Founded by Anna Oldbury, healthy fruit crisps and smoothie bites LioBites are made by freeze-drying freshly picked fruit. LioBites are raw, vegan, gluten-free and contain no added sugar or preservatives. LioBites are a perfect snack for the whole family to enjoy and serve as 1 of 5 a day.


I am Anna Oldbury and I am the Founder and Director of LioBites – healthy fruit crisps and Smoothie Bites. I am 42 years old and I enjoy Yoga, travelling, learning new skills and meeting new people. I am very health conscious and having suffered from stress and health issues I am very conscious of my diet and my healthy lifestyle. I eat clean and I don’t drink or smoke. I am not a fitness fanatic instead I try to balance my work in front of the computer with walking, swimming and yoga. As a highly driven individual, I suffer from anxiety and I manage it by breathing, embracing time with my friends and family and keeping busy. I am also naturally born optimist and when in crisis I pick myself up as I can’t see any other way. Positivity is a trait you need to possess when starting your own business, but it also helps when you are trying to sell your idea to others. Life is too short to dwell on drawbacks – we need to keep moving and every experience makes us stronger and wiser.

I have always wanted to be my own woman. Even as a little girl, I was ambitious, driven and very curious about life. I am originally from Poland, having lived in the UK for almost 20 years I feel as although Poland will always be my home, Britain has shaped my adulthood. 

London is the place where everyone is from somewhere and I love this. Creativity and diversity of London have given me the confidence to follow my dreams. From studying Fashion at the iconic London College of Fashion to starting my own food business and creating a brand of healthy fruit snacks – LioBites. 

My 20s were about travelling, finding my way in corporate working culture and embracing London life. My 30s were a decade of being a new mum…, I have 2 daughters and having them have changed my life and my perception of happiness, love and fulfilment. I have become stronger, more determined and also more willing to make changes to my work – life balance…

After working for a high jewellery brand for a number of years I felt as although I enjoyed my job, I never felt fulfilled and always wanted more. When I turned 40, I have decided that it was my last chance to take a risk and do something more creative. Something I can feel proud of and have more control and input. The lightbulb moment came when my youngest daughter kept eating freeze-dried strawberries out of my cereal. Being open to new ideas and very health conscious I decided to research freeze-drying.  I then realised how this super cool process preserves the nutrients of the fruit including the delicious natural fruity flavours. 

Today – 2 years since the idea was born and 1 year since we have launched LioBites to the market my life is very busy.  My daughters are proud of what I have achieved so far, and I want them to feel as they can achieve anything they aspire to. 

My grandma was a self-made, hard-working woman who brought up her 4 daughters while working full time in times when women didn’t have a voice. She was humble and happy with small things and she will always be my hero for her resilience in life and willingness to help everyone around her.

We are lucky to live in times where being a woman can be empowering. We have a different approach to business than men and our life long experience in multitasking and problem solving is something that makes us better in long term business partnerships. Women are still underestimated, and sometimes young women may feel intimidated in a business world dominated by the older men in suits. I would like to see more incentives for women in business and large brands supporting brands run by women entrepreneurs in schemes developed exclusively for us. 



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