5 Ways A Business Education Can Help Women In Business And In Life By Irina Georgieva

The number of female entrepreneurs has been on the rise in recent years and now more than even women are aspiring to achieve financial freedom. However, it is a fact that many are discouraged by the huge gap of knowledge they are faced with. Not knowing where to start and what steps they need to take, keeps women stuck in their 9-5 jobs. The uncertainty also fails to push them out of their comfort zone and many settle without ever pursuing their dreams. 

Doing a quick google search seems like a great way to quickly learn about what it takes to start a business, but the reality is that it’s an incomplete and oversimplified approach, and can do a lot of damage to our finances.  So how can we prepare ourselves to have enough armour to draw a line and start a business? A reliable and also quick solution would be to get educated in business. Learning about the business basics, finance, accounting is of utmost importance to any aspiring entrepreneur.

Here are 5 ways a business education can help us in business and in life by entrepreneur and CEO of Enterprise League – Irina Georgieva. 

Develop a business mindset 

First and foremost getting a business education will help you develop a business mindset: being able to spot business opportunities everywhere! Developing business acumen is extremely important if you wish you become a successful entrepreneur. Besides spotting opportunities, it enables you to focus your brain to work in a problem-solving mode, which generates solution ideas. These solutions will become your business ideas.

Control your personal finances

We spend so many years studying and preparing for adult life, but somehow our education system fails to teach us about finance and accounting unless you opt for such a specialised school. Knowing how to manage your finances is the key to becoming financially independent. Rather than living from pay-check to pay-check, business school opens your mind to all sorts of investments you can do with your finances with the sole goal of multiplying it.

Learn about people and cross-cultural communication

When you start your business you will have to work with many different types of people. All business courses accentuate the importance of cross-cultural communication. It is a very valuable skill to have since you’ll be hiring your team, collaborating with external people and you must know how to make it work in every situation.

A pool of business connections 

Business school gives you access to a pool of new business connections, which can later become your business partners, collaborators, colleagues etc. It is a fast track ticket to getting your foot in the door of your business industry. The business network should be leveraged smartly to keep it growing and improving.

Career flexibility

The knowledge a business education provides can easily be adapted and incorporated in any career industry. Even if you don’t have aspirations to start your own business you will still benefit enormously by knowing how to better allocate your finances and make them work for you.

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