REBECCA WILSON: Womb Connection Online Course X ​Winter Solace

This current season of our Year is deeply connected to the Womb. This is the very last part of Mother Earths deep exhale, a breath that started at Summer Solstice.

You know that feeling when you take deep breaths into the fullness of your womb, and then arrives the moment when you arrive to end of your exhale…That quiet, spacious and deeply connected feeling. This is exactly the experience of Mother Earth as we move towards Winter Solstice.

Types of wounding

  • In the Fertile Darkness of our Wombs,

    There is a lot to be felt

    A deep place to connect

    A sacred place we touch

    A sweetness we can taste

    In the quietness, we hear so much

    It is within the darkness that

    Our senses awaken…


Benefits of Womb Connection 

  • Healing & Awakening.
  • Womb healing from past trauma.
  • Clears fear.
  • Connection to feminine flow.
  • Balanced Womb Energy.
  • Clear decision making.
  • Clear Boundaries.
  • Energetically.
  • Emotionally.
  • Physically.
  • Sexually.
  • Spiritually.
  • Clearing old energy from past lovers.
  • Supports Menstrual Health.
  • Clears entangled energies
  • Clears co-dependency.
  • Attract Healthy relationship.
  • Increased libido.
  • Awakened sexual energy.
  • Zest for life.
  • Supports creativity & fertility.


Each session will cover different energy and healing and sessions will include:

  • Additional Course Material- Womb Massage Guide 

  • Yoni Steam Guide 

  • Breast Massage Guide 

Womb Connection is an online course of 8 pre-recorded sessions. Including welcome call and closing circle call.


Which includes:

  • Guided information about that week’s energy topic.
  • Healing & energy work.
  • Shamanic Journey.
  • Womb Connection Practices.
  • Recording of each weeks session for lifetime access and practice – (as this work continues to unravel you can continue to use these practices in support.)

Sessions will include:

  • Meditation.
  • Visualisation.
  • Womb Clearing, Healing & Activating.
  • Guided Physical Movement.
  • Space to explore your internal landscape and integrate.
  • Additional Meditations.
  • Lunar Bowl.
  • Sacred Manifestation.
  • Cutting Cords.
  • Journey into Womb.
  • Womb Connection.
  • Pranayama Practices.
  • Yoga Nidras.


Session One Welcome Call.

Welcome, opening space, course guidelines.

Session Two – Awakening Feminine Energy Centres.

Connecting to the 3 feminine energy centres. Awakening and aligning your body, womb, and energy system back into the perfect balance for you.

Session Three – Releasing Feminine Wounding.

Clearing old emotional experiences, traumas, patterns of behaviour and imprints. Clearing limiting beliefs, negative self-talk, fear, anxiety, scarcity from the womb space.

Session Four – Ancestral Clearing & Healing.

Clearing Ancestral energies, wounds, and stories from your womb space. healing your own womb energy, your lineage of women, most deeply your mother and grandmothers.

Session Five – Release Masculine Wounding.

Clearing old energetic imprints from past masculine interactions, releasing masculine imprints of fear & patriarchy.,Restoring your own inner masculine energy back into balance.

Session Six – Creating Healthy Boundaries.

Clearing old patterns of co-dependency, leaky womb energy, over giving to create clear womb boundaries. Clearing energy that operates from a space of less than or fear.

Session Seven – Sacred Womb Temple of Creation.

Connecting and awakening your sacred womb space, birthing an inner altar of connection and beauty.

Session Eight- Grounding into your power.

Grounding into your Power.

Calling all parts of yourself back into Wholeness.

Connecting Heart Womb & Earth.


When booking the full course you will receive all recorded calls to continue on with your journey for lifetime access, plus you will also receive recorded practices to support you on your journey.

  • Pelvic Presence
  • Heart Womb Meditation
  • Pelvic Bowl Meditation
  • Yoni Yoga Nidra
  • Shamanic Drum Journey


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