3 Insights For Proudly Demonstrating Your Business Values

Many people think that “brand values” are just lip service, something a company has to say in order to “sound right,” and yes, sometimes, this cynical attitude can be correct. After all, it’s not easy to hear that companies like Voltzwagen “remain committed to environmental protections” right after being found out for using defeat devices to beat emissions testing for their new range of diesel cars.

As such, consumers may believe that any talk of your brand values is just cover for your legal and marketing departments, and nothing else. However, if demonstrated correctly, you may be surprised just how much goodwill you can gather through your values. For example, Polish brand GOG, one of the biggest media corporations within the nation, constantly builds goodwill by releasing software without digital-rights-management protection as part of their approach to ownership values, meaning that the products they sell are open to piracy.

However, thanks to those values, many see them at the vanguard of the industry and consumer protection. They’ve demonstrated their values, baked-into their brand planning from the start.

How might your enterprise also go about a similar goal? In this post, we’ll discuss that and more:

Showcase your social responsibility efforts with Data

Companies know that social responsibility is in right now, and hopefully will be so for some time. However, it’s so important not to use this as lip-service. There’s nothing more distasteful than a company overstating the contribution they’ve made. Make sure to provide real data about your fundraising or donation approaches, or how you’ve addressed better measures like sustainability – perhaps by removing 20% of plastic from your processes this year. Be clear and consistent with your reporting. It’s how you’ll build trust.

Integrate values as part of your systemic approach

It’s not just about what values you have, but how you bake them into your daily operation. For example, it might be that for every ten units you sell, you donate one of your products to a homeless shelter. Perhaps you’ll donate 10% of your profits towards a cause you believe in regularly. Maybe you only source from enterprises with systems like this, and you can also promote their own charitable efforts as your own. This is much more than a one-off marketing approach, but something you can demonstrate as your general approach to daily care.

Clearly outline & communicate your values

It’s essential to clearly outline and communicate your values going forward. Sure, you may have them, and even act on them, but without being able to discuss that and make them clear, how can your clients expect to know that? There’s no shame in marketing your principles, so don’t think you need to be silent for them to really count. Perhaps with effective print services, you can loudly and proudly showcase them at the side of your enterprise or commercial premises, or when marketing at the events you attend.

With this advice, you’re sure to proudly demonstrate your business values from top to bottom, as not just a nice addition to your brand, but a synonymous element of it.

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