5 QuickFire Q&A’s With Dr Ava Brown

Dr Ava Brown – CEO, International Speaker, Author and Transformation Mindset Business Coach, Antrim, Northern Ireland. Ava coaches, trains and speaks globally to help others shift their mindsets to change their lives and businesses ultimately affecting their bottom-line. She is the author of her memoir The Mango Girl which is soon to be a feature film as well as CEO & Founder of The Mango Girl CIC, a non for profit aimed at helping women live their best lives. 

Her recent exploits include starting a hair and skin line called The Mango Girl started after a nasty divorce and became her therapy, just simply making body butter. She made the non-negotiable decision to create a unique brand that combines the passions of ethnic hair, beauty, authenticity, personal empowerment, culture, and modern convenience – all with the added touch of being handmade. 

1. What are you working on at the moment?

I’m writing a poetry book called 38 Places I Laid My Head which is all about my many moves and places I have lived since birth. I’m also about to publish my first children’s book series, starting with The Black Ballerina and Her Castle. It’s focused on child sexual abuse, which was my own story. It’s aimed at ages 3-8 and helps parents speak to their children about boundaries very early. I’m also looking for funding to produce a series focussed on financial abuse in Hollywood. And I’m also looking for an angel investor for my hair and skincare brand.

2. Why did you decide to work in your current career field?

Racism and inequality in the corporate space. I was always overlooked for promotions though I was one of the best in the department. Eventually, that takes a toll on you physically, and as a single mother in a country with almost no family, the choice was simple – my kids as opposed to a work environment that was choking me and my sanity.

3. Which entrepreneur inspires you?

There are so many, but as I am in the hair/skin space Madame C J Walker. She was the first female self-made millionaire in America. She inspires me as she succeeded despite the odds that were stacked against her.

4.The secret to your success?

Not giving up, even when there is so much disparity and hardship. It’s always important to revisit your WHY, realise you cannot do it alone, and when there is no seat at the table for you, create your own table. 

5.One word to sum up your career trajectory?


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