Tiffany Cole is a self-taught fine artist based out of Los Angeles, California. 

My journey in fine art began about 4 years ago when a painter friend of mine could see that I was needing to start creating again; I had been in dance and a musician most of my life but I hadn’t done much for a few years; she brought over some art supplies she wasn’t using and I painted a woman. After that I completely fell in love with it, I was so interested and consumed with the beauty and sensuality of the feminine essence and I felt like I got to tell stories with my hands and create the worlds that I had kept trapped in my mind for so many years. I started drawing as much as I could; asking advice of accomplished artists and watching them draw. I just decided that with every drawing I’d get better at some aspect of depicting the human form and I really pushed myself to do that. I also really pushed myself to quickly become surrounded by some of the most talented artists in the world and man that will make you obsessed with getting “better”.

I especially love Instagram, for the easily accessible and incredible inspiration of other artists and the community that really cheers each other on. Of course, I’m constantly doubting myself and feeling inadequate but getting kind messages can really make you stick on the path. 

Its definitely been a journey being a woman in what sometimes feels like quite a mans practice, I’ve had to learn to deal with the interesting circumstances that can bring. I feel like my body and my work are completely connected, I love to show and celebrate the human form, its strength, and incredible beauty and I love to create photos and do art modeling as well and of course being open on the internet with your body can bring negativity. For a short time, I thought I would stop posting photos of myself altogether but I realised that the “negative” has been such a small percentage because I feel like most people see the intention of beauty and celebration. I’m just being myself and creating what I want to create, and the further I go towards that without fear the more powerful I feel. That’s definitely still a work in progress.

I also always remind myself that what I love to see most is women embracing their essence and showing the world, there’s so much inspiration in that. I find as I continue in my career that I am completely focusing on just creating myself rather than thinking others will take me to higher states. I absolutely love being a woman, every single part of it, and I can’t wait to continue exploring that within my art.



Instagram: @tiffanycole


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