As a voice for feminine transformation, Ashae Sundara has devoted herself to unraveling the secrets of love, sex, and intimacy. A prolific writer for divine partnership, she unearths the deepest codes within the human experience and gives words to the unfolding mysteries of life. She has offered service to hundreds of women over the last several years to support the rise of the divine feminine within themselves. She mentors & guides awakening souls into the power of sacred embodiment, the illumination of self-love, the expression of sensual freedom, and how to hold evolutionary relationships and love.

Can you share a typical 24 hours with us as a sex coach Ashae?

I want to say I have no typical- since every day as an entrepreneur, online coach, writer, and travel feign is different and new. At the same time, I have daily definitives. My mornings always start with the divine. A ritual- that can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours. The latter, the better. The first thing that happens when I wake up is a self-massage. I like to wake my body up by treating her as my lover may. (He’s usually up a little later than me!) Once I feel my body knows, “I love you, Ashae!” I’m up for my morning stretch, meditation, journaling, and yoga. I whip up a super spirulina smoothie from fresh coconuts for myself and my beloved and we love up on each other before officially starting the workday. We’re usually trading love codes and exploring the consciousness of relationship while getting ready to rock it fully all day. From there, I write. And write. And write. Whether for an online article, a social media post, content for one of my courses or for the creation of a book, I love to write. I work with some clients 1:1, I make videos, I study and read and create new content, I get on calls for my group coaching courses (my primary work), and I take magical breaks to experience play and connection with my lover. The more harmony in our relationship, the more service I get to offer the world- this is how I see it. When we’ve been working for a few hours, it’s not uncommon for us to run to the bed for some afternoon delight before moving on to whats next. I love to read, move, learn, make love, do yoga, meditate, sit in the sunshine, and live a simple life of service, ecstasy, and bliss. 

What initiated the inner desire to become a love and sex coach for divine partnership?

I’ve been supporting women for over three years in realms of sex, sensuality, and empowerment. The desire? My own life! I went years feeling disempowered and disconnected to my body, not knowing how to speak up for my desires or honor my boundaries, in terrible relationships, and experiencing health conditions that left me disconnected to my beauty and my power. When I learned that so much empowerment could be sourced in my body as a sensual wild woman… and as I started to explore those realms with myself, it taught me how disempowered and victimized I was allowing myself to become in all the years prior. From there, I couldn’t help but share everything with the world. Clearly, it was a hit. 

You also have Lucien onboard as co-founder and partner of Love Codes and you mention that you are both equally obsessed with activating your own relationship to its highest vibration of bliss and thus helping other couples reach a level of consciousness, intimacy, and exquisite connection. So our question is, how did this initiate between you both?

It’s trifold. For one, we’re both fascinated by human consciousness, masculine-feminine polarity and balance, and living out our highest potential. Second, after both of our prior relationships.. we claimed to The Universe that the next one would be the most conscious, awake, alive, harmonious, and of the light. And we are in integrity with that statement. So anything that’s not that (that shows up and showed up) within our personal relationship we go into it as a portal and an opportunity to transform. We shifted so much as individuals and as a couple in such a short amount of time. We are constantly learning about the relationship through our own and talking about ways to enliven our love and make it the most exciting and awakened it can be. From there, friends started reaching out wanting private sessions and Love Codes was born. We took the first 10 couples through massive transformation and healing and it was rapid and then we knew we were meant to bring this baby to the world. 

Can you tell us why you believe sexuality is the muse of our soul?

Can I? My pleasure! When a woman, in particular, is in touch with her sexual essence.. her pussy.. her pleasure.. she is divinely guided. You see pleasure is a compass. The problem? We’ve had years of conditioning and trauma around sexual pleasure and sexual expression that we dis-identify with this truth. When a woman remembers the power of her sexual being.. and she can express this source.. she is re-connected to her source of power, and her instant connection to the divine. The divine, God, isn’t outside. It’s inside- our bodies, our pleasure. Ecstasy, in particular, is a vibration that brings you into higher and higher levels of consciousness allowing darker energies of self-doubt, self-hate, and shame fall away. When a woman tunes in to her sexuality, she becomes who she was meant to be. 

What is the difference between divine union and a standard relationship in the simplest of forms?

Anyone can have a divine union, that’s for one. It’s not that you’re in one or the other. A Divine union simply indicates that you are in a relationship that is pro-union consciousness; interdependence; continual personal growth. I see a divine union as a relationship in which both people are actively stepping into higher and higher levels of themselves, supporting each other in the next level of their being, and treating the relationship like a sacred crucible for lessons from the divine. The other is a mirror for how we can grow, expand, and love even more. There is a bond of devotion, trust, transparency, celebration, upliftment, forgiveness, and ecstasy. Any “standard” relationship has the capacity for this, it simply must be the intent. This is why we offer our course, Quantum Love. 

What were the first steps you took, to launching and finding clients interested in taking masterclasses and courses with you?

Believing in myself and what I have to offer. Before that, I was simply sharing good writing online, hoping someone would want to buy what I sold. But deep down, at the very beginning, I wasn’t confident in the transformation I could supply. When my inner world and worth shifted, so did my clientele. 

What are the common misconceptions you face as a sex coach?

That I talk about and support sex alone. My lens is often sexuality but its really about the deeper things present in your relationship and in your life such as trust, transparency, manipulation, expression, compassion, embodiment, fear, trauma, projection, shadow, and the like. Whatever is happening in the relationship and life at whole is happening under the sheets. 

What is your most seminal moment so far since launching Love Codes?

Oh goddess, there have been too many. The one I hold the nearest and dearest to my heart- our first personal couples retreat. We held transformational space for a couple that was nearing the end of their time. About 7 hours into it, when the love was returning into space, he asks her to marry him. Yep. We worked through so much projection, distortion, and pain that they both were experiencing and got them to the other side. After that happened (and I saw Lucien and I in our full activated powerful presence together) I knew this was going to be a big deal for me and for us.  

We noticed you offer the Quantum Love Masterclass, which is a great transformational 6-week group coaching online program designed to help us evolve into the highest vibration of connection with ourselves and our partner. Can you dive a little deeper into what it entails and how it can benefit us?

Quantum Love is the architecture for a passionate, awakened, and sexy union. It’s all about helping a person (or a couple) in a relationship see their patterns and all the ways they can transform their inner world so they can show up to the relationship empowered, unconditional, and in their highest heart. We offer tools for conscious communication, transforming triggers, embodying archetypes, becoming balanced in your divine masculine/feminine, and sacred sex. It’s through our modules + our coaching that a person can take their relationship complete next-level through advancing their consciousness around love. 

Any challenging times you have had to overcome? When were they and how did you learn to overcome them?

Of course. All the time. Here’s a loop for ya. Gotta be authentic. Creating a business with my beloved about relationships. Just get your head wrapped around that one. How did I overcome the challenge of it? Devotion. Unconditional love. Trust. Seeing the transformation that we have in peoples lives. 

Have you ever had to deal with any doubts of contention or lack of support from relatives or friends? If so how did you push through?

At the very beginning of building an online business, my parents didn’t get it. When I stuck with it after a few years and made enough money to move out of the house, they have been all for me and super supportive ever since. It was sticking with it with my full heart that proved to them that I was capable of doing something that in their eyes was so new and scary and such a risk. To me, it was a risk to NOT put my heart and soul into what I offer this world. 

What outlets do use to market your Love Codes?

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, our website. We will have a YouTube channel on all things epic relationships, soon! 

Which methods are you using to build your audience and expand your network?

Webinars, E-books, Articles, Instagram, Facebook Groups, and Word of Mouth. 

What is the best piece of advice you have received to date?

Life is not happening to you. It’s happening FOR you. Aka I am not a victim of my circumstances. I am the creator of them. 

Can you give us some advice on radical self-love?

Self-love is a seed that lives inside of you. It’s nothing that you do not have. It’s something that you water daily with positive thoughts, loving touch, empowering action, and continual self-awareness through a lens of acceptance, surrender, and grace. Radical self-love means loving yourself even when you see parts of yourself you don’t like or want to change. It’s being a work of art and a masterpiece at the same time. Radical self-love is going to sleep every night with a grateful heart for who you are. 

Which other female pioneers do you also admire and why?

Tara Bliss, for her transparency in the way she leads. Layla Martin, for the work she does in the world around sexuality.

What Youtube or online space channels are you watching currently?

Adina Rivers, all the way. 

What is a good article or book you have read recently?

Consistently reading The Gene Keys. It will change the way you experience your whole entire life. 

What does success look like in your eyes?

Sunshine, beach swims, overflow of creativity, long lovemaking, an abundance of time, travel, beauty, and experiencing the highest heights of bliss. 

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

It means don’t wait. Start now. We ALL have magic and gifts inside waiting to be acted upon. Being your own means starting now, with what you’ve got, giving your heart, and showing up for your dream. 

Lastly, how are you planning to expand Love Codes?

We’ll be launching and hosting various courses on divine union, sacred sex, self-love, and communication throughout the year, we have several 1:1 couples and group retreats lined up, and we will eventually be opening an online school to train others who want to offer quantum love and sex coaching into the world. Here we go! Come for the ride? 

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