3 Reasons Now Is The Perfect Time For A Career Overhaul By Rebecca Siciliano

If you run a business, you normally don’t have time to pause for breath never mind give careful thought and consideration to your career. But these aren’t normal circumstances, and suddenly the activities that once consumed our days have been put on hold. It’s hard to know when we’ll next have this extra time, so it’s important to make the most of it. Tiger Recruitment MD Rebecca Siciliano explains why now is absolutely the perfect time for a complete career overhaul.

Time for you

Not commuting or travelling, or even socialising, means more time for you. Use this downtime wisely to focus on your current role and responsibilities. Having had time to reflect, what makes you feel most fulfilled and is there anything you should or would like to change?

Given what’s going on in the world, many people are reassessing their priorities. You may decide that you want a less commercial role and that you want your career to have a greater purpose. Perhaps the greater flexibility and family time we are all experiencing right now is something you want to hold on to. Take this opportunity to work out what’s important to you and how you want your career to be when life goes back to ‘normal’.  

Time to upskill

Once you have an end goal in sight, now is the perfect time to learn the skills or acquire the knowledge you need to get there. There are lots of great online courses and webinars to choose from – some are even offering heavily discounted rates at the moment. Many physical conferences and events are now going virtual, which offers another great opportunity to expand your knowledge. Even devoting your usual 40-minute commute time to learning can make a difference.

The first step is to identify the skills you need or would like to develop, whether it’s to improve your performance in your current role or move into a new one, then research what’s available.  Membership organisations like BEYOUROWN are a great place to start.  

Time for change 

In crisis times, change is both expected and accepted, so what are you waiting for? After the credit crunch in 2008, we saw huge gaps in people’s CVs, people trying new things and it not working out, or taking a long time to find a new role. This wasn’t frowned on; it was simply seen as a sign of the times.

So, if there ever was a time to overhaul your career or take time out to reflect on your next steps, this is it. Take this chance to prepare for what you plan to do next. So, update your CV and LinkedIn profile, add in your newly acquired skills, or create a portfolio to showcase your expertise. Good luck!



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