5 Ways To Build Trust With Your Employees By Karen Chung

Being a leader of a team can be daunting, and when you’re finding your own feet as an entrepreneur of a startup, or even an established company, this can feel like even more pressure. Your team is looking to you to guide and support them, so how can you build that trust between your employees and have them put their faith in you? Karen Chung, founder and CEO of Kossie, explains 5 ways you can build solid trust with your employees as a leader.

Be consistent

Making sure you show up for your employees and keeping a good routine builds trust as it’s something your employees and team can rely on. This can be as simple as hosting a weekly ‘check-in’ at the same time every week. If your behaviour and work pattern is a little chaotic, your team won’t know where they stand.

Listen to their ideas

What is it they say – ‘a good boss is a leader and not a dictator’? While you may be in charge, bring your team into the inner circle and hear what they have to say. They may have some great ideas and allowing them to voice these can make them feel valued (it can also take the pressure off you to come up with everything, too!).

Be supportive

This is an important aspect. Your team has things going on outside of the workplace and if they know that they can approach you to discuss any issues, perhaps extend a deadline or consider flexible working, this is a great thing – rather than having a rigid approach and creating an air of fear. 

Trust them first

No one likes a micromanager! Give your team tasks and projects that you are able to oversee, but give them the bulk of the management and allow them to see it through. A simple gesture like this shows your employees you have their back and that they have trust from you first.

Take your time

Nothing good ever happened quickly. Do they say that? Regardless, this is true of trust. You can’t expect your team to trust you straight away but over time, and as you continue being consistent with the actions above, soon you should have a strong, committed team.

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