5 Women In Tech To Watch Right Now

The revolution is here! Celebrating some of the most successful women in the tech industry right now, meet the 5 influential women we think are killing it on the tech front.

Melissa Snover | Nourished

Serial Entrepreneur Melissa Snover is the founder of Nourished. The brand new concept Nourished, launched exclusively in the UK in October 2019, which offers the world’s first truly personalised nutrition product.

Melissa 6

Christina Colmer McHugh | Moodbeam

Christina Colmer McHugh is the co-founder and director of health tech brand Moodbeam which aims to change the way the world sees mood with the first wearable device designed to log how we feel with the simple push of a button.

Christina Colmer McHugh

Alexandra Morris | MakeUrMove

Alexandra Morris is 36-years old and has led her national PropTech company, MakeUrMove, through a series of innovative changes by adopting and embracing advances in technology. In February 2020 she was announced as the Tech Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 in recognition of her work at MakeUrMove and the wider industry.

Alex Morris, MakeUrMove

Fiona Palmer | GAMSTOP

Fiona Palmer is CEO of GAMSTOP, the UK’s national online self-exclusion scheme which has been running since April 2018 and was made a condition of licence for UK operators in March 2020.


Jenny Davies | M247

Jenny Davies joined M247 in 2016 before being appointed CEO in 2018. M247 is a global technology partner for growing businesses, which deliver solutions, networks and systems that give other businesses the freedom to achieve their potential. 



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