Meet Ava Farvahari, an aesthetic practitioner at My Pure Aesthetics who offers multiple Dermal Filler and Botox treatments aiming to enhance our looks, rejuvenate our skin whilst aiming to tackle wrinkles and fine lines. 

We sat down to have a chat with this rather fascinating aesthetics practitioner, who shares with us her journey so far in the industry and her work ethic behind this cost-effective solution for those phased by the signs of ageing. 

Can you share your journey with us so far Ava?

I always loved the industry, both the beauty and the medical side. This was always my dream job to be honest. Even from very young all the way through high school, I always thought about aesthetics as a lot of my friends and family were getting treatments done already such as Botox & Dermal Fillers.

I strongly believe that your work is going be the short and long part of your life, the only way to be truly satisfied is to truly do what you honestly think is great work and the only way to do great work is to love what you do. You really have to fall in love with your job to be able to provide the best service and to be good at it.

I started solo, so just me when I had just gotten my qualifications. I have no clients and I wasn’t at all known well within the industry and my first client was a family member that let me do a treatment on her, without hesitation.

How does your day usually start?

I started with one client a month and now I am in excess of over 300 clients a month, now I am booking a month in advance (sometimes in a couple in advance), I also now have to work Sundays due to high client demand.

As it is my own business, of course no two days are ever really the same to be honest. Sometimes I start at 8am, though it’s usually 9am. I come in to work and look through my appointment list and treatments. I also like to keep a personal relationship with my clients, so in the morning I tend to respond  to emails with my clients to check in with that everything is ok and the treatment that they received are as they should be.

What are the best communication tools you use?

Email and WhatsApp, my clients are always sending me pictures and asking me questions for me to answer just to give them a peace of mind.

What are your favourite marketing tools to use?

Instagram is my favourite one, as for the nature of this business, people need to start trusting who you are and what you do before they come to you. They need to start falling in love with your work, people very often get in touch with me to tell me that they have been following me for a long time on Instagram and that they love my work.

In this industry I would have to say that Instagram is one of the best tools to present your before and after work to your audience. People are able to connect with you through his platform, I also always use the appropriate hashtags and often tag my clients so people can see its real work on real every day life people.

I also do use Facebook as its optimised for business promotion so that people can book directly through my website.

Where do you source your clients?

Word of mouth through friends and family, my work and services get highly recommended a lot. Holidays, weddings and parties are an extremely busy time for me.


What is the typical client demographics?

I have clients from 18-80. Usually the clients at 18 tend to be the ones that have been thinking about a certain procedure or treatment for a long time such as lip enhancements. I have clients that come in at 40-80 and expressing their concerns over their wrinkles or laughter lines and wish to have a treatment to remove them, so it really does vary.

Do you brand yourself within your company? Or launch a beauty range/collection?

I love what I do I feel that, that side of business tends to end up becoming all about money when I am not really about that. What makes me happy is seeing my clients and knowing that my clients are happy with the services that I have provided for them. As a business I would love to expand and start offering more treatments, but in terms of launching my own products it’s not really in my mind at the moment.


What really gives you real career satisfaction?

Reading great client reviews or even the text messages they send me, honestly this make me so happy. Knowing that they are happy with the treatment that they received and knowing that they are truly satisfied.

As an aesthetic practitioner, what would you say has been the most challenging time for you?

It is always about keeping everyone happy. I feel like I am dealing with someone’s most important part of their body, which is their face and it’s always extremely challenging I find. There is no right or wrong, and especially in terms of perception of beauty. To understand the requirements of how a client desires to look takes some effort.

What were the first three steps you took to get your practise up and running?

There were lots and lots of reading and researching to see what works best within the industry, I started with the marketing side of the business by setting up the social media channels. I also partnered up with a surgery so that I could set up my practice within the surgery so I could be based there permanently.


How are you distinguishing yourself within the market via your service?

The service that I give my clients I believe is a great one. I would rather make sure my clients are happy by taking my time with them so they go away to potentially become repeat customers as opposed to just rushing and taking their money to have them never return to me again.

Lastly what is on the horizon for 2018 for My Pure Aesthetics?

I am partnering up with a friend of mine that does micro-blading as she was once trained by Phibrows. As you may know they offer a totally different technique to any other micro-blading service which she is now applying to her clients. I think this will be a great collaboration for us to share our database and also provide both our services amongst a bigger network of clients.



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