Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, currently residing in Los Angeles, CA, Chauncéa Carothers is an accomplished Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Social Influencer and award-winning Digital Brand Strategist who has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Refinery29, Buzzfeed and more.

Chauncéa applies her two bachelors degrees, extensive international travel, intrinsic creativity and over a decade of targeted professional experience to introduce her loyal and diverse audience to faith, fashion, beauty, travel, business and lifestyle products, resources and brands.

Chauncéa has been recognised as a Millennial Industry Leader on the rise who is committed to educating, encouraging, equipping and creating a community of globally-minded leaders who are united in their efforts professionally, artistically and personally. 

Chauncéa, what does an average day look like for you currently as a digital brand strategist?

Prior to the pandemic, my day included in-person meetings with members of my team,  in-person consultations and coaching sessions with clients, domestic and international travel for various projects, speaking at conferences about digital marketing and brand strategies and overall, more activities and tasks that involved physical interaction. 

My daily routine during the pandemic consists of virtual and telephonic coaching sessions and team meetings; I am still taking speaking engagements and participating in conferences and various events, however, I tend to be most comfortable with virtual style opportunities although I do consider other offers only when very strict social distancing guidelines are in place. I am also using valuable time at home to learn and grow professionally while becoming more knowledgeable about the newer social media platforms and digital marketing methods being created to accommodate the “new norms”.  

What is your preferred way of digital marketing and why?

I am extremely selective with who I retain as a client. Every marketing strategist has their own unique approach to branding and marketing and like any big decision in business, choosing the right client and strategist is extremely important. I personally like to work with creative individuals and companies so generally those clients are a part of industries that include but are not limited to arts, entertainment, fashion, beauty, faith and lifestyle. I also customize my services to serve each clients’ diverse and wide range of needs.

What has been the most challenging client campaign you have worked on? 

Any campaigns that include travel (particularly international travel) can be challenging because we are dealing with the unique business practices of the particular country of travel; language and currency differences, sleep deprivation and the many issues that can arise when doing business in a faraway land. Although these kinds of projects can be challenging, they are also very rewarding.  I love how the client and my team really are able to incorporate some fun into each trip which allows us to create memorable experiences together while exceeding our professional goals. 

Which is your favourite brand from a digital branding perspective and why?

I love social media scheduling apps! They are extremely helpful in allowing us to map out an effective content calendar for multiple clients and myself included while streamlining the posting process.  

What can brands do to help themselves stand out in an oversaturated market?

Oftentimes the very thing you are overthinking and contemplating about yourself, life and challenges is the very thing that will differentiate you from your competition whether those thoughts are real or perceived.  Your uniquenesses are what cause you to stand out in a competitive market. “People buy people.” Your future clients/customers are looking for a story they can associate with your products or services so be an authentic, transparent and genuine voice they can connect with and be inspired by. Be the solutions and watch your business grow and have a purpose. 

What three key tools do entrepreneurs need to build a brand from scratch?  

  1. A clear message about what your product/service is and the benefits to your potential customer/clients. 
  2. Clearly identify your target market and understand their needs. Be specific and learn as much as you can about them, ie., age, gender, profession, income – demographics matter!
  3. Look at what you have in your hands and accomplish what you can with what you already have. Do not go into debt trying to build a business! Use your smartphone camera and maximize editing apps for brand and product photography prior to buying a professional camera. Utilize relationships you already have at your disposal prior to purchasing tickets to 10 events and conferences. Maximise Youtube tutorials and search engines prior to investing in costly courses. There is so much available to you for FREE so…maximise it!

You have been featured in multiple media outlets such as Refinery 29, Forbes and Buzzfeed. What key piece of advice can you give to someone looking to start a career as a digital brand strategist?

Good question! I can truly say I didn’t seek this profession out, it kind of found me. In essence, everyone’s’ journey is very unique and their capabilities vary so be true to yourself and patient with the process. Having an understanding of marketing, people, storytelling and how to translate that into a business is a good start and it is always good to engage a business coach like myself if you’re able to because we can help you organize your vision and accelerate your pathway to success. When I look back over my life, I believe I was destined for this career because one way or another, I have been branding all my life so it’s actually second nature to me.

What can I expect to see from you next?

I am currently working on a few projects but one is very exciting and will be launched early next year. This amazing and timely project will help people optimise their businesses in relation to their faith by offering both the tools and community support you will need in an extremely affordable and effective way. This project is unlike anything I’ve seen so I encourage you to go to my website and subscribe so you can receive updates. Also, connect with me on all social media platforms (especially Instagram) and let’s stay in touch!




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