Stephanie Cronin has been photographing since she was 16 years old. Both her Dad and Grandfather both worked in newspapers, so you could say photography is in her blood! You will always find her taking pictures, either with her “work” camera or iPhone, everything deserves to be documented.

Stephanie’s #BEYOUROWN WOMAN Story

My name is Stephanie Cronin and my business is Summers Photography. Together with my husband and business partner Steve; we specialise in photographing people. Weddings, people in business and family milestones – we adore photographing those moments. The other side of our business is The Photography Academy by Summers Photography – teaching people how to create wonderful images themselves and giving them the skills to create portfolio-worthy images. We have had over 450 students on our courses in the past few years and take great joy in seeing their development.  I have been in the photography realms for 17 years now in various guises; from newspaper experience, white background studios, film developing studios and teaching photography in further education and art’s centres. It has been varied – but all linked to photography which has really enriched the passion for photography and the arts. Our business is sure to change over the next few years, but we really want to reach out and further our photography academy and grow that to the national level as well as continue to work with kind-hearted, fun-loving wedding clients!

Being a business owner is certainly a challenge in itself. You aren’t just the photographer. You are the editor, the advertiser, marketer, website manager, social media strategist, accountant, and the list goes on. It can be overwhelming at times as you ponder what is the most important element to focus on. On saying that; it is hugely satisfying to see projects come together and clients satisfied – that is what our main goal is. 2018 was a monumental year for us when we fell pregnant with our first child.

Becoming a first time Mum was wonderful and nerve-wracking in equal measure, but in December our lives changed for the better and our baby boy was born. He is a healthy, very happy, bouncing 6-month baby bundle and we couldn’t imagine life without him. We have taken it easy with the business in the first half of the year and called in support from VA’s and associates that have run social media for us; it is a huge help and certainly confirms the saying “it takes a village!”

There are women in business networking groups popping up across the UK and that is wonderful to see and be a part of. When there are groups of women meeting together that all have their own companies, there is something so powerful in that. It would be great to see these grow from strength to strength and for women to feel that we have a voice to bring to the table; it doesn’t have to be a boardroom table, but can be a kitchen or coffee shop table where these businesses are grown from strength to strength.

BEYOUROWN is such a power statement. As women, we constantly second guess ourselves, we need to turn this around and believe in our abilities. We know who we are and where we want to go in life and business  It’s trying to not take on board the social media pressures that tell us what we should be and where we should go – be true to ourselves, escape the negativity and focus on what it is that we want in life and business to be who we want to be.



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