Ohio native, Amanda brings her infectious and inspirational attitude to everything that she does. As a former Broadway dancer, Radio City Rockette and now celebrity trainer, Amanda will have you smiling through every workout.

Amanda developed the jump rope method after years of trying different ways to stay in killer shape. She fell in love with the jump rope after discovering it’s the quickest, most effective way to get a full body workout, and spent years creating ways to use it for more than just jumping. It’s the ultimate prop to have with you at any time, on any trip, on any day.

Amanda’s classes are a mix of dance and cross-training with special attention on form and details to create a unique, fun workout that will have you drenched in sweat in minutes! Her creativity is unmatched, her energy is contagious, and her positivity everlasting. No matter your experience level, you’ll be captivated by Amanda’s radiant persona and empowering attitude.

Now as a successful and motivating trainer, working out with Amanda in a class or during a private training session will leave you feeling POW, WOW, WONDERFUL!

Hey Amanda! As a celebrity trainer, can you tell us what 24 hours a day usually looks like for you?

Every day is different but one thing stays consistent, I work out a lot!  I train private clients and teach seven classes a week at Bandier.  When I am not teaching I am in and out of meetings, doing press/pr, or responding to emails! Once I am home I usually relax by eating dinner, watching tv, and holding my husband and two puppies…right before I pass out!

Originally an Ohio native, you started out as a Broadway dancer. Can you take us through the journey to how you go to where you are today? 

I was a Broadway dancer for 16 years and loved my career. When you are a performer work is a little inconsistent so I started teaching fitness as a way to have a job while I was or wasn’t performing. It was perfect actually because it kept me in great shape while I wasn’t in a show. As time moved on, the Broadway show I was in got its closing notice and I started feeling very depressed that I would be out of work again.  This time around I was older and the life of in and out of shows started to wear on me. I decided that I really needed something for myself, something I could count on, something where I called the shots!  So I started my own fitness business and this April I am celebrating two years!

Where did the passion start to want to train others? 

I always enjoyed teaching. I used to give “private sessions” to my sisters when we were home for holidays. I found that I really had a passion for it when I was teaching at Body By Simone. I fell in love with the clients and helping them grow!

Your workout classes are a mix of dance and cross-training, how much time does it usually take to put these routines together so that you feel your clients are worked out to the maximum?

Oh gosh!  So much time!!! I try to make my dance routines a mix of moves that make you feel like a Britney Spears backup dancer but then aren’t too intimidating so that everyone can do it.  So I like to say it’s Britney Spears meets Jane Fonda! I choreograph to songs so I usually am inspired by a song first and then start making up the routine.

How do you personally keep a PMA (positive mental attitude)? 

I remind myself how lucky I am and how many blessings I have.  We all are!  I get to live in NY!  I am able to walk, move, workout! I focus on that. Yes, life can be really hard and get you down, but I try to remind myself how lucky I am to be able to teach and share.  It’s a blessing!!!!

How do you wind down? 

I love messages, facials, dinner, a glass of wine, my puppies, and my husband!

Do you have a mantra you live by?

Think positive and Be strong, be bold, be courageous!

Which social media tools are you using to raise awareness and promote your training services? 

I really only use Instagram. I am starting to do more on my YouTube channel so stay tuned.

Can you tell us a winning moment for you so far?

Oh gosh, I think to be on national television, The Megyn Kelly Show, for the workout that I created, The Rope, was definitely a winning moment!

What areas are you looking at to continue the growth? 

I am very excited to launch my jump rope very soon!!! I can’t wait to share it with everyone!

What is the best advice you have received recently?

Someone today told me to cover my bases. I liked that one!

In a market that can somewhat seem oversaturated, do you have any advice for aspiring trainers that are looking to pursue this avenue as a career field? 

Yes, BE YOU!!!  There is so much competition and if you start getting wrapped up in it you will fail.  Be you, do you! No one else can do that!

Any setbacks you have come across with some added words of wisdom that you can share with us as a learning curve? 

Oh yes! My jump rope development has taken so long because of setbacks with the factories.  It is so hard learning how manufacturing goes and trying to stay on top of it when it all seems impossible.  I would say to just keep pushing!  Keep believing in what you are doing and don’t be afraid to be a little pushy if you need to be.

Any tips for us to feel at our best and empowered?

Stand in a star pose for two minutes whenever you feel stressed!  It works!  Open yourself up to every possibility!

Lastly, what does it mean to you to truly #BEYOUROWN?

To be your own person!  To really strive for what you believe in and stick to it!  Like I said before, no-one else can be you, so be the best YOU that you can be!


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