Jessica Carey is the chief channel of ARISE, an online tribe for human beings to cultivate a compassionate connection of ritual, evolution of courage and devotion to your inner realms. She is a heart centred Australian attuned to her sovereignty, with adventure flowing in her veins and home alive within her heart.

Through curiosity and creation, Jessica invites you to connect with your emotional landscape, cultivate body awareness and build a playful relationship with your intuition through the fiery simmers within the medicine drum of your beating heart.

Alongside, Jessica is also the founder of The Green Chemistry Hub. A platform designed to educate and build awareness in the hair industry which needs a radical wake-up call in the way we define beauty and connect to the earth. We explore the power of embodying the love of self and how intentional inner exploration alchemises your outer world, to allow presence and clarity to support a thriving life.

It’s great to have you, Jessica, can you introduce yourself to us?

For all the moments I have tuned in, wishing to find the words to express what my heart beats for. What has brought me to this moment. Right here. Right now. I have come to this awareness: it doesn’t really matter. All you need to know is, we are more alike than you will ever know. Us messy, imperfect humans, navigating the moments on our journey where we can find joy, fulfilment, and love. I have an expansive heart, with a mind that questions everything. A soul that seeks all things new, yet I am deeply grounded in the familiar and comfortable. I adore my wild and precious heart, yet I am still uncovering layers of myself I never knew existed.

I do however deeply crave the moments of stillness among the chaos of life, yet dive headfirst into the ecstatic dance surrounded by humans rocking to their own tune. My heart loves deeply, purely, passionately – which is both my biggest gift and hardest lessons. My life is a constant balancing act of finding equilibrium in self-exploration and self-acceptance. Family and friends light me up to my core as does discovering new ways to honour this vessel as I walk on this earth. But mostly to me, life is a passionate love affair that I can romance with in a way that embodies love.

I live in a small town called Warwick in Queensland, Australia. I adore the wide open space and the simplistic living of a small town. I love the expansiveness in travel, new places and immersing myself in nature. I know within every cell in my body that growing up in a grounded way has given me strong values, humble nature and so much clarity on my path. 

I am always down for infectious belly laughs mixed with conversations that hit right in the depths of the heart. I am 27 years young – fiercely devoted to delicately dancing with my sovereignty and finding beauty in all aspects of life. When I am not being of service in my Green Chemistry Salon – JC’s Inspirational Hair you will find me educating in workshops. I love team sport, travel, practicing mindful movement, yoga, moving my body on a mountain, in the ocean or under a waterfall. The simple pleasure of sitting with a cup of cacao in the sun lights me up to my core – I have literally had two whilst writing these words.

Can you take us through your journey to where you are now?

Not so long ago, there was a time when I was fumbling through the cycles of being a young woman, with no rite of passage to understand the potentiality of what I was truly capable of. I was run by approval of others, what people thought of me, unconsciously dishonouring my soul in a way that felt depleted and heavy. I was externally seeking acceptance from others, consistently feeling like being myself wasn’t good enough in a world that had its own ideas of who I should be. 

After four years running my salon, I set out in the direction of moving to the other side of the world, backpacked Europe and settled in London. It was a solo journey to discover and make something of myself – because in my mind what I had done already still wasn’t good enough. I was met smack bang, slap in the face with the reality that no matter where I was in the world, nothing could make me happy except for me. What was supposed to be the best journey of my life left me in a deep depression, empty soul, burnt out body and I was stripped bare of everything I thought I was.

Everything you perceive to be normal for you is thrown under the bus when you simply can’t do it anymore. It was the most isolated, outcast, undervalued and worthless I had ever felt. I went to healers, natural therapists, and doctors. I took supplements, used essential oils and natural remedies. I meditated, practiced qi gong and restorative yoga. I practiced ritual, prayer, and devotion. I pulled cards, collected crystals, and affirmations. I slowly built up my business again. I allowed my body to rest. I allowed my soul to be still. Slowly tended to my life force. Allowing my heart to completely break. All at once. 

Life is a matter of moments and choices based on your ability to truly see the potential in it. I honoured my internal realities and stopped looking for the love, approval, acceptance outside of myself. I found all I was seeking was inside my heart all along and my external world followed in the most abundant way. I had always delved into self-improvement, mindset and personal development, so I started cultivating a deeper practice of realigning with who I was, not what society had taught me to be. Of all the roads I have travelled the one home to my heart was the most magnificent.

ARISE is the creation of every moment, experience and encounter of my life to this very moment. 


How much research did you do on the market prior to launching ARISE to understand your market?

I always felt this passionate call to express and educate on my journey. I share to free myself from the societal expectations of perfection and always having it all together. In the hope that it may make one person FEEL something – belonging, connection, understood, seen. That it may support someone on their own journey home. I knew many women were feeling and repeating similar stories but I did not foresee the impact that could be made through this heart centred work.

Time and a lot of tenderness can give you a lot of perspective in life and the past 5 years have been nothing but transformational. Not all butterflies and rainbows I assure you. I was embraced hand in hand with my heart with knowledge and tools to navigate it more effectively. I simply sat at the seat of my soul and educated myself on the mind-body connection. Emotional awareness has been one of the greatest gifts I have ever received and taught myself. 

ARISE is now a business based on my key life lessons and she is only just getting started. Built from a space of personal power, self-respect, and devotion to honouring what my body, heart, and soul whispers. In a society of chaos and “busy,” it is so important to know what you value, who you are and believe in yourself. I believe emotional resilience and intelligence is a key factor missing in our society.

Who is the team behind you at ARISE?

My family has always been my biggest supporters, I am surrounded by the most incredible women and men. My wider network, community, and tribe inspire me daily. At present, I am solo in channeling through the continuous creation of ARISE. She has been a slow burner but I can feel her fire starting to spark and build as I deepen the connection to her message for the world. I see my business as an entity that has chosen me to bring education, empowerment, creation and heart service to the people who resonate with what she represents. When you allow a business to work through you as an entity, as something you can build a relationship with, you release the need for control or things to work out a certain way and you are always supported. She (ARISE) always inspires me to be a better human, evolve and listen to the intuitive nudges that knock on my heart door. 

Can you tell us more about the transformation behind The Green Chemistry Hub’ platform?

This platform was birthed from my learnings in the hair industry that needs a radical, rebellious wake-up call in the way we witness, celebrate, define and see beauty. It is an art form that has lost its wisdom, nurturing and connection to the earth. The Green Chemistry Hub is designed to re-educate, realign the societal conditioning in an industry that creates so much beauty in this world. To transform salons and create sacred healing boutique studio experience that is cultivated with high vibing, quality organic, natural and green chemistry products and techniques. As well as sustainable initiatives, and eco-friendly practices that will reduce environmental footprint. 

I was lead down the path of a holistic approach to hairdressing that has shifted the way I witness the world, connection to the earth and the industry. I first had the opportunity to have this Green Chemistry concept as a point of difference for my salon JCs Inspirational Hair when I opened in 2010 as a fresh-faced 18-year old. Over the past 9 years, I have become more passionate each day about creating awareness of environmental consciousness in business – it will transform business ecology. 

In an industry that creates an illusion and outer layer of beauty, this is a way to cultivate a love for self through the art of hair, to transform and create. It is designed to develop a deeper connection between the hair, body, emotions on a spiritual and energetic level based on native and indigenous cultures. After all, what we connect to we care for, so it’s time to radically impact the industry in a rebellious transparent way.

How are you helping us discover self-love?

Through being real. Self-love is inward. Self-love is uncomfortable. Self-love is rebellious. Self-love unconditional. Self-love is courageous.

‘In a society that profits from your self-doubt, loving yourself is a rebellious act.’

I am simply here sharing my story. Modelling an inner awareness to swap self-sabotage, judgement , nd ridicule for a delicate compassionate, kindness for self. By living my life through the subtle stirrings of my heart and intuition I developed an awareness of my patterns, behaviours, and beliefs. 

In a nutshell: it’s all about discovering your needs based on renewing energy that is in a constant state of change. Only you know what you need. You can remove the blocks, emotions, stories, beliefs standing in the way of your passionate love affair with life. You can allow life to have its way with you. Therefore emerges a greater personal power, alignment, and a higher vibration.

When we accept ourselves and connect to our cycles as women we nurture the messy, every changing moments of life. We learn over time that our power is ultimately derived from our pain. The passion that can alight when we know our needs, gifts, and strengths is life changing. As well as our perceived weaknesses, limiting beliefs and triggers gives us a whole new awareness to choose how we wish to show up in our life.

With a support network and empowering tools that call us to connect inward – life can bring more presence and a new state of being. This inner alchemy work is tried and tested methods I personally use and continue to expand on. What could be better than guiding yourself deeper into the locked parts of your heart, wrap them in a delicate embrace and nurture them in a way that encourages a willingness to soften and trust in the travels of life.

Where can you see yourself within the next 5 years?

I vision expansion in every way and softening deeper into my hearts work. Bringing women together for retreats and speaking on stage and at events. I feel in sharing that our most powerful leaders as women can be synced with the natural rhythms of our body. I see ARISE having played a massive role in the relationship women develop inwardly and the impact made outwardly from their personal growth. I see The Green Chemistry Hub creating a massive change in the industry and see for the planet.  I see so much travel, deeper connections, and generosity through humanitarian work. 

I see spaciousness for stillness and the simple moments. Morning tea with my mum hangs with my dad and fun times with my brother. I see more days in mama nature, more sunsets and sunrises, walking barefoot, more belly laughs with friends, soul chats with sisters, sharing life with my beloved. I simply see myself developing my inner world – deepening my connection to my intuition, dropping deeper into my heart, expressing myself more on social platforms and embracing every opportunity that comes my way. Basically continue to expand my awareness, live a thriving life and feel at home within this body. 

What outlets do use to promote your ARISE Tribe?

ARISE is currently based on Instagram, Facebook and through my personal website. A lot of my work is through one on one in person connection in my salon JCs Inspirational Hair and through my network Marketing Business with doTERRA Essential Oils. I will be launching my online programs throughout this year so I can expand my market, connections to women and support others to connect to their truest potential. Although nothing beats a face to face, word of mouth, look you in the eye connection. 

What gives you ultimate career satisfaction?

Ultimate career satisfaction is in bravely stepping into the spaces that feel fearful to the self-imposed limits I put on myself. It is in tuning into my higher visions and birthing new ways to show up in life that make a positive impact for – my heart, humans, the earth and humanity. I believe business is changing in a big way. No longer do I wish to run from an empty cup and a burnt out body, but from my natural cycles as a woman. It is the small and simple yet powerful moments – an inbox from a friend, a human opening their heart or witnessing a woman step into their own personal power. 

I don’t have external markers of attainment as much anymore. We are taught through school to get the trophy, the medal, get on the podium and you will be satisfied. But the reality is no matter how much I attained these things externally I was never satisfied. Satisfaction comes from internal reflection, gratitude, appreciation and the nourishing relationships around me. How I celebrate myself matters and witnessing others rise is a blessing. 

What challenges have you seen to have been presented during the growth of ARISE?

Challenges are always a perception of the individual but I know my biggest challenge has been getting out of my own way. We create our own limitations so diving into outdated beliefs and discovering why I sabotage certain aspects of my life have been absolute game changers. Whether that be from lack of self-worth, believing in myself or others expectations of me. It can be confronting, to say the least but I consistently develop myself to broaden the way I see the world and what is true for me. 

Which other leading entrepreneurs and pioneering game changers do you also admire and why?

  1. Rebels of Light – Tara Bliss.
  2. Depths of Beauty -Emmily Banks.
  3. This is for the Women – Janne Robinson.
  4. Kakao Drinking Chocolate – Mackenzie Marluff.
  5. Spirited Seeker – Emily Hassett.

These women are deeply centred and courageous in their heart work. They are in co-creation with their business entities all whilst having a reverent connection with the earth.

Top 3 go-to Podcast channels?

  1. ‘Sounds Like Bliss’ with by Tara Bliss.
  2. Any recording by Abraham Hicks.
  3. Any Audio with Brene Brown.

How do you define your own success?

Success for me is defined in how I feel in my body and heart. How deeply I loved, how much I opened and how courageously I trusted in my path. It is in if the moments of presence where I feel ecstatic joy, as well as the contrasting moments that feel really heavy and I am unsure what to do next. It is the moments when I depart a human knowing they feel more vibrant and empowered than when I met them. Success is never about anything external to me. It is cultivated from my own personal power, boundaries and sovereign relationships. I am always grateful for kind messages of gratitude but they are just epic bonuses – kinda like the cherry on top. It is when my head hits the pillow each night. You know that feeling when you get butterflies that are doing 360s in your tummy, you are grinning so big your cheeks burst and you want to dance around knowing you did all you could do today, and that is ALWAYS enough. 

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

#BEYOUROWN to me means discovering, fully embodying and delicately embracing your own AUTHENTIC, RADICAL, INSPIRED, SOUL, EXPRESSION. 

Finally, what are you working on throughout 2019?

I am launching my online Radical Self Love Course later this year for those ready and curious to develop a deeper relationship and connection with themselves. My intention is to get this work as a rite of passage in schools for 13-18 year olds. I am launching The Green Chemistry Hub space to start sharing education and build into education classes in salons. It may sound cliché, but the more I appreciate what I have the more miracles that show up. I always asking myself, how can it get any better than this? From that space, expansion is always just around the corner. 



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