Christine Krogfoss is a business coach & mindset strategist, who’s been working in sales and online marketing for years, helping young, female entrepreneurs discover their full potential as powerful CEOs so they can live the laptop lifestyle they have always dreamt of.

Being a certified life coach and NLP practitioner, she has witnessed the true value self-care can have – not just for yourself, but also for your business results. Therefore, she has developed a holistic approach to business where mindset and spirituality are just as important as the business strategy itself.

It is great to have you with us, Christine! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Thank you so much, and thank you for this opportunity to share my story. My name is Christine Krogfoss, I am a business coach & mindset strategist, helping new, service-based boss babes to hit their first 6-figures in business and leave their 9-5s. 

I am originally from Norway, but a couple of years ago, I decided to pursue my dreams of moving to London. I quickly got a job in corporate, but I have always known that I wanted to start my own business one day. So, after having worked in London for a while, I finally decided to take the leap and start a coaching business.

It’s funny because I used to think that I would have to work on my side hustle for years before it could be successful enough to take it full-time, but now I know that it is possible to see that level of business success a lot quicker. We can live the life we want NOW, we don’t have to wait for years, and that’s the message I want to send to young women who are dreaming of building and scaling their own business one day. 

Can you tell about your transition from the corporate world working in London as online marketing and as a business consultant to where you are now as a coach?

My corporate job included a lot of freedom, but on the flip-side, I was left to myself to deal with several online marketing campaigns at once. At least, it made me more thick-skinned and used to dealing with stressful situations. I would have a hard time being able to build up my business so quickly and with such confidence, if it hadn’t been for the experience my corporate job gave me – and for that, I am very grateful. 

What was so great, was that I could take a lot of the experience I had acquired as an SEO and business consultant to become a business coach for women. After all, what I did in my corporate – helping businesses increase their revenue – was applicable to my coaching business as well. The fact that I had a BA in Business and 5 years of experience working in sales didn’t hurt either. In that way, I could help people with something I already had experience with, but I would also be able to add my own personal twist to it.

I’m not gonna lie, it was a rocky period, where I would get my certification as a life coach and NLP practitioner whilst working in corporate, but looking back, I would do it all over again in a second, as I know how much it helped me grow as a person. 

I made the decision to leave my job before I felt certain I would be able to live off my business, so it was probably the scariest thing I’ve done in my life! However, working in such a stressful 9-5 was not fitting to running a business on the side, and I knew that I would have to make the jump to resign from my job in order to see the business success I wanted for myself. It was a bit bizarre because I found myself in a situation where I didn’t feel like I had enough time for my own coaching clients. This was the message I needed from the Universe that I had to make some changes to my situation. I am lucky, because I have a very supportive partner as well, which definitely helped when I was going through this transition. For me, it was so much easier once I was on the other side of making the decision to leave. Now I am working from wherever I want to, coaching amazing women who need personal, 1:1 support. I love being my own boss, helping other women doing the same! 

Explore The BossBabes Elite Program with us?

The BossBabes Elite Program is a flexible, 1:1 Business & Mindset coaching program for young and new entrepreneurs. What is particularly great about it, is that it is completely tailored to the individual woman’s needs! 

I believe every woman is different, and that we have different needs at different times whilst on our entrepreneurial journeys. Therefore, I didn’t want to offer a cookie-cut solution that would serve as a template. I wanted to create something that would ensure that my clients got as much out of my services as possible. Therefore, while working with me, we will only be focusing on the things you need help with the most to ensure that you reach your desired goals as quickly as possible.

It is very important for me that I help my clients as new entrepreneurs both with their mindset and spirituality, in addition to the strategy and marketing side of things. I believe that when you start out with your business, your business results reflect how you feel on the inside, and therefore we need to take care of ourselves spiritually and mentally as well while being on this journey. 

Remember, you can have the best strategy in the world, but if your mindset doesn’t match the strategy, you will have a very hard time reaching your goals. 

I am currently offering the BossBabes Elite Program as a personal business mentor program, where you will be working with me for 12 weeks, getting 10 sessions with me personally, as well as follow-up and access to me in-between sessions, ensuring that you feel completely safe and held during what is so often otherwise a very scary and confusing time when building a business. 

How did you land your first client, and what acquisition methods did you use to acquire them?

It was by organic marketing on Instagram, where she saw my post about offering a free Success Strategy session. We talked a bit back and forth in the DMs, and then she signed up! It was as easy as that! Remember that you never know who sees what you put out there, so keep on going! 

How you are balancing the work/life strife?

I think it is all about routine, and how well you are taking care of yourself mentally while also taking care of your business. I respect the fact that I will have ups and downs in how energetic I feel, so I have a small routine in place for my business that takes less than an hour, that I will do no matter what. This ensures that I do something for my business every single day. All of the other work needed for my business, I do on the days where I feel more energised and motivated. This ensures that I stay in a good flow and find that good balance between rest and work. 

I also have a morning routine in place for my mindset, which consists of meditation, visualisation and journaling. I find it so helpful because I get to start every day on a positive note, whether I’m working or taking some time off. 

With that said, though, I love what I do, it is truly my passion, so if I work a little bit even when I’m on holiday, I just find it fun and rewarding! 

Who are the team behind you and do you currently have any mentors?

I am lucky enough to have a personal mentor and business coach, and I also get help with the more technical stuff, especially with my website. These things can take so much time away from you, so it is very nice to get some help with this. 

What platforms are you using as marketing tools?

I use Mailchimp, Instagram, Facebook, as well as my website. I have been thinking about perhaps looking more into Pinterest, but that is further into the future for me. 

Do you currently use any apps or tools to help the functionality of your business practice?

I use Zoom for my coaching sessions, and that is also what I have used for my webinars so far. I also love using Later, so I can plan, schedule and automatically publish my posts on Instagram. It is very easy to use, and you can use it both on desktop and mobile, which makes it easy if you’re having issues like I often do with transferring images from one device to the other. Speaking of Instagram, I also use VSCO quite a lot for editing. 

For my booking page I use Acuity, which is great, as you can integrate different payment platforms to it – making transactions and bookings so much easier for both you and the client. Working with my clients, I also use Asana and Voxer to communicate in-between sessions.

Who is the most influential female powerhouse that you admire and why?

Ashleigh Ramshaw is definitely a queen to look out for in the coaching world! She has many years of experience working as a coach, and she’s got so much business and marketing knowledge! What is so great about her is that she is so warm, and she truly cares about the people she is helping. I believe she will become the next big thing within the coaching world. 

She is such a high-vibe, honest, open and caring person who has helped me a lot so far whilst working on my business, and I am excited to see what she will bring to the world next! I am so grateful to know her. She is truly an inspiration to me. 

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

#BEYOUROWN to me means that you can grasp the freedom that’s been given to you to follow your dreams. Furthermore, you can follow your dreams and passions now, that you don’t have to wait for years! To me, it also means to realise that you are on a continuous journey of self-growth, to be stepping into the person you were meant to be – to make sure that you grow in a way that feels good and authentic to you!

Being your own best self is true freedom, and I really believe that you are at your happiest when living your life in this way – no matter which passions you are pursuing!

What does 2020 look like for you?

I am very excited for 2020 and the new decade that lies in front of us! 2020 will be the year where I am breaking through new boundaries, and pushing my limits! I believe a new year can give freshness to every mind and situation, which makes it so inspiring and fun at the same time. I am currently working hard preparing for a new launch, and although I’m not able to share too many details right now, I am very excited, so stay tuned! 

Twitter: @C_Krogfoss

Instagram: @christine.krogfoss

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/christine.krogfoss.coaching/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/bossbababes.aligned.with.success/

Website: https://christinekrogfoss.com/


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