4 Industries Women Are Dominating

4 Industries Women Are Dominating

Now more than ever, women are dominating in the workforce. Many non-traditional careers for women are now so saturated with females that they can’t even be considered non-traditional anymore. Here are four industries that women are dominating.

Moving Companies

Several moving companies are owned by women. There are even many female laborers that do the heavy lifting just like their male counterparts. Many people get the idea that women-owned moving companies are more organized and handle people’s belongings with more care—a woman’s touch if you will. Whether that’s true or not, one thing is for sure: Women are taking their place in the moving industry.

Legal Services

Women are dominating higher education, including law, so it’s no surprise that women are dominating legal services. Over 50% of graduates from law school are now females. While the number of practicing attorneys in the country is still composed predominantly of men, the number of female lawyers tend to rise each year.


In their most recently published statistics, the National Center for Education Statistics showed that Bachelor’s degrees were awarded to almost 133% more women than men in 2016. With statistics like this, it’s no surprise that the writing industry is being dominated by women. The number of females finding success in the writing industry has also steadily continued to rise. In 2015, almost 50% of the publications on the New York Times Best Seller List was written by female authors. Technical writing, freelance writing, and blogging are other writing areas that women seem to dominate in.


Just like the other careers in this list, this was a male-dominated industry at one time, but women have gradually taken over. The United States Department of Labor (USDL) reported that in 2015, over 57% of pharmacists in the U.S. were female. That number has continued to climb slowly. Pharmacists are in high demand as generations get older and more medications are needed and available. Women will most likely continue to make up the majority of the practitioners in this field.


Women have been making strides in the workforce nationwide. They continue to prove that they are equally as valuable as men in many careers. Women have also been getting a foothold in jobs that are generally considered “male jobs.” In the near future, women will be closer than ever to equal representation in all careers.

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