more of his family assets. Nazli’s grandfather’s keen interest in Antique jewellery and Art had a major influence on herself from a young age. Nazli fondly remembers spending many days with her grandfather visiting auction houses and antique stores together whilst young. This massively undoubtedly influenced her artistic flair, and nevertheless constantly attended a variety of different art classes where she developed my style. 

Hey Nazli, Can you tell us about you how much research you did and what observations you found within the jewellery industry market prior to launching?

During my hiatus from the jewellery field, I kept abreast of the emerging trends and new talent entering the sector. The market continues to be incredibly competitive and exciting.

One change I have noticed is that clients are becoming more sophisticated and design-conscious, Which in turn has influenced myself and other jewellery designers. I always say that informed clients are better clients. I have also noted a huge increase in the number of jewellery collectors, in particular, collectors of Art Deco jewellery.

How are you fulfilling orders and working with your team to make sure you give your customers the best shopping experience with you?

My philosophy is to exceed a client’s expectations in every way. I’m currently building my brand and surround myself with talented and inspiring people. I design each piece by myself, taking care that each creation meets my high standards. Clients expect a high quality of service and merchandise my business provides.

What is a typical day like for you?

No two days are the same! The only certainty is that it starts at 5am with a strong coffee. As a single mother and a business owner, I have to be flexible in order to meet all the needs of my child and my clients. My first job is my son, and it is the most rewarding job.

Who is the most influential female branding powerhouse that you admire and why?

I am lucky to be surrounded by a long list of women who influence and inspire me. However, two women in particular who I admire are Lauren Santo Domingo and Natalie Massenet. Both of them are examples of innovative and fearless businesswomen who excel in all areas of life.

Both have revolutionised the fashion industry and the way women shop. Neither are afraid to take the less-travelled part. While running companies that have become household names, they have remained incredibly chic and well known for being excellent mothers.

What does#BEYOUROWN mean to you?

As a feminist, I believe that everyone has a responsibility to help women both in the workplace and society at large. Women still face many obstacles, from being treated differently at work to men, the gender pay gap, better roles offered to men rather than women. Coming from a male-dominated country, I have experienced misogyny first hand and this has affected my own life greatly. Therefore I am extremely supportive of BEYOUROWN as the organisation is dedicated to inspiring young women in business.

In which areas are you looking to grow and expand within the next 3-5 years?

With the decline of in-store shopping, most businesses must move online in order to be competitive. I intend to establish a fantastic service in e-commerce where customers can shop without the pressure of discomfort of in-person shopping.



Instagram: @nazlihariri

LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/nazli-hariri


Image taken by Danielle De Angelis

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