Jessica Rosin is a depth psychologist, nature-based guide to Self and Soul, and the author of Coming Alive in Life and Love: 7 Secrets to Self-Transformation. Her Edmonton-based organisation, Jessica Rosin Psychology Services, is dedicated to guiding women and men in their journeys of Self-discovery and embodiment. In her practice as a Registered Psychologist, she helps individuals and couples in all aspects of wellness and wholeness, relationships, and Self-discovery. Exploring the conditions that allow for deeply satisfying intimate relationships—what Jessica calls coming alive in life and love—has become a core focus of her work. Jessica believes that personal development that comes with Self-discovery, uncovering a healthy and whole individual, is a critical component of healthy relationships, and her programs and on-line courses are based on this topic. 

Jessica has been actively engaged in her own Self and Soul discovery process for many years. This gives her tremendous compassion and understanding for others. She is an intuitive tracker and mentor who uses a variety of therapeutic strategies and nature-based depth practices to connect with her clients, help them explore distress and un-fulfilment, and manifest meaningful lives. Jessica hears the longing of people for greater direction, intimacy, purpose, and meaning. Her practice, programs, writing, and speaking are dedicated to supporting people in this regard.

What is a typical day like for you at the moment?

I strive for a three-fold focus each day: (1) how do I tend to my personal or self-development such that I am grounded and present for whatever the day may bring; (2) how do I create the conditions in which my kids can be successful, and in which I can tend to my relationship with my partner; and (3) how do I most effectively and meaningfully help my clients?

What change have you experienced due to the onset of COVID-19?

The onset of COVID-19 has, of course, highlighted and challenged assumptions we might have had about how the world works. And while I am acutely aware that there has been undeniable hardship and change, there has also been a unique space created for reflection and connection for many, including myself. I have found that I am taking more time, or creating more time, each day to reflect on what really matters to me. Not surprisingly, I find that family is a touchstone; I really want to forge the strongest connection I can with my partner and with my kids. I’m also leaning into the question of what my work in the world is really all about – what is it that the world needs at this time, what is it that’s being asked of me, and how do I need to do things differently or better to realize my aspirations?

How do you feel about iconic inspirations?

In many respects I march to the beat of my own drum; I don’t tend to get caught up in the cult of celebrity – whether it be celebrity entrepreneurs or anyone else. That said, I’ve had the opportunity to meet Marianne Williamson and I appreciate her efforts to frame spirituality in a way that is less threatening and more accessible to a mainstream audience. And of course, we can’t really talk about influential female entrepreneurs without mentioning Oprah Winfrey.

Do any wise words of wisdom come to mind for the next generation of entrepreneurs?

Whenever I talk to young entrepreneurs, man or woman, I consistently say three things: (1) you have to first look inward and tend to your “inner work”. Know who you really are (which is often quite different than the socially accepted persona you show to the world) and be true to that authentic self; (2) Connect to your courage and inner sanctuary because you will inevitably face challenges and defeats and building a business is a long game; and (3) Resource yourself with contacts and community; know who those people are that truly see you, and are prepared to support you, in various ways as you make your way.

What has been the most challenging yet rewarding barrier you faced and how did overcome it whilst building your career?

I faced one of my greatest barriers at the onset of my carrier – I realised that the life that I had been living was not one that truly aligns with what I really want. Even worse, I didn’t even know who I was! My realisation sent me on a journey over the past 8 years of coming to know myself. My Self-discovery journey has been both enormously challenging and very rewarding. The challenge came from the fact that as I looked at my life and the decisions I had made I had to be brutally honest about owning my own stuff, and making the changes I needed to make – no one else was going to do it for me. And making those changes – leaving my previous relationship and releasing my attachment to particular ways of being were also challenging, especially because my friends and family didn’t necessarily “get it”.

There was much that I had to release and let go of in order to be open and available for the new story that needed to come through. The rewards, however, have been tremendous. It is hard to describe the felt sense of living from my place of true authenticity, of making choices not based on what is popular but what aligns with my sense of deepest purpose, meaning and identity. My experiences of Self-discovery through the years have resulted in the discovery of great wisdom that has directly informed my business and work with my clients. 

Are you making use of any marketing tools to propel the success of your business functionality?

Interestingly, my independent practice as a Registered Psychologist has required minimal use of marketing tools. However, I have placed advertisements, such as in Psychology Today and other online community sites. As I grow my business with the release of my book this month, I am increasingly becoming more active on online social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube; accepting invitations to be a guest on podcasts; and scheduling interviews and speaking engagements.

My team and I use each of these tools every day to share the story of my business and book, and to engage my community – customers, clients, followers – in an ongoing conversation about what it means to “come alive in life and love.”

What support networks do you personally love and can recommend to other aspiring entrepreneurs out there to become part of?

In some respects, I feel that support networks are, or should be, a very personal or tailored experience. For example, I have actively cultivated a small circle of supporters and advisors – people with whom I have a history – who are helping inform both my business and personal development. Their support is especially helpful and reliable because they have context with me and know who I am and what I’m about. I invite those into my network who are recommended by those within my circle so that my network is based on strong foundations and connection. I encourage other aspiring entrepreneurs to cultivate a similar support network.

How are you enabling time for your own personal development?

Self-development is what I’m all about. I have participated in numerous personal development programs as a participant over the years. I have found them to be invaluable to my growing awareness of my identity, meaning and purpose. Connecting with like-minded communities, reading books, and the work that I do everyday supports my ability to dive deeper. Ongoing self-reflection is key to tuning in to the deeper story of my life – my understory, if you will – that pulses beneath the surface of my everyday.

To help ensure that this is happening consistently, I have cultivated daily practices of meditation, yoga and time in nature. I find that these three things, done consistently, help ground me and enhance my presence, awareness, and connection – with and for my kids, my partner and my clients. The more connected than I am to my inner stillness, my truth, and my Self, the better able I am to engage in a meaningful way with the tasks, challenges, and relationships that present themselves.

How are you looking to grow and expand throughout the rest of the year?

The release of my book this month, Coming Alive in Life and Love: 7 Secrets to Self-Transformation, will be a launching pad for my next phase of growth. I also beta-tested an online course based on my book earlier this year and am looking forward to ramping that up over the rest of the year. I also anticipate and am already experiencing, an increase in podcast and speaking engagement opportunities.



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