Faitth Brooks is a writer, speaker, activist, avid traveller, and co-host of the Melanated Faith podcast having also earned her Master’s degree in Social Work along with a certificate in Women’s Entrepreneurship from Cornell University. Faitth has a way of connecting with anyone she meets and captivating audiences when she speaks. Faitth is a social worker and advocates for those in need. She engages in community organizing and activism. Faitth works as a creative strategist, consultant, and Director of Programs for Be the Bridge. Her passion makes her a relentless spokesperson for racial equity. Faitth continues to use her platform for anti-racism education and openly talks about her life as a single career woman.


Welcome Faitth, what does your career overview look like? 

I wouldn’t say I’ve had a conventional career path. My career has consisted of saying yes to the unknown and hoping for the best. Each “yes” led me to where I am today. I received my bachelor’s degree in Social Work in 2012, I began working as a case manager for kids in foster care; in January 2014, I got a job at MD Anderson cancer center but I was not happy there; In October 2014, I decided to pack up and move to Austin where I got a job again as a case manager- I moved within two weeks of getting the job; In the summer of 2016, I moved home to finish my Masters degree in Social Work and the two internships I had to complete before graduating; I started a job at the daycare I worked at in high school and a few weeks later I got a part-time job offer to work remotely and travel for a job at Legacy Collective (a non-profit my friends started); I worked at Legacy Collective for 3 years before being offered my position at Be the Bridge in August of 2019. In 2019, I began my creative strategy consulting business on the side. Most of these yes’ required me to move cities and get out of my comfort zone. I can truly say, it was all worth it!

Do you use any particular software or apps to increase efficiency as a creative strategist?

I really enjoy using apps like Slack, Buffer, google calendar, and a good old fashioned planner! I need to write things down my hand to remember then sometimes so I really enjoy physical planners and making a list. I also live by my google calendar- I have to have it.

Can you tell us a little bit more about your podcast Melanated Faith that you currently co-host? 

Melanated Faith is a podcast that was formed out of conversations I was having with my friend Kathryn and one day we decided we should have a podcast and bring these conversations to the forefront. We are single Black women of faith with accomplished careers. Kathyrn is a Lawyer and I am a Social Worker. Our work in the community caused us to want to have a podcast that explores, faith, race, and pop culture. We not only want to bring truth but we want to show that Black women are deserving of joy and happiness. This podcast has been so fun for us to create and share with our community.

How have you been professionally challenged since launching? 

A podcast is a whole job. I never realised how much work goes into record and curating content. It is really important that we are talking about things our audience wants to hear. I have been challenged to think outside of the box and welcome more creativity in my life.

What has been a seminal moment in your career so far? 

I think the most seminal moment in my career would be my job as a case manager, it was so hard and my first “big girl job” but because it was difficult it taught me that I could do anything, learn anything, and work hard to accomplish anything I wanted. I was working 50-60 hours a week, writing 100 pages a month in case notes, and visiting 15-20 homes each month. It was a demanding job and I honestly did not have it nearly as bad as other case managers because I worked for a private agency. The truth is that job showed me what I was made of. I learned a lot about myself and it has made me a better employee, business owner, and friend.

Most valuable business lesson learnt? 

The most valuable business lesson I’ve learned is to have signed contracts before you do business with people; I learned that the hard way. Not everyone will be honest and actually deliver the product they say they will and you need a contract to make sure you have legal recourse should something go wrong.

What 3 key traits make an excellent entrepreneur? 

Someone who is teachable, innovative, and believes in their work. If you don’t believe in YOU, how will you convince others to get behind your vision? Also, never stop learning and surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.

Lastly, what can expect to see from you in 2021? 

More writing, storytelling, and merch! Also, be on the lookout for a big announcement coming soon!



Twitter: @FaitthB

Instagram: @FaitthB

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/faitthb

Website: Faitthbrooks.com


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