Meet Annette Maria, the founder of Sanctuary Publishing, Best Selling author and the host of Sacred Dance Podcast & Intuitive Facilitator of Healing. Through Sanctuary Publishing she supports entrepreneurs in becoming published authors to make a greater impact. Annette believes through storytelling, you can show others what is possible for their lives. She wants to see the planet as a place that supports each individual in feeling wildly expressed while living out their soul’s purpose. She resides in New Jersey with her artist partner, George & rescue dog, Max.

Thank you for joining us today Annette let’s start from the very beginning, how did you launch your social change organisation- Shakti Rising?

Shakti Rising came about when I realised how many women are disconnected from their Feminine energy. That was a major part of my healing journey as well, reconnecting to the wisdom that the Feminine had for me. The Feminine energy within is the yin, creativity, the ability to rest & enjoy the wonders of life. 

Your mission is to empower women to feel wildly expressed, how are you re-enforcing that?

I support women in feeling wildly expressed through a variety of creative outlets. The main tool I use is embodiment, bringing women back to the wisdom that the body has. Through this movement practice, there is a conversation that is had with the body. Oftentimes when we think of healing we go straight to the mindset, which is important but the intelligence of the body should not be discredited. But living in a society that is vastly disassociated for the body, it is time to come back home. Embodiment is a movement practice that is intuitive to the moment & we explore all the polarities of existence!

I guide women in 1:1 coaching to dive deep into their sacred wisdom, host women’s circles & retreats that support expression.

You have since pivoted your business and have switched to focusing on your new venture, Sanctuary Publishing. Can you tell us a little bit more about how you are providing support for entrepreneurs who are publishing solo and multi-authored books?

Sanctuary Publishing was birthed upon the foundation of  supporting individuals in feeling wildly expressed but adding the spice of showing others what is truly possible.

I firmly believe we are all placed on this Earth for a unique mission. & this mission isn’t about the single self, it is all about the Collective self. The more individuals that step into their unique mission- the more of a fulfilling society we can co-exist in.

I support entrepreneurs by publishing multi-author books which are powerful portals of collaboration & accelerated expansion. Each multi-author book has a specific theme that all authors resonate with. There is something very special about becoming a published author within a community.

Also I support entrepreneurs by publishing solo-author books. If you have always dreamed of writing a book but get caught up by the idea of publishing- that is where I come in! Sanctuary Publishing is all about creating the most streamlined & expansive experience while birthing your book or chapter into reality.

What is the best business lesson you have you learnt to date?

To trust yourself. Another course, coach or book won’t get you the results you crave- but you will. There is nothing wrong with getting support, I’m all about it. But when you are doing it out of fear or hoping they have the answer for you, pause & come back to the intelligence that is you & your body.

Which 3 tools do you use frequently to enhance the efficiency/productivity of your business?

  1. Meditation
  2. Clear communication
  3. Asking for support

Meditation allows me to remember that I need to care about me above everything else.

Clear communication allows me to effectively communicate to my clients and team what I need to feel supported which brings me to #3, asking for support.

Asking for support in all areas of my life whether it is giving more to my team, asking my partner for support or hiring a coach/healer myself.

All of these are reminders that I do not need to do it all on my own & that is how I stay productive in my business. Staying inspiring & connected to your zone of genius is so important. Doing it all on my own mentality would prevent me from growing and expanding how I deeply desire.

What books or podcast are you exploring at the moment?

I’m always listening to the Ram Dass podcast, Here & Now. It really allows me to stay grounded in the teachings of Bhakti Yoga which is the foundation of my beliefs. Also I love Foreplay Radio, all about sex & understanding the dynamics in relationships. So eye opening & has been a game changer for my relationship.

How are you working on your own personal development?

My own personal development is my #1 priority & I’m not afraid to say that I’m the priority of my life. Without me taking care of myself, everything else would start doing south. I’m all about sustainability not quick wins!

I have a daily morning practice that is a non negotiable, it looks like practicing the Ram Nam Japa & silent meditation, followed by chanting. After I meditate I dance through the energies alive within me & conclude with journaling.

I also have created my own village of support to allow me to work on my personal development through an amazing shaman, business coach, massage therapist, therapist & other women who are on the same path. Community is major for my personal development.

Finally, what is next for you with Sanctuary Publishing and will you continue to push Shakti Rising?

Sanctuary Publishing has a powerful multi-author book launching on July 30th called Caged No More: Wisdom from women who broke free from societal constraints!

We have some powerful books coming up that will be very exciting for the reader as well as the contributors. Also, we have some amazing solo-author books being published at the end of Summer 2021! Keep your eyes out for the medicine inside of these books.

Shakti Rising will continue to rise alongside my podcast, Sacred Dance: Finding Balance in a Polarising Reality. We continue to look at the polarities of our existence on the path of healing, sexuality & personal liberation.









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