Juliet Tang is a feminine business, wealth and empowerment mentor for heart-centred and purpose-driven women service-based entrepreneurs – coaches, healers, consultants, practitioners and transformational leaders. She is the go-to for those women entrepreneurs who not only want it all in lifestyle and income, but also are fiercely committed to embodying their highest divine selves, and leaving their lasting impact on humanity. 

While Juliet is a grounded entrepreneur and Chief Energy Officer of two businesses living in New York City, she is also a born channel and high priestess who works intimately with plant medicine. Her mission is to bridge divine wisdom with “real world” business strategies to help women unlock their highest potentials.  

Juliet’s has dedicated over 17 years in personal development with an MA in education, and a BA in psychology. Her unique coaching methods are derived from a wide variety of coaching schools including business and money coaching, transformational coaching, and quantum life coaching. 

In addition, her methods incorporate multidimensional key elements from vibrational medicine, hypnosis and past life regression, embodiment practices, spiritual ascension, wealth psychology, and channelled teachings from her shamanic work. 

Her philosophy: Each of us is destined for greatness through fulfilling our most heartfelt visions. The key to birthing your highest vision into physical form is to give yourself permission to become a large enough container that can hold and exude the magnificence of that vision.

Great to have you, Juliet, can you introduce yourself to us as the feminine business, wealth, and empowerment mentor we see you as?

Thanks for having me. I love connecting with fellow Goddess, Queen and Creatrix entrepreneurs! I am passionate about supporting visionary women service-based entrepreneurs who know they are here to birth big things in this world to unleash their soul level work, stand out as the feminine leaders they are in their Being, brands and businesses, and get divinely compensated for their contribution. The Dalai Lama once said, “The world will be saved by Western women.”

I couldn’t agree more, except I’d love to substitute the word “Western” with “empowered” – empowered physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, and sexually. 

Over the years, I’ve witnessed and supported many women coaches, healers, and leaders who are awakening to their deeper desires and innate potentials. These women are passionate about their callings. They feel they’ve been put on earth for a grander purpose – to not only create the lifestyles that allow them to thrive on every level, but also contribute to the healing of our world.

As an entrepreneur, I know just how powerful tool money is, as it is involved in almost every experience in our lives directly or indirectly. As I shared in more detail in my most recently published article “4 Essentials on Creating a Successful Coaching business I Wish I knew” which you can read here, mastering wealth consciousness and identity is a non-negotiable for any entrepreneur.

I never want a woman to say to me, “I can’t do the work I am called to do because I don’t have the money.” When a woman reclaims her sovereignty in wealth – wealth in her brilliance, passion, empowerment, self-expression, sensuality and money, she becomes magnetic and iconic. She is on fire. She is unstoppable. She is fulfilled from the inside and out, and her radiance creates a powerful ripple effect in the collective.

It is my vision and mission to support the women entrepreneurs who are called to this work to reclaim and embody the highest versions of who they are – in vision, business, soul, and bank account.

What motivated you to want to help visionary women entrepreneurs elevate and illuminate in business, wealth, and feminine leadership?

I’ve received this over and over in my ayahuasca ceremonies – the soul medicine we are here to serve the world is the very medicine we are here to master. The truth is, I was that woman. I was that woman who spent a fortune on certifications and training, who wanted so badly to own her soul brilliance and worth, who knew in her heart she was here to impact lives in a big way but did not know how to make it happen in her business.

The panic sank in when I hit 18k in debt. By then, I was already trained in multiple schools of coaching methods, in addition to hypnosis, vibrational medicine, etc. I did extensive self-work around spiritual awakening and empowerment. I was also working intimately with plant medicine, channelling teachings from my shamanic journeys. 

The irony was, I felt there was so much spiritual richness and wisdom within me, yet none translated to physical abundance. I was working long exhausting hours while secretly comparing myself to other successful women online, wondering what it was that I was missing. The months and years I spent in my dark night of the soul birthed a new awareness in me – wealth stems from within. It is a consciousness we must first awaken to, and embody before we can physically create it in our lives. 

Through my personal wealth awakening, I was able to heal the deepest parts in me that were out of alignment; namely, my beliefs around worth, my sense of identity, my boundaries, my relationship with the masculine, as well as how much I allowed myself to be filled up by life. 

I realised I can teach business and wealth as a way of spiritual practice, this breakthrough completely transformed my Being, business, and bank account. This realisation also led to the creation of my unique coaching system – The Vision Embodiment System, as the missing link that I use to empower women entrepreneurs in creating their highest visions and possibilities.

What I am most passionate about my work is, while my clients are up levelling their businesses and income doing the work they love, they are simultaneously emerging as radiant and illuminated feminine powerhouses our world desperately needs. These women are the shakers and movers of our world – radiant, powerful, sensual, wealthy, intuitive, and deeply connected with their purposes and contribution. To me, the true gold is seeing the women they are becoming, and the impact they are having on our planet.

Could you walk us through your mentorship approach and how you are helping your clients to master feminine business and wealth?

Absolutely! But before I do, I’d love to offer a bit of background knowledge on what this work really entails. The majority of our world is operating from an outdated collective mental paradigm – the deep-seated beliefs of lack, scarcity, fear and limitation are the unconscious driving forces behind our daily decisions and experiences. 

Just because we quit our 9-5 to follow a higher calling and become coaches, mentors, healers and transformational leaders does not automatically upgrade this paradigm, not until we go in and do it ourselves which almost always revolves around a profound awakening. 

When it comes to having a flourishing and abundant business that fuels our creativity and passions, most of us, especially women, are prone to making decisions and taking actions solely from cultural and societal conditioning such as “I am here to work long hours from sunrise to sundown” or “heart-centred” people shouldn’t make a lot of money and I am only here to give.” 

The truth about money that most people do not understand is, it is a physical tool that allows us to fully expand and self-express in this life. Each of us is born with this innate impulse to always expand and express through our Being, our experiences and our creations, and money bridges the spiritual expansion and physical expansion. 

For heart-led women entrepreneurs, our income is a powerful (and sometimes brutal) mirror that reflects back to us our current sense of identity, values, and beliefs about our self-worth; a lot of those pieces remain unconscious until we learn to reprogram our minds, consciousness and energy which then leads to a different set of aligned actions and results. 

I’ve seen this again and again, when a woman reclaims her infinite wholeness, worth and soul genius, and gives herself permission to fully stand in her power and take her space and place in this world, her income up-levels as a result of that. The secret to playing this game of life isn’t to overcome doubt and fears, it is to take back our intrinsic and infinite power! 

This is why in my Vision Embodiment Coaching System, business and wealth coaching is delivered in conjunction with mentoring a woman to integrate and embody the highest version of who she is. Inner wholeness and wealth must be activated before we see all of this translating into physical abundance.

This is done through a combination of quantum transformation coaching methods, money identity upgrades, chakra and vibrational shifts, shamanic teachings, and hypnosis. We then create the visionary business model, brand, structure and marketing strategies that align with the soul archetypes that highlight all her gifts and strengths to support her to expand her business and income. 

What is a typical day like for you?

My first hour every morning is dedicated to what I call “Quantum Leap Habits” that I teach all clients. This is when I do light movement, mantras, visualisation and sacred journaling. Sometimes, I use my own DNA Activation to receive aligned actions which you can access here for free. I use this time to connect with my vision and my “why,” and set a powerful intention for the day.

I then enjoy another hour of intense physical movement whether it is kickboxing, gym or if I am in nature which I often am, hiking. This practice helps me connect with my body and the physical world. I find with many women, especially those who have the healer or priestess archetype and feel a strong calling to uplift humanity with teachings of a higher consciousness often live from their heads, and not enough in their bodies. Being completely connected with our bodies is an essential piece of wealth creation.

After that, I take some time to check messages my higher-level mentors have left me, and check-in with my clients on Voxer to celebrate their wins or give them quick tools to resolve a challenge. 

The next few hours are spent on either content creation, coaching, networking with others, popping into my Facebook Group Creatrix Unleashed to share a teaching, or whatever has been placed on my weekly calendar. I also enjoy working behind the scenes in my second business – strategising over multi-million dollar real estate deals with my boyfriend who is a successful real estate broker in NYC.

Of course, time spent with my love is always a priority. Since both of us are entrepreneurs, we usually reconnect during dinner time. I am very meticulous about not carrying my work into evenings because overworking takes me out of a consistent flow state of creativity and graceful creations.

Before bed, I always end the day with a meditation to release whatever has happened during that day. On some days, this is done in a salt bath. This way, I do not take anything from today into tomorrow. I love greeting every day as a new beginning where I get to embrace infinite possibilities.

Who is the most influential female powerhouse that you admire and why?

Marianne Williamson! What can I say, she is glorious! You don’t have to support her political views to feel the authenticity and passion radiating from this woman. To me, she is the embodiment of a feminine leader. While she is beautifully conscious and owns the stage with her spiritual teachings, she is also not afraid to involve herself with physical and political affairs that are dominating our world right now. 

When I first began my business years ago, her book ‘The Law of Divine Compensation: On Work, Money, and Miracles’ changed my life. The way she talked about a calling being “an organic field of energy that emerges from the deepest aspects of who you are,” and a “fulfilment of what God has created you to be and do” deeply touched my soul, and helped me connect with my ‘why.’

When I was experiencing challenges in my business that almost made me want to quit, what helped me get through each challenge was to allow myself to surrender to my “why” deeper. Marianne is a woman who is not only talking about but walking her ‘why,’ and this is a key element in embodied feminine leadership that I love teaching my clients.

Can you share 3 key tips that will help us magnetise our soulmate clients and create the next level of income we desire?

  1. Give yourself permission to boldly and unapologetically own your highest desires and truth – in your messages, brand, programs, fees, etc. It is time for women (and the entire world) to remove generations of shame and guilt from what we desire, and what we are here to deliver. Due to fear of judgment, it took me a very long time to even own the desire that I wanted my work to be fulfilling not only in the soul but in a bank account. It took me even longer to come out and say (rather than dance around) that I love teaching money and business as a spiritual practice. The moment I did that, many women entrepreneurs in my community stepped forward and connected with me on a deeper level, some became my most committed clients. They shared that by granting myself permission to speak my truth and own my desires, this energy also liberated them. Having a business, especially a business that is service-based is no different from having an intimate relationship. When we bring forth our most authentic selves, when we stop hiding and allow ourselves to be fully seen and heard, we magnetise those who are called to work with us.
  2. Invest in conscious mentorship. At a certain point in my business, I realised no one is self-made. Once I overcame my fears and began investing in working with higher-level mentors, I’ve experienced continuous quantum leaps in my life, business, income, and leadership. In addition, every single area of my life has transformed as a direct or indirect result of my professional growth. Women are oftentimes uncomfortable with money and tend to undercharge and over-deliver which is a recipe for constant burnouts and resentment. What helped me transform those unconscious stories and income glass ceiling was personal 1:1 mentorship from those who’ve already done it. Having the willingness to ask for, and invest in aligned help creates inner congruence which is another key element in upleveling our businesses. The easiest way I can explain this is, if as a mentor, I am not willing to see my growth as the best and most necessary investment in myself, how can I expect my clients to go through with something I have not energetically and physically committed to and invested in? Everything in this universe is made of energy, client attraction and wealth creation are no exceptions.
  3. Create aligned physical channels (business model, offers, etc.)Most of my clients are heart-centred coaches and healers. Often times, it is easier for them to dance with the feminine energy in business which is intuition and inner alignment while neglecting the masculine energy which looks like structure, aligned business models and signature offers that deliver their soul-level work. Just like when the union of feminine and masculine gives birth to new life, it is the same with everything else. While your ideal clients become attracted to your energy through your messages and presence, they also want to know what specific results you can help them achieve whether it is weight loss or relationship healing.  It is common for women service-based entrepreneurs to opt for hourly sessions, a generic 3-month package at a low fee with vague results, etc. This business model is not the best way to reach your next-level income for the simple reason that it is difficult for anyone to deliver their highest level transformation in one session, or when they can barely make ends meet. Aligned and congruent physical containers can look like signature offers that not only niche and brand you to become visible in front of your most ideal audience, but also package all your gifts, talents and soul genius into one (or a couple of) offer/program that delivers the highest level work you are born to be doing. The results are miraculous and mutually beneficial – your clients get the deep transformation they need from you doing what you do best, and you are divinely compensated and supported for your calling.

How are you working on your personal development?

I love this question! I say this to my clients all the time, our businesses, income and leadership are but extensions of who we are. Our personal development is at the centre of everything we create. First and foremost, in my heart, I am a high priestess and medicine woman. I have an intimate relationship with ayahuasca and psilocybin mushrooms. For years, they’ve been my teachers and the wisdom I’ve received from them has helped shape me into the woman I am today.

I work with a small selected group of world-class mentors from personal and spiritual development to business and have been doing so for years. I wholeheartedly believe in the power of aligned mentorship; without it, it’d take me much longer to achieve what I am setting out to achieve, and I am not the type of woman who is willing to sit around hoping to eventually figure it out on my own. 

My work calls for a ton of content creation, but I like to balance my days with at least 30 minutes, if not an hour per day to continue learning from a variety of teachers, leaders and entrepreneurs whether through books, workshops, or online programs. I then integrate the knowledge by implementing it in my next-level actions.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

It speaks to the essence of my work – reclamation of our highest selves. And it is through this reclamation that we become self-expressed and actualised in our highest potentials personally, professionally, spiritually, and financially.

The truth of who we are is this – each of us is whole, complete, perfect, radiant, and abundant. Each of us is an expression of eternal universal energy that is unstoppable, infinite, and always expanding and evolving. 

Along the way in life, we’ve inherited what I call “broken consciousness” which shows up as limiting beliefs and wounds that manifest as financial lack, personal and professional struggle, and for some, relationship and health problems.

The path of #BEYOUROWN returns us to the origin of our being – a state of sovereignty and limitless expansion. When we operate from this state, we harness and unleash the power of the Infinite Self that is always available to us. There is nothing that we cannot be, do, or create. No dream is too unrealistic. No joy is too out of reach. And no expansion is too big.

“A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. What a man can be, he must be. This weed we call self-actualisation…It refers to man’s desire for self-fulfilment, namely to the tendency for him to become actually in what he is potentially: to become everything one is capable of becoming.”-Abraham Maslow

#BEYOUROWN is about returning to, and living and creating from the original of our Being – our divine selves. 

In which areas are you looking to grow and expand within the next 3-5 years?

I’ll take some of the answers from my 10-year vision. My boyfriend and I are in the process of relocating to Costa Rica so we can facilitate business transformation retreats for entrepreneurs and visionary leaders, both women and men. 

This is a secret, so please keep it for me! I am also in the process of creating an online school for women where they will not only be trained as coaches and healers utilising different healing arts, spiritual coaching and intuition, but also become knowledgeable and empowered in business, money and impact so they can create businesses that are deeply enriching and fulfilling on every level.

Lastly, I have a vision of co-creating a conscious community with other conscious leaders and pioneers in Costa Rica where we facilitate retreats and workshops to others. I already know quite a few influencers there, so moving there physically will enable me to connect with even more visionaries and bring this vision into physical form. 



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