Debora Luzi is The Daring Inner Voice Mentor, passionate about guiding entrepreneurs to speak and write their truest most authentic voice so that their soul clients can find them and choose them. Debora’s dream is to help women create the thriving and successful business they desire with no ifs and buts and limitation. So we interview her to find out how and why her mission is to help transform other people and their business.

Hey Debora, how’s it going? Can you introduce yourself to us?

I am Debora, an author, speaker, word lover, salsa dancer and mother of three very active boys including twins. My passion is to teach entrepreneurs how to turn words into sales. I am the founder of the only online global community focused at creating content that connects, converts and impacts: The Writing Academy for Entrepreneurs. I am also the founder of The Women Who Dare to Desire conference, a centre stage for visionaries women, no matter their background and speaking skills, who are ready to inspire the world with their stories. These are currently on schedule for London, Rome and Los Angeles.

I also love travelling and I have travelled to more than 55 countries and lived and worked in many of them.

What is a typical day like for you?

A very busy day for sure. Now that my children are at home with me 24/7 because of the school closure, my day is full of adventure, interesting moments and moments I just want to run away alone to a deserted island to find some peace and quiet. 🙂

I usually wake up at around 8/9am, I am a bit of night owl so I am not a very early riser. I make breakfast for my boys, usually have a client call or training for my academy members around 11am then is lunchtime, another call or training at around 2pm and then I close my computer and I am fully present for my boys. We either draw or go to the skatepark, they love skateboarding, or to a local park. We get some ice cream ( not every day though) usually a pistachio one, my absolute favourite. Then we head home around 6/7 pm I make dinner, bath them, we watch a movie and then I try to have them go to bed early so that I can have some time for myself, but it does not always happen now that they do not have school. After they all go to bed and the house is dead silence, I go back and do some work. Usually, I connect to people on social media, write some content or work on a new project. I also love reading. Before going to bed I usually do some exercises, or yoga and listen to some positive affirmations and then the lights are off.

As we are all now navigating through a difficult time post-COVID-19 Lockdown, how are you finding the situation?

The actual lockdown was not as bad as I had expected. My husband was not working so he helped me a lot to entertain the boys. Our lounge became a trampoline park, the corridor a football pitch and the balcony a summer camp completed with a tent! When the lockdown was eased and my husband went back to work I find it more challenging as I was alone all day trying to still work, looking after the boys, cooking, homeschooling. I really felt like a super mum. I even managed to write a book during lockdown which will be published in September. Unfortunately, my father died of Covid in Italy so that was really difficult to accept, especially as I could not go there and see him for the last time and we could not have a full memorial for him.

Who is the most influential female entrepreneur that you admire and why?

Definitely Lisa Nichols, she is so inspiring, motivating and so real. I love how she holds herself on stage. She is strong, full of passion and witty at the same time.

What is a solid tip that can help other young female entrepreneurs looking to build their own business?

Start! No matter what, even if you do not have it all figure it out yet. Take action and start with an idea, yes that idea, and with the whatever clarity you have. I had no idea what I was doing when I started, I had a bit of clarity and so much passion and motivation. I took action and followed the whispers every day. Create that event you want to create, put content out there, show up exactly as you are. Remember that everybody else is taken so people will love your own flavours.

Give life to that thing you keep thinking about and which makes your heartburn with desire. Tomorrow is too late and perfection….what perfection?

What has been the most challenging yet rewarding barrier you faced and how did overcome it whilst building your career?

For me, it was definitely owning my voice and finding my space in the crowded online space. I grew up believing that my voice did not count, that others were always better than me. I believed I was never good enough. When I started my business I was very shy to show up online, I was comparing myself to all the other entrepreneurs who seemed to have all figured out.  I was scared to speak my truth, to share my opinion and I would refrain from commenting or saying what I was really thinking about the stuff people posted online. I can be a very opinionated person, but I was opinionated in silence. The other thing I struggled with was the fear of being judged for my English mistakes and for the way I wrote. Even though I always loved writing since a very young age and I had obtained A proficiency level in the English language I thought it was not enough. Also, I did not go to university and the lack of a degree made me believe that what I had to say was not good enough again.

Somehow, little by little I started to show up, to write, to create content, to educate, entertain and educate my followers through my words. And something magic happened. People were following, commenting, they started to like my content and many complimented me saying that they would eagerly await for me to show up as my content was so unique and motivating. Of course, I also experienced the other side of the coin where some people would private message me and make me notice the few spelling mistakes I made or the wrong use of punctuation.

I now had an audience, so I felt I needed to become even better at writing. So that is when I started to look for writing schools and writing courses. As I was searching online, I heard a very loud whisper telling me exactly this; ” Debora, you are good enough, and you are a very original and creative writer, open your own writing academy”. And so I did. Within a few hours, The Writing Academy for Entrepreneurs was open and the rest is history.

What support networks do you personally love and can recommend to other aspiring entrepreneurs out there to become part of?

I am part of a few networking groups in London which I absolutely love, including Athena, Global Woman and Hub Dot. I would strongly recommend to also find your own online community. I have invested a lot of money in private online coaching until I got to a point when I felt the need to join a community with coaching support and a strong network of experts all ready to support each other.

Which is your most preferred social media platform for marketing and raising brand awareness?

One of my favourites is definitely Facebook. I get most of my clients from FB and I love posting content every day. Facebook feels relaxed, friendly and people seems to be much more approachable. It can be a very dangerous platform if you are not focused and if you start spending hours scrolling and checking other people all the time. I am very disciplined with social media because I need to make the most out of my busy schedule. I also love IG and I recently started to be active on LinkedIn. I find the latter a bit too formal and very direct, however, I am learning to navigate it too. Most of the time I make connections there and then bring them into Facebook. I love writing so I get really annoyed by the short length of LinkedIn posts. This does not mean that I always write long posts, I actually don’t and I find them boring as I believe social media is a place for short, direct, and to the point content, however, LinkedIn words limit is too little.

What apps or software programmes are you currently using to help the everyday functioning of your work life?

I use Active Campaign for my email and acuity scheduling for my appointments. Every now and then I use Asana if I am working on a new project. I personally do not like to schedule my Social media posts as I love creating fresh daily content and post it at the moment even if I had planned it already in my mind or in my content planner. I also use a simple Notebook app on my phone to catch all my writing inspirations.

How are you working on your own personal development?

I am always and constantly working on myself and I am proud to say that I am my number one and best client. I believe that walking your talk is paramount if you want to have a successful business and if you want your followers and potential clients to really believe in you and trust you. I always invest in myself, I read a lot of books, take new courses especially related to healing myself, my story and my beliefs.

How are you looking to grow and expand throughout the rest of the year?

I am always very excited about growing and I have big plans for my Business and an enormous,  beautiful and clear vision. I am publishing my book later in September which is about content writing for entrepreneurs from a very different angle and with a spiritual approach. I want to spread awareness about content and help many entrepreneurs who struggle to produce daily content. I would love for the book to become a bestseller but I want it to become one naturally not through the amazon techniques, where anyone can become a bestselling author. I am looking to expand my Writing academy and welcome new members. I run a free writing challenge 4 times a year From Content to Cash, which leads to the Academy and which attracts a lot of people from all over the world.  I would love to attract even more people from the one I will be running in September and make it become the FREE writing challenge of the century as it is truly transformational.



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