5 Tips For Improving Your Customers’ Food Delivery Experience

Let’s face it, there’s nothing that beats curling up on the couch, putting on a Netflix series and feasting on a takeaway. Ordering grub from your favourite restaurant should be a seamless experience. Unfortunately, there can be problems during the process which can send stress levels through the roof!

If you run a food delivery business, you’ll want customers to have a big smile on their faces when their meal arrives. For this to happen, here are some tips on how you can improve your customers’ food delivery experience. 

Make use of technology

Unlike the past when customers would only be able to telephone to place an order for delivery, technology has come on leaps and bounds. Technology can help improve your online orders and most importantly, increase sales. Registering with food delivery apps, optimising your website for SEO and leveraging cloud telephony are just some of your options to achieve this. You can look into using delivery management software too. Read the benefits of VROMO’s delivery management software. These include real-time driver tracking and chat and automating delivery. 

Create a stellar online menu

When customers get peckish and head to your restaurant’s website, they need to be amazed and wowed from the offset. It’s your job to create a stellar online menu to get people ordering! Your menu needs to include all your most popular dishes. Just make sure that you’re clear about serving sizes and prices. It’s a good idea to have a description for each dish and include any unique ingredients you use.

Include imagery

The words you put to describe your meals is only going to get you so far. To bring your menu to life and get more customers using your services, you must include photos of your food! This will make it easier for users to understand exactly what it is they are ordering, as well as how it looks when served at your restaurant. Don’t just whip out your smartphone to take photos. It’s wise to hire a professional photographer who can really bring your dishes to life.

Provide a memorable service

The most important step when it comes to boosting food delivery sales is by providing an excellent service. All customers want to be treated with kindness and respect. With that in mind, you need to go above and beyond to keep customers happy. Even if you believe your food is top-notch, if the service is anything but, you won’t get repeat custom! There are certain things you can do like ensuring any food delivered is piping hot and packaging food safely in delivery vehicles. Make sure you’re aware of any food allergies by paying close attention to any add-ons.

Offer discounts and promotions

No one likes to pay full price for anything. Because we’re all after discounts and freebies, make sure to implement them in your food delivery business. Giveaways on social media are an excellent way to bring customers to your brand. Reward loyal customers too. This could be in the form of free delivery or a discount on their meal. 

To keep customers hooked and ordering time and time again, it’s up to you to pull out all the stops with your service. There are minor tweaks you can make that can yield brilliant results and keep your food delivery business on top. 

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