Nani Chesire uses her creativity to generate ideas and tools that help her clients live with power, integrity and beauty. Her generous heart lies with her kids, husband, family and friends and those needing guidance with Human Design and essential oils. 

Welcome back, Nani! Can you talk us through the last 6 months of progression since we last spoke?

Sure! Over the last six months, I have been using my Human Design work on myself. I am following my desires and I have really tuned into to what I want to offer – and it is tools to help people attune to their authentic selves & live life with more ease and less pain. 

I have changed my business name from ‘Be You with Nani’ toHuman Design Tools.’  I have the same philosophy about being yourself. I know now with certainty that Human Design is how I am going to share that with the world by providing tools for others to navigate this process for themselves. I continue to share the connection with essential oils and how they can support your Human Design journey.

I am continuing to work in collaboration (Human Design PDX & Essential Oils by Design Podcast plus more collaborations are percolating). It is interesting to see all the different partnerships I am currently involved in, but it flows, and I can get so much more into the world working with others than on my own. Whenever I get stuck, the other person can help me get unstuck and I do the same for them.

Has your typical day changed at all? 

I learned that I can’t do everything that my mind is inspired to do. It’s not even that I can’t do it all, but all the inspirations are not meant for me. I learned that I can work on about three things at a time; in response. I work on fewer projects and bring them to completion before starting the next adventure. I also have a business consulting role and what has changed for me is that I experiment with my human design to make it more fun. For example, I used to be frustrated by a piece of a process that wasn’t working; I would feel the frustration, get stuck in it and maybe even spread it. The frustration didn’t help anyone. Now, I know that frustration is a signal for me (as a Human Design Generator) that I need to course correct. I see frustration as a signal to find the root cause of what’s not working and fix it – or make it better.  My new practice is showing some really great results in the office!  

Have you since expanded or reached any new milestones that you set out to achieve?

Yes! I’m super excited. One of my collaborations is with artist Emily Vino. We created beautiful and insightful guidebooks that are currently being processed by a publisher and will be released soon and available worldwide.  

I am also launching a training program with my podcast partner, Ros Isbel, called ‘Network Marketing by Design’ which focuses on how to understand your business through a Human Design lens.  (Podcast name is ‘Essential Oils by Design’

In addition, I have another really cool project in the works. You can check out some previews on my collaboration on @humandesignpdx.

What is your current business philosophy?

My philosophy is to do things your way. Don’t follow trends or things people tell you unless it feels really good to you. I love the book, ‘You Are a Message: Meditations for the Creative Entrepreneur’ by Guillaume Wolf. The book allows you to be non-linear and creative about your learnings for expanding your business. It’s like a tarot card book for business entrepreneurs, it’s so cool! 

My philosophy comes from what I am learning about Human Design and business. I am experimenting with approaching my business Human Design style trying to “walk the talk”.  So far it seems to be working. I follow what lights me up, say “no thank you” to what doesn’t. I respond to things that come my way. I ask lots of questions and don’t work in a linear fashion –which is represented in my Human Design chart! 

Is your business plan still reflective of your business today or has it altered as you have grown?

My business plan has altered and grown as I have evolved my business. I spent many years in business school, so I always thought you had to build a plan and stick to it. I am learning that I get stuck and stifled with a rigid plan and sometimes burned out. Human Design Generators are supposed to respond to things that light them up. I get stuck when I make plans months again and then I don’t end up loving all the things that I wrote down in my plan, or a project that sparks my interest comes up, but I can’t do it because I am too busy doing all these things I don’t even want to do. I know how to work hard in business, not taking the easy way out, but I am just doing things when the timing is right, I have the energy and it feels good for me to do them. 

Have you encountered any challenges or faced any business building carries since we last spoke?

The biggest challenge for me is balancing being a Mom, being a consultant plus growing my heart-based business. My family comes first, but anyone who owns their own business and has kids knows it’s an interesting balancing act.  I’m driven by an inner knowing that I am supposed to spread the word about Human Design. I have about a million ideas on how to that and I want to do it all right away. I am learning to be patient and to wait for the right timing for things to unfold and that it doesn’t all have to happen now.  Even though it’s a challenge for me to be more patient, when I look at things in retrospect, there is always a reason for the timing when things manifest. 

One key piece of advice for starting a business in today’s world?

Make sure you are not burned out before you start. You need to take care of yourself and make sure you are fully vital before taking on a new venture. Likely you are either adding your new business venture to a 9-5 job or you are jumping all in (which comes with more time…but also more pressure). For me doing a portfolio career is ideal. I am actually still considered “in progress” for finding the right boundaries and balance.  Loving yourself and feeling valuable is also very important. If you don’t think what you are offering is valuable, why should anyone else?  

How are you continuing to redefine success?

I recently realised I still have conditioned thoughts about what success means to me. A lot of my thoughts came from my business experience and they are not what I really want to strive for anymore. I am slowly working through the process and I want to be happy, healthy and look forward to every day. I want to “go to fun” and not “go to work.”

I don’t have to help everyone, but I would love to help someone every day.  I’m redefining what “helping” means for myself. In my past, I gave more to others than myself which was to my detriment. Instead, I can help by simply “shocking” them into a change that they need to make. I don’t need to do their heavy lifting – that’s for them to work through, and if I try to do it, I take away their learnings and lessons. 

Are you seeking any new professional mentorship or guidance for 2020?

I seek mentorship from many different places – from business coaching to emotional, physical and home clearing practices to keep my business energy flowing instead of stagnant or stuck.  

In 2020 I will continue to seek guidance from: 

Finally, what can we expect from in the lead up to 2020 and what is your main focus?

In 2020 I expect to release more Human Design tools! I love creating things that allow you to work at your pace and in your own way. My focus is completing the projects I am working on: Human Design Guidebooks, training, essential oil tips and other resources to support your Human Design exploration. I will continue to partner with others to connect Human Design too many areas of life. For example, this year I shared how you can use Human Design with travel and partner with travel bloggers, Essential Explorers & Mommy Travels. I have a fascination with Feng Shui and how it can be used to support Human Design, so lookout for new projects involving new ideas in 2020. I also have a blog and am working to expand my YouTube channel. 




Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/humandesigntools 

Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/essential-oils-by-design/id1439124886

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCjveP-qr1IBF_RKXAE2PYg

Website: Humandesigntools.com


Image taken by Yelena Tourkin

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