A woman of many gifts and talents, Katamara Summerville is a trailblazer in the area of women’s empowerment. As the founder of Dimples & Diamonds Empowerment Network, a community of almost twenty thousand women who stand bold in faith while in pursuit of their God-given purposes, Katamara is innovating women’s ministry.

Committed to fulfilling her role in bringing women together in unity, she also hosts intimate events and annual retreats, during which she highlights women’s issues and offers an atmosphere of support and empowerment. Katamara’s passion and ingenious for offering unforgettable, life-changing experiences don’t just stop at events, as she encourages women to live a life of wholeness through a coaching program entitled, “The Diamond Life.”

Utilising as many available avenues to impact and increase the lives of women around the world, Katamara is also the host of a the buzzing podcast entitled, Dimples & Diamonds presents “The Jewelry Box”, a contributor to Arianna Huffington’s ‘Thrive Global’, and will also be adding author to her name with an upcoming self help guide set to be published. As an Air Force veteran, she obtained an education in mental health servicing that included counselling, substance abuse, and family advocacy. Aside from her personal pursuits, she is also a mother to Kameron, Nikolaus, and her oldest Jalen, who belongs to Savannah College of Art and Design’s Class of 2019.

Welcome Katamara, thank you for coming on board with us, can you introduce yourself to us?

Thank you so much for the opportunity and for finding me worthy. I am Katamara Summerville, Chief Empowerment Officer of an awesome community by which we call Dimples & Diamonds. Encouraging women to live a purposeful life is a passion of mine. I am also a mother of three, a creative, a business mentor, a podcast host, a military veteran, and kingdom entrepreneur.

Can you talk us through the path you have paved to where you are now as the founder of Dimples and Diamonds?

Dimples & Diamonds was birthed through a personal void. There’s a saying that goes, “When you change your circle, you change your life.” When I made the decision to upgrade my life, it was a natural progression that those without similar interest would fall away. I decided to host a small meet up in February 2016 as a way to network and bring together like-minded women who also desired a life change. A little over a dozen women answered the call to attend.

Off of the success of that event came the inspiration to host a purposeful pyjama party titled “The Ultimate Sleepover”, in which attendees participated in empowerment activities and corporate prayer. Pictures from the sleepover circulated on social media and the rest is history. What started out as a simple meet up has now become one of the fastest growing women’s empowerment communities in the US. With chapters in Savannah and Atlanta Georgia, Jacksonville FL, Charlotte NC, Baltimore MD, Houston TX, and the recently launched Los Angeles CA.

We love how you are championing women with your community to stand bold in faith whilst in pursuit of inner happiness, can you tell me how you are channeling that and how you are encouraging them?

We have recently launched a campaign titled ‘The Diamond Life’ in which we encourage women to live their best lives through wholeness and wellness. The focus of Diamond Living is to build oneself in the areas of self-care, personal health/fitness, and spiritual wealth. You must conquer you before you can conquer the world. Encouraging women to embark upon The Diamond Life is getting them to commit to positive thinking,  stepping out of their comfort zone’s,  embracing change, overcoming the fear of the unknown, becoming disciplined, and being open to personal growth and development.

Can you share with us a particular highlight of your career so far? 

The highlight of it all for me is the impact that we are making. Never did I imagine that the organisation would grow to the capacity that it has. When we embarked upon a five-city tour back in 2017, every city we touched down it was sold out. Knowing that what was done as simply a means to connect with other women has grown with such a global reach is so amazing to me.

How are you working towards your own personal development?

For me, 2019 is the year of personal development. I declared it to be the year of “the level up.” I completed a six-month business mentorship program under the tutelage of Tuck School Of Business graduate and CEO of Koils By Nature, Pamela J. Booker. I have also enrolled in Harvard’s Summer School Extension Program with courses in brand development and social media marketing. I have also been accepted into the Harvard Business School for entrepreneurs beginning Fall 2019. As a mentor and branding coach, I’ve learned that even mentors need a mentor.

Number one rule in business you stick by?

I am a stickler of the Golden Rule, that you should always treat others how you wish to be treated. I apply that to both business and life.

What are your preferred marketing methods for Dimples and Diamonds?

My preferred marketing methods for Dimples & Diamonds are both social media and word of mouth. We live in an age where business sustainability depends upon having a digital presence and social proof. The word-of-mouth marketing comes in by creating a consumer experience.

I wanted to give the women more than just an empowerment event, but an experience that leaves an impression long after the encounter. I wanted them to leave our events with the mindset of change and the tools to kick start their journey into purpose.

Can you share one pro and one con of running your own business?

One pro of running your own business is the ability to create your own schedule. One con of running your own business is also the ability to create your own schedule.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

#BEYOUROWN means standing in your own light. It means being who it is that God created you to be. It means walking in your individual purpose. I have a favourite T-shirt with a quote by Kurt Cobain that reads, “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are.” When we covet the space that another occupies we leave an empty void for those we are called to be of service to.

With successful chapters in cities such as Georgia, Florida, Atlanta, and North Carolina. Where are you looking to expand to next throughout 2019?

We just hosted our Los Angeles launch back in March of this year. We have ‘The Diamond Life Getaway,’ our first destination retreat, that will be held in Cancun, Mexico this September. The ladies are excited about it. We are eyeing both New York and New Orleans as our next set of cities for expansion.



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Image taken by Carmel Moore of Carmel & Company

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