Dr Nore Salman is an entrepreneur, and as a leadership coach, she coaches high performing individuals and entrepreneurs to discover, transform, and master their visions into tangible achievements.

Dr Salman utilises the intrinsic coaching of Stanford University in her life and executive coaching. It is a model that supports client strength and growth. Research shows that when focused on strengths, growth then internalises and lives longer than when coaching is focused on deficit.

That is not to condone deficit avoidance but rather capitalise on unique individual strengths to overcome the deficits — which in return builds accountability to one’s goals. Her clients report feeling more balanced and focused on the ‘what’ and ‘how’ in pursuit of their challenges in the short term, and report “success and fulfilment” in the long term.


Welcome Dr Nore, thank you for coming on board with us, can you introduce yourself to us?

Hi there, I am Dr Nore. I am an entrepreneur and an executive coach or in other words a human experience student and expert. I help people increase happiness and consciousness through self-development. Topics and concepts I lead are dialogues around relationships, well-being, personal and professional development, and emotional equilibrium explained in actionable steps for everyday life and business.

Can you give us a little back story on how you are where you are today as an entrepreneur and leadership coach?

I grew up and lived through the Persian and Gulf Wars in Iraq, followed by a divorce out of a traditional Middle Eastern marriage here in the U.S, onto graduate school where I began my own journey to designing a life for myself as well as helping others better their lives through empowerment and intuitive. I earned a bachelors in business, both a masters and a Doctorate in Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, Chicago in 2015.

After I completed my fellowship, which was edging on being a psychotherapist for over 7 years, I learned we don’t get to solutions by talking about problems instead we manifest the reality we want through imagination and the neuroscience of meditations which lead me to life coach high performers, entrepreneurs, and executives.

Talking about the problem in terms of whose fault it allows the “other” (mom, dad, partner, bully next door) to be the author of our story, rather than the self to be the author.Empathy extends to the human experience in the sense of compassion but the responsibility is a superpower that evolves through pacifying our inner victim to give rise or permission to the inner creator to appear. Learning to create and empowering others to be the author of their story is joyful to me.

Through the wisdom of accountability and responsibility for life, we can actually pacify the struggle. Once we accept all that comes into our experience is invited by no other than us, we begin to be empowered. We are no longer a “being” that things happen to, instead, we become a being that is connected to experience for the purpose of evolution or expansion or learning. We attract the experience our soul seeks and is most useful to us.

How are you helping your high performing clients to discover, transform, and master their visions into tangible achievements?

The wellness model in the heart centred coaching program is a journey towards clarity, growth, and happiness. It lends its roots to strength, love, and service.  If we look at modern times or history, service has the highest return on investment and wins every time. It is in the service of understanding who we are, expanding who we are, and how we fit into the world that we reach joy and fulfilment. Fulfilment of purpose is the ultimate success on planet earth. Take purpose a step further, purpose leads to fulfilment which leads to liberation. Liberation is the ultimate goal of human experience. It’s freedom.


Can you explain how you are utilising the intrinsic coaching of Stanford University in your own personal life and executive coaching and how it is reflective as a model that also supports your client’s strength and growth?

Heart Centered Executive and life coaching are about clarity and expansion. My clients generally don’t fit into a box. They are founders, leaders, and creators. They are intuitively high performers and practice meditation or daily prayers.

My typical client is smart, successful, open-minded, and has awareness of their strengths and limitations. Our coaching consists of exciting dialogues around goals and strategies with an understanding that we are shedding light on what demands clarity for the purpose of evolution. In essence, we take a client’s strengths and expand on them, solidify them, and build tools for other attributes and skills to grow.

Can you share with us a particular career highlight so far?

Every day of my life is a highlight. When my clients are clear-headed and make valuable decisions in employee retention, relationships, and work/life balance its a winning day for me!

I also returned from a week-long meditation retreat with Dr Joe Dispenza last month in Riviera Maya Mexico that was incredible. We meditated from 4 am to 8pm with delicious food breaks. 4.5 hours of continuous trance in meditation was incredible and blissful.

How about any hardship, difficult times or barriers faced whilst growing professionally?

The struggles along the way are understanding that elevation requires separation. I sometimes wanted to hold on to everything around me. I wanted it all to stay the same but for me to grow. This is a misunderstanding of how growth happens that was present as a result of trauma/fear of losing safety or survival mechanisms. The transient human experience seeks evolution inherently and my inner being knew the necessity of expanding my human experience.

Overcoming fears of loneliness and failure helped me let go of what does not serve me (letting go included things like emotional and materialistic clutter of handbags or jewellery all the way to people and relationships that were not serving me) In letting go of those distractions, I stayed focused on my purpose in life.

How are you working towards your own personal development?

My purpose is where I am happiest. I am happiest when I can support another human being grow into their goals, be it expand their financial or emotional influence, or gain higher consciousness.

I read a book a week, I meditate daily for 2 hours (morning 1 hour, evening 1 hour), I attend group mediations 2x week at my meditation temple, and stay connected to professional development organisations releases like mind valley and Dr Joe Dispenza’s work among many others.


One hard lesson in life you have learned so far?

You are your own hero. No one is coming to rescue you.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

That independence and creation are virtues to be embraced.

What have you got planned throughout the rest of 2019?

To stay open to advocating for wellness and collaborating with others.




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