Brooke Summer Adams‘s experience with transformational coaching goes beyond her training’s and studies, with much of what Brooke provides being drawn from her own personal experience.

In October of 2018, Brooke began her very own transformational coaching journey and went from a lost young girl struggling with incredibly low self esteem and chronic stress – to a flourishing, resilient and confident young woman blessed with genuine self love.

Thank you for joining us today Brooke, let’s start from the very beginning, how did you make the decision to become a transformation coach?

My journey into becoming a Transformational Coach really starts with my very own experience as a coaching client. I experienced some low mental health throughout my childhood, I suffered with something known as body dysmorphia, and also battled with chronic stress. Although I got better in my late teens, I always suffered with low self esteem, which was later heightened by my ordeal with adult acne. By the time I met my coach, I was in a very dark place.

I actually met my coach by complete accident, we both joined the same kickboxing gym at the same time and just hit it off. I remember being so stunned by her consistent energy, joy and motivation. She always spoke with positivity and optimism and inspired me to go harder every single time we trained together. After I got to know her a bit better I learnt about her work, she was an online life coach helping women just like me. I spent a long time watching her work, watching her being, just watching.

Out of the goodness of her heart, this incredible woman coached me free of charge. I think we only had 5 or 6 official coaching sessions together before she completely changed my life. In a matter of weeks I found myself being joyfully in love with life, optimistic, excited and genuinely in love with who I was. I reached a state of being I didn’t know was possible. I became the best version of me. And subsequently, my entire life changed – fast.

At this time I was in my final year of study for my Psychology degree, originally planning to go into corporate consultancy. I remember waking up one day with this immense feeling of clarity -that I was meant to be a coach. Every single bad thing I ever lived through gave me all the experience I needed to really understand and resonate with people who are going through the same. It gave me the resilience I needed to do this work on myself. My psychology degree gave me a serious head start in my formal training and the coincidence of meeting my coach how I did just confirmed it all. I feel like I was always being led to this.

From here I began my studies and set up my business and community. I’ve now coached over 100 people and am beginning to be recognised as someone to really pay attention to in my field. Yahoo Finance rated me #9 for “Female Life Coaches That Will Impact Your Life In 2021” just last week! The growth has all happened so quickly, and I am forever grateful.

Where did you train?

I trained in the honest-to-god best community I’ve ever known. Everything I have learnt both in coaching and business I accredit to The Coaching Masters.  TCM is run by a group of incredible, inspiring coaches who are really doing their bit to change the world. When I first began training with them I was so scared, I was so confused and I was also feeling pretty alone. Some of my family and friends had been trying to talk me out of this entrepreneurial route. TCM gave me so much more than qualifications (of which I have 6), they gave me my tribe of like-minded people, they gave me the confidence in myself to launch a business and they showed me how to really genuinely change the world, one person at a time.  I actually worked with TCM for a while until I had too many clients and not enough hours! Although I now work completely for myself, I am still an active member of the community and TCM will always have a special place in my heart. Anyone considering becoming a coach really needs to check them out. 

How would you describe a typical day for you?

I’m a strong believer in practising what you preach. A large element of most of my clients coaching packages includes designing a lifestyle that pushes you closer to where you want to be – every single day. Just like my clients, I have my very own lifestyle design that sets me up for a great day, makes progress on each of my goals, allows me to feel how I want to feel and end each day proud.

It all starts with a morning routine. As a coach, it’s very important that I take care of myself first. My coaching can only be as strong as I am, so I try to make sure that every morning is mine. I wake up and usually start the day with a meditation in bed. This allows me to get in touch with how I want to feel today and set the day’s intentions. After this, I’ll take the time to make myself a proper breakfast, take my supplements and prep some snacks and teas. Next comes movement. This will either be yoga or a weight based workout, and usually a lot of dancing! I’ll have a shower or bath, do my skincare routines and put something comfy on. I finish it up with writing an entry in my daily journal (centred around intentional living and gratitude), and plan out my day

The work day consists of incredible coaching sessions with incredible clients, planning out future sessions and reviewing client homework, providing as much value as I can on social media and in my online community, and planning/giving live training for communities I speak in. I always listen to music while I work and there’ll be lots of green teas, coffee and snack breaks too! Each day varies as there is a lot involved in running a business, but luckily I can do it from anywhere so I also get my fair share of day-to-day leisure.

Once the work day is done I’ll cook myself (and maybe others) a meal, and do all the normal boring house stuff! I’ll usually wind down with some Netflix (RuPaul’s Drag Race is my fave) and snacks, or I’ll meet up with some friends. Lastly, I write an entry in my evening journal – which allows me to reflect on my progress for the day, my energy for the day and what I was grateful for that day. I owe a huge percentage of my personal development to my daily routines, in my experience the stuff that really makes the difference is the stuff you do every day.

What is your favourite area to focus on?

I love this question! I specialise in lifestyle, mindset and self worth – and I love working in every area, but if I had to pick a favourite it would be mindset. Mindset work just makes the biggest difference, and the mindset shifts we tend to experience create such profound change that they are permanent. Mindset work is the life changing stuff, and in more ways than the clients expect too, which is another reason as to why I love this area. I don’t think I’ve coached a single client through a situation yet that wasn’t resolved (at least on some level) with mindset shifts. See, your mindset (or the beliefs we are holding about the world which create our outlook) directly determine your thoughts, your thoughts determine your feelings, your feelings determine your behaviour and your behaviour determines your life’s results. If you want different results in life, you have to start at the top – your mindset! I always tell my clients that this inner work will affect their outer world, but it’s not until it really unfolds like this that they seriously experience it, and it fills me up when they tell me about it! 

Where do you usually find your clients? Do you use any tools or software?

I don’t wanna be “that girl” – but genuinely most of my clients come to me. I put this down to taking the time to really connect with my audience on social media. Because I understand the kind of client I am looking for, I can convey this message quite accurately through my content. So when I focus on providing value to these types of people for free, I think they are naturally drawn towards me and curious to see how much better it gets when they pay.

Aside from this I do have a few strategies for when I feel like picking up a couple extra clients. I have a Facebook Community where I give free training on my process for becoming your very best self. I can often find a new client through starting conversation here, or reaching out to people asking questions in the comment sections of my public posts. At this moment in time, the revenue in my business is generated organically, but there are more sophisticated measures currently under-works for scaling purposes.

What is the best business lesson you have you learnt to date?

Without a doubt the best business lesson I have learnt is ‘impact over income’. This is of course specific to my industry in many ways, but it really resonates with me. I personally believe when you let go of trying to make money, and instead focus on making an impact, the money will come to you. I learnt this lesson again from The Coaching Masters, and when I worked with them I advised lots of new coaches the same thing. I noticed that when you put the focus on making money, you naturally push harder, put more pressure on yourself, and take an approach that just doesn’t work that well in coaching.

Your prospects want to know that you care. When you focus on making an impact on them for free, this is acknowledged and often returned with them purchasing your offer. As well as this, when you let go of chasing money, you can enjoy the journey of setting up a business a lot more. I also believe that the universe naturally rewards these good intentions, and will take care of the money for you.

Which 3 tools do you use frequently to enhance the efficiency/productivity of your business?

I’ve found that within entrepreneurship, particularly when working solo, it’s really important to work smarter and not harder. My first suggestion would be to delegate. Move as much of the mundane as you can to another person or automate it. This keeps you living free, and working within your zone of genius rather than in the boring bit. Aside from this – I love robots. Messenger bots on Facebook are super helpful and Zapier can create really effective automated email sequences and work-flows (such as on-boarding new clients).

Who is the most influential female entrepreneur that you admire and why?

Anita Roddick, the founder of Body Shop. I like that she always stuck to what she believed, even though it wasn’t convenient. She pioneered a lot of change within her industry. I think business has a lot of influence and I like it when I see people use their platform to actually do something.

What books or podcasts within the wellness genre are you exploring at the moment?

My favourite book at the moment is Factfullness by Hans Rosling. It’s not actually in the wellness genre per se but I think it should be. It uses statistics, people’s answers to polls and true stories to show how the world is actually far better than most of us think. It makes you feel optimistic and it also brings to light several major mindset concepts when it comes to perceiving the world around us.

How are you working on your own personal development?

Most of my personal development lives inside my daily routines, and much of what I do to continue my personal development is the same as those I recommend for my clients. It’s the simple stuff that does the most. Mindfulness and meditation allows us to practice emotional resilience, which is the thing that allows us to choose how we want to respond to situations and how we want to think and feel about something. Journalling, reflection and affirmations are my go-to’s for increasing self worth. These activities allow us to bring all that we appreciate about ourselves to the forefront of our minds.

The more fond we are of a person, the more we love them. Gratitude and appreciation really is a cure all. As a rescue remedy or preventative care, choosing to focus on all that you do have is a very simple and effective way to increase well-being. Aside from this I enjoy reading and researching in all areas personal development, both for me and for my clients. I also enroll in new courses to make sure I’m expanding my expertise in both coaching/ NLP and business.

Finally, what is next for you?

I’m currently at the start of a big revamp, making sure that all my social media, communities, training, courses, and coaching packages are as valuable as they can be. Without giving any spoilers, the results I get from my clients are soon to get even better. Once this is complete, I plan on releasing more self help courses to complement the existing Best Self Blueprint.

I love these courses because they get incredible results for those who want my coaching, but perhaps don’t have the time or financial investment to work 1-2-1. Group coaching programmes are on the radar, and there’s also potential for the development of a subscription based membership. There are also some exciting ideas for joint ventures being discussed. It’s too early to give details but I can’t wait to work with other incredible entrepreneurs in the wellness space who are also passionate about pioneering real change. I strongly believe in the ripple effect, I know that what I put out into the world will be multiplied by others. So while I work through these incredibly exciting ideas, I’ll know that I can do my bit to change the world by continuing to focus on one client at a time.




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