5 Questions You Should Ask In A Job Interview By Aimée Treasure

Successful candidates often prepare to answer questions from potential job interviewers, however often neglect to prepare their own questions.

Employers and hiring managers will expect you to ask questions to show your interest in and enthusiasm for the company you’re applying to join. Good interview questions also evidence a candidate who can conduct thorough research, has excellent organisation skills and has respect for potential colleagues and the recruitment process. Bringing the right questions to a job interview shows respect for your interviewer and to further cement you in their mind as a positive l fit for the company.

Questioning your interviewer is also your best chance of assessing their business for how you’re your career ambitions. Carefully positioned questions can make you aware of any red flags, reveal job duties and career opportunities that haven’t been included in the job advert, and show a much more human element to working for your new potential employer. Here are the 5 best questions to ask any potential employer by VHR Head Of Marketing Aimée Treasure.

What are the most important personal and professional qualities needed for someone to excel in the role?

This answer will complement the job description by showing you a full picture of what your employer is really looking for. From then on, you can tailor your conversation to emphasise your skills in these particular elements and your eagerness to improve in your weaker areas. Even if you are unsuccessful in the next stage of the recruitment process, this information will allow you to benchmark against what is expected of candidates at your level and reveal what you need to work on.

What are the key priorities for the first few months?

This question shows a genuine interest in the company and its success. The answer will give you an understanding of what is expected of you in your day-to-day job and, if you do go on to accept the position, will empower you to hit the ground running and add value from your first day.

What would success look like in this role?

Although seemingly similar to the previous question, the key difference is that you are now asking about specific milestones and achievements. The answer will reveal exactly what you will be measured on and how your role would fit into the company’s growth and success. This question would also 

What’s the company culture like?

How your potential colleagues and managers work, how they conduct themselves, and the overall office atmosphere is all important factors to consider about whether you actually want to work in this organisation. You know yourself and your working styles – will the environment you find yourself in helping you to achieve your best work?

What’s the biggest challenge I can expect to face?

This question shows your ambition, courage and enthusiasm, and helps your interviewer imagine you in the very heart of the role. Finding out as much as you can about a difficult task will help you prepare for it if you are offered the position.

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