BEYOUROWN Meets Juli Colotti

Meet Juli Colotti, a successful business owner turned lifestyle and habit coach who’s going to help you lead a more productive and fulfilling life. Through habits and lifestyle Juli help you transform your life. In 90 days we can go from switching your bad habits to good habits, to reaching your 90 day goals. It is time to grab life by the horns and make a lasting transformation.

Thank you for interviewing with us today, can you introduce yourself to us as alifestyle and habit coach?

My name is Juli Colotti. I am a 34 year old entrepreneur who lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley. I own a personal training business and also am a Habit and Lifestyle coach. 

Can you take us through your journey to where you are now Juli?

My journey has quite the path. I started my own business in 2016. I took a huge leap of faith and walked out of my comfort zone and job. Then 2020 came, March specifically. I was in a very dark whole living 90 miles North of NYC. My fitness studio was shut down until further notice in a blink of an eye. Luckily I was able to pivot and I have some amazing clients who stuck with me. During all of this I had this dark cloud over me, I couldn’t relax, I was nervous. I realized I had anxiety, which I never had before. I didn’t know what to do. I was hopeless. I had no routine, no habits (except drinking) and I was lost. I wanted to close my business. I had no reason to go on. 

Then one day I woke up and realized that I needed to change. So I did just that. I wrote down everything that was in my head. I realized what I was missing was habits and a routine. I mean we were stuck in our houses. Who needed a routine? I then realized that my clients needed this. This is how JMC Lifestyle Coaching came to be. 

Since starting, have you made any changes to your business model?

My business has always been online. However one change I have done is interviewing others for my podcast which is directed to my business. 

Have you ever had a mentor? If so how has this benefitted you either personally or professionally?

Yes I have a mentor. Everyone needs accountability. I also think everyone needs a coach. Without my mentor/coach I would have never made it through the shutdown of 2020. 

What outlets do use for marketing?

I use FB, IG, and my podcast. 

Which methods are you using to build your own support network?

I interview other like minded individuals on my podcast. I am joining groups on FB to network with people. 

What is the best piece of business advice you have received to date?

“You get paid for done”

How do you create an evenly balanced work and personal life?

I have bookends. I start my day and end my day at a certain time. I have a business cell phone so that helps me disconnect when I am done working. This took me a very long time to get a grasp of. However if I make sure I am planning my day my balance is perfect. 

Name a seminal point in your career so far?

Realizing that a person’s morning routine is the key component to everyone’s routine. If you start your morning off wrong your whole day will be upside down. 

What gives you ultimate career satisfaction?

When I have someone who sees the light. When I help someone be happier, and live a better life. 

Are there any leading entrepreneurs or SME leaders that you admire and if so, why?

My wife is one. She owns her own law firm. She started out in the recession in a town where no one knew her. 10 years later she is a top lawyer in our area. 

How do you define your own success?

When I wake up in the morning with a smile on my face, and go to bed accomplishing all I set out to do that day

Finally, What can we expect from you this year?

You can expect the launch of my Bull Program. I am also going to write a book. This is a big thing for me. I am so nervous but it is going to be amazing.






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