Liz Ige is a life coach, speaker and cultural strategist. Founder of Know Your Worth, which helps women worldwide to identify their worth within the workplace and within their business, Liz does this by coaching women through a 12-week powerful programme that helps them to find fulfilment and purpose within their life. 

Liz formally worked as a financial service professional (compliance). and found that too often, she had to choose between pursuing her career and raising her two children. This led to Liz feeling very unfulfilled within her role, and after spending some time reflecting, Liz decided to leave a highly paid role to start her own business and to ultimately spend more time with her children.

Elizabeth’s #BEYOUROWN BOSS Story

My name is Elizabeth Ige, however, I prefer to be called Liz. I am a life coach, speaker and cultural strategist. I am the founder of Know Your Worth LTD, which helps women worldwide identify their worth within the workplace and within their business. I do so by coaching them through a 12-week powerful programme that helps them to find fulfilment and purpose within their lives. As we are holistic beings Know Your Worth can be applied to every area of your life, as such we tailor our programme to meet all individual needs. I help individuals who have given up on their dreams to reignite them.  

Knowing your worth is about identifying your inner beauty and value. Knowing that all women are regal and wear a crown and nothing or no one can take that away. When you start to value yourself, love yourself, respect yourself the universe starts to follow. I help women unlock that power. 

I am also Cultural strategist, who formally worked as a Financial Services consultant to help businesses with their cultural drivers. I have now transferred those skills to help organisations identify the company’s mission, values and overall goals. I help organisations to translate this vision into their company’s culture. 

I found that too often, I had to choose between pursuing my career and raising my two children. Or that most organisations did not have a culture that was inclusive or accommodating to the needs of a working parent. I would also be faced with the dual burden and trying to break the glass ceiling within corporate organisations; and found that has been one of my biggest challenges to date. I started to feel very unfulfilled within my role, after reflecting I decided to leave a highly paid role to start my business and to ultimately spend more time with my children.

Although, it was a tough decision to leave a relatively well-paid job whilst having two small children. I will say that it has been an amazing journey thus far, I am in the beginning stages of my business. However, I feel like I have found a true sense of purpose. I am currently building my brand and have a few coaching clients. I intend to expand and have more employees working for me in the future. 

I previously tried to launch my business during 2017, however, I didn’t know where or how to even start properly, and I had hit a cross-road. I had to either continue my business or due to lack of finances go back to work. I decided to go back to work at the end of 2018. I realised that I struggled with trying to network, as being a mother of two my time is little and limited. I have recently joined the Self-made mentoring programme ran by Bryon and Bianca Cole. Not only do I feel I have the right to support this time around, but I also have access to their network, which has saved me a vast amount of time and already opened many doors for me.

In addition, I had to overcome my fears. I am a perfectionist at heart and would ultimately prefer for everything to be perfect. I wanted perfect branding, my website to be launched etc. However, I realised that my business is working progress and that I would have to fight my fears and launch my business, conversely to if I had given in to my fears, I would have never started my business in the first place.

As a Millennial woman, I would like to see a renewal of mind, that as women we acknowledge our power and strength. For women to begin realising their worth and that they can do anything, as the sky is not the limit.  I would also like to see more women enter male-dominated industries, e.g. Tech and I.T. For Millennial women to apply their worth even when it comes to charging for their services. All we have to do is believe in ourselves and endure the process. In addition, I would like to see women stop comparing themselves to others, so what if someone has the same idea or passion as you, one of you can be the left arm, whilst the other is being the right arm, essentially there is space for everyone.

Moreover, it means a great deal to be your own boss in the 21st century, as I am able to do something that I am passionate about, most importantly I am able to watch people grow and evolve into their best.  Not to mention having the flexibility to be a part of my children’s development and being able to explore the world is priceless.



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