5 QuickFire Q&A’s With Samira Musa

Samira Musa is a multi-disciplined, ambitious leader with 10 years of leadership experience, starting her career early at Apple. She has 8 years experience as an independent producer for BBC Films, Film4 and established independent production companies across the UK.

Her latest film work as an Associate producer includes Aisha and Abhaya, a co-Production between The Royal Ballet and Rambert, in association with BBC Films and Robin Saunders. She has 5 years experience in corporate / film finance working with the UK, US production companies and Independent documentary filmmakers.

Samira was selected in 2019, out of 100s of applicants, to represent the UK at the G20 YEA in Japan as 1 of 15 Entrepreneurs from the UK. She continues to be an active G20 YEA member today.

1. What are you working on at the moment?

Across both my businesses, I’m currently working on a sci-fi series with Fruit Tree Media and film4. As well a future leaders coaching program. This program funds 9 leaders in the black community to have 6 one to one coaching sessions, focused on achieving a goal, across 6 or 12 weeks.

2. Why did you decide to work in your current career field?

Storytelling is part of my DNA and I love uncovering, producing untold stories. Coaching helped me immensely. I was introduced to coaching while going through a transition and it changed my life. I went from being a shy young black woman to a confident black female entrepreneur of two companies, a G20YEA UK representative and a speaker. I would not be where I am today without the tools I was shown through coaching.

I wanted to give others the chance to experience what I did, during those coaching sessions.

3. Which entrepreneur inspires you?

Shonda Rhimes, Ava DuVernay, Issa Rae, Krista Tippet, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Dwayne Johnson are some of the entrepreneurs that inspire me to do the work every day on myself, so I can show up as my most authentic self.

4. The secret to your success?

I’m not sure it’s a secret but I would say love and compassion are my secrets.

1 word to sum up your career trajectory?


5. 1 key trait leaders must possess?

Passion to make the world a better place than it was yesterday.

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