This week we meet Taiwanese-born, NYC-based artist John Yuyi. After studying Fashion Design in Taipei, John left her home country for the bright lights of NYC, a three month stint in the city saw an internship at Jason Wu begin before moving into a permanent position when she styled for Vogue and exhibited at the Bowery’s Open Gallery Space. Here we have a 5 second personal encounter and her idea of #BEYOUROWN.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself John Yuyi?

I’m John Yuyi. I am 25. I’m based in NYC and Taipei. I graduated from fashion design. I started to do art projects since as little as three years ago. I’m also stylist ,photographer model(sometimes.) All of my work relates to myself or the person I shoot. I also run my small fashion design brand, however it’s not not very mainstream but I’m doing my second collection of swimsuits, all the products are all related to my art projects.

I am now doing projects city by city, most recently I was in NYC, Tokyo, London, Shanghai and Beijing.

How does your day start and how does it finish, and how do you find the balance between staying motivated and knowing when to unwind without falling trap to creative block?

I sleep to whenever and I wake up whenever I like, basically everyday is like that.

If I have an idea in my mind Im very productive because ideally I would like to finish it immediately, however if I feel I am too overworked I have to take a break. Actually I’m during a break, it has been almost two months now.

Wow, ok so what were the early days like, and how did you figure out how to get started?

I just do whatever pops out in my mind, I never thought about what it would be become of it. Of course like most artists, the early days I just a freelancer and in the meantime I gave myself enough time to do my own projects.

We noticed your activities on and off the track have been recognised by many publications, including DAZED, I.D and Nylon Japan Can you tell us how it feels to be recognised for your work?

I feel extremely thankful. I didn’t expect those press will come to me. Those are all my favourite’s from a long long time ago. I never thought I will be on those magazines one day. I’m just grateful and of course I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing.

We personally love ‘The Face,’ but what has been your own personal favourite project so far and why?

I love “The Face” to, its weird and creepy but I love it. Haha! My all the time favourite is still “Skin On Skin” because It’s literally skin on skin and I like the idea. It also popped out in my mind and then I just did it.

Finally, what does it mean to you to be #BEYOUROWN?

I think be your own is very important. I think I start to feel secure in my career after I start to be my own. Trust yourself. Be confident and comfortable with yourself. But I think in order to ‘Be Your Own’ also come’s with “By Your Own’  meaning you have to be independent, you will feel lonely sometimes.

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