Nicki Rodriguez and was born in Hackney, London, having been previously married twice my first to a professional footballer. Since her second marriage ended in 2016, she pursued a career within the public relations industry has been initially offered a position on the back of the charity work Nicki was already involved in after her youngest child was diagnosed with autism.  

Taking the knowledge and expertise from her current role, Nikki successfully set up her own PR agency seven months later and alongside running an interior design and housekeeping service within her local area.


My name is Nicki Rodriguez, I am 42 and a single mum to 2 children and live in Brentwood in Essex. I run two businesses, a housekeeping and interior design company and also a PR Management Agency called R&R PR Management. Within my Agency I am also heavily involved with my client, men’s fashion brand, Mr Guild.

As for my intention for the future, foremost is to be able to continue to provide a stable income to support my children and secondly, to push the Mr Guild brand as well as my PR Agency to be highly successful in both their sectors.

Challenges I have had lots of! Firstly, choosing the wrong business partner last year. This was fatal to my business as well as my personal life and taught me not to be so trusting again. Working within the industry I am in, I have learnt a lot about people.

Multitasking my hours have been a massive challenge, and recently I decided to focus my business towards representing companies and brands rather than individuals where it is less stress, fewer hours and more money. It is also better for my family life since businesses close at 5pm most days so I get more time with my children. My youngest child is autistic, so this has massively helped too.

I have met so many wonderful people who I have learnt a lot from. One, in particular, is Steven Smith who is an ex-celebrity hairdresser and PR guru. Steven has been a great mentor to me and I have been able to turn to him for advice and support which has been so nice. Other highlights of my career so far have been the satisfaction I have felt when I have seen my client achieve something because of the effort I have put in.

I would like to see women taken seriously, as things are a lot different than they were years ago. As a woman in the 21st century, I am now independent, confident and self-sufficient. I can do things by myself, have faith in what I can do in my work roles and do not need a partner to lean on. That has taken many years for me to get to this stage but I think back to when I was knocked down and how it has now made me stronger.



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