5 Tips On Going Digital In 2021 By Destinee Berman

With the way we work and indeed life-changing forever in 2021, there has never been a better time to go digital. As most of us already find our lives centered around the online world, it makes sense to embrace its power and move your business online. However, with the digital world a vast and often consuming space, it’s understandable some may find the whole process a little overwhelming. But, digital is here to stay, and those companies who aren’t yet online may soon find themselves being left behind.

Marketing strategist Destinee Berman has just under two decades of helping people make the jump to digital. An expert at launching digital schools and courses, Destinee is fully aware of how beneficial the digital world is. With prestigious clients such as Microsoft, Twitter, and HP, to name but a few, she believes in getting yourself digitalised. Here she shares with us her top 5 tips on going digital in 2021. 

Beginning with the end in mind

First things first, why do you want to move online? Ask yourself why this movie is going to be better for you, all-round?Perhaps you feel now is the time to take the business/reputation you’ve successfully built and offer it to an online audience? Maybe you think you’ve exhausted all other avenues and need a fresh new approach going forward?

You may even have a more profound sense of purpose, such as you’ve reached your limit with travelling and wearing so many hats that you want to reclaim your time back. Whatever the decision, make sure you know exactly why getting online is the best move for you.

Identifying your big idea

Now’s the time to ask what it is that you want to create? This means taking that vision and getting it down onto paper. Then, work on brainstorming around why you want to go digital and watch as this plan expands. 

You may start with what you think is a small idea but then watch as branches appear and connect these ideas to others. Likewise, you may begin with a sentence that doesn’t quite make sense just yet. However, once you start jotting ideas down, they’ll swiftly evolve into content that translates so well into this new medium.

Get clear on what course to launch first

What course is most likely to get people clicking through to your content and thus getting your audience numbers up? Remember, the first course you offer is the one you want a considerable number of positive testimonials from for future marketing purposes. Therefore, make this your best and a taste of what is to come after. If you create superb assets on your first launch, you can reuse 70 to 80% of them the next time around!

Discover who is waiting for you

Find out much about your potential market beforehand, working to tailor your content to them the first time around. 

Understand what your audience is accessing your content for and ensure it relates to their needs. This way, you start as professional as possible. Then when you do have your student testimonials through, work on incorporating their suggestions to ensure your courses continue to meet high standards every time. 

Skinny launch in

Finally, there are 3 pillars of a profitable launch. Referred to as The Skinny Launch, these comprise of knowing what course to launch first, understanding who to tailor your content to, and then – launching it! 

Destinee’s signature Skinny Launch model works to take your course idea to completion successfully, and as quickly as 90 days in most cases. The concept is to get going, grow, and tweak your course content as you do so. 

Keep it simple when you start, work through the right pillars, and evolve. This way, long term growth, profitability, and indeed sanity is well within your reach.


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