Mabel Rodriguez is not your ordinary empowerment coach. She has a no sugarcoat approach. And she doesn’t think twice about using words that are typically censored. We all need a dose of truth serum, a reminder of who we truly are at our core, and Rodriguez is here to help her clients become who they were born to be and to step into their fully aligned, successful lives by unlocking their unapologetic boldness and fully owning their worth. Mabel should know. With a best-selling book, living her dream as a writer, speaker, mother, and as an entrepreneur who loves sharing her philosophy for success with women who desire more.

Born in Venice, California, Mabel received a bachelors degree in both Finance and Nursing. It was an early sign she was destined to combine both careers to help heal women with their inability to own their earning potential with their innate gifts. 

Now living in Marina Del Rey with her husband and two sons, Mabel is a believer in taking care of your whole self to be your best and to give your best. Her motto: You can have it all once you decide you’re worthy of it all.

Welcome Mabel, thank you for taking the time to share your story with us, can you introduce yourself to us as an author, speaker, entrepreneur

Thank you for having me. It’s always fun to connect with other likeminded boss ladies doing what lights them up.  So, let me begin with who I am at my core. I’m a passionate woman who just loves to inspire the world. A cheerleader at heart. I have many different sides to me and I used to feel as though somewhere not good enough or appropriate but as I’ve learned throughout my journey, embracing all of me was a must in order to do what I was born to do and become the woman I longed to be. 

I’m an author, international speaker and success mindset mentor for women.  My passion is helping women shift the way they think and see themselves to be able to believe in their gifts, own their worth and create beautiful lives for themselves. 

I keep it real and have been told I’m a transformer. Once my clients meet me they’re never the same again. Their light gets turned on and they become unstoppable from thereon. There is nothing more empowering than seeing another woman elevate into her purpose and power. And it all happens the moment she realises she’s ‘good enough’.

I recently wrote my first book, called ‘LIT’ and it’s my memoir of how I overcame living a powerless, destructive unhappy life, one completely out of alignment, to one that fulfils me on every level. I’ve always known since I was a little girl there was more to life beyond what I could see and the book is proof that I was right. 

Can you give us a little back story on your journey so far and how you launched your entrepreneurial journey?

I remember waking up at 3am feeling as though the life I was living was not mine. I mean, yes, it was my life, but I felt like an imposter in it. I didn’t know it then, but I had created an undesirable life in all aspects. Wrong career, man, etc. 

I had a career as an RN working in the operating room. During the same time I was engaged; however, I knew in my heart, he was not the one. So, I left the relationship with nothing but the clothes on my back. I started all over again. 

I got a beach home, luxury convertible car, a little white lap dog and was living it up as a free, single woman partying in the Hollywood hills with the rich and famous. Many girls thought I had it going on. I played the role all right, but deep down inside I was hiding massive insecurities and unhappiness. After two years of feeling terrible, I became ill with an undiagnosed illness. 

A few years had passed and still no solution to my illness. I had gained 30 lbs.; had massive pain in my legs and my abdomen; was super bloated; my skin turned orange and my hair was falling out. I was a complete mess. Until one day, I met a Buddhist acupuncturist who figured it out. He took one look at me and told me that I had a broken heart and lost the soul within me.

That’s some deep stuff, ya know? It didn’t make sense to me but the little voice in my head said: “trust him.” So, I began doing the work. The work being internally shifting the way I thought, how I saw myself, owning my worth, tapping into my innate gifts and power and dismantling all the limiting beliefs and stories of not being good enough. Three years later, my life turned around and now I’m here doing my life’s work and helping others do the same. 

What is a typical day like?

Well, as of now, there is nothing typical since I’m a mother of a two-year-old and an eight-week-old.  Every single day is different but what does remain the same are my non-negotiable: My mindset work in my journal, content writing and connecting with my audience, and taking care of my mind and body. 

My day starts at 5:30 am. If both my little ones are still sleeping, I’ll take time to journal and do my mindset work with a quick meditation. I make sure I don’t get out of bed unless I’m pumped for the day and I do this by reminding myself of who I am and telling myself it’s going to be an amazing day. You’ve got to be your own cheerleader. 

I then devote my time to my children until my nanny shows up and then I’m off to write. I typically love checking out new cafes instead of going into an office. I love getting out and being in the LA vibe of creative entrepreneurs. 

Once I release what my soul needs to say, I move my body with a workout. It could be a power yoga class or a Beachbody class on my app depending on my mood. Once my non-negotiables are complete the day takes its own course. It usually varies and involves client connections, meetings, live streaming for a course I’m teaching, creating new courses, fun interviews, like what I’m doing here with you. Last week I was filming a documentary and on a podcast interview. Both experiences were a blast. I just love how things are always different. It’s never boring.   

Can you tell us the most rewarding aspect of helping your clients to become the best version of themselves?

I see myself in most of my clients and I feel their pain. I know exactly what it feels like to be in purgatory and knowing it’s you who’s the only one responsible for it. It feels great to see them ascend and become who they’ve always wanted to be. From being so scared, full of doubt and insecurities to owning their power, having them find their wings and fly is what it’s all about. They become alive again and glow from their inner light it’s so bright. As Nicki Minaj once said that to be living it doesn’t mean you’re alive.

What is ‘decision paralysis’ and how do we overcome it with your help?

Decision paralysis is when we overthink and overcomplicate our lives. When we come from fear versus love and are unable to trust ourselves. Hence, we’re unable to make a decision. I ask my girls “If you fully knew you could not mess it up, knew you’d be safe no matter what and believed once you made a decision it was going to work out in your favour… then would you have less fear to make decisions?”

The answer is always, ‘yes.’ 

It all comes down to trusting ourselves as we have a tendency to believe something bad will happen to us if we make the wrong decision.  So, you have to make a decision before you make a decision. And the decision is to fully believe, trust and know your decisions always work for you no matter what you decide. 

Could you give us 3 tips on how we can develop a deeper relationship with ourselves?

  1. Oh, yes. This is super important and I’m glad you asked. When I started out I had no clue who I was or how to connect to what I call my soul or higher self. So, I began to meditate, journal and do things that uplifted my energy to bring me back to the present. Meditation was a game-changer for me. I believe it was Deepok Chopra who said it best, “Prayer is you speaking to God and meditation is God Speaking to you.” 
  2. You could say it’s your soul speaking to you versus God or any higher power you connect with. But the answers you seek are within you and when you silence your mind, you give your deeper all-knowing self to come through and have an insightful conversation with you. Journaling is another powerful way to connect with your deeper self. It’s a daily and absolute, non-negotiable activity in my life. My most profound work and transformation have come from writing in my journal.
  3. As for being present, I always tell my girls to do what lights them up and uplifts them energetically. When you engage in any activity that brings you into the moment and brings you joy, you are present. And when you’re present, you connect to your most inner self ‘cause you’ve blown off your fear mind and are now with your truest self-your soul.

What support networks do you personally love and can recommend to other aspiring entrepreneurs out there?

To be honest, I’m currently not in a group. I was in a mastermind about three years ago.  I do believe in them; however, with the birth of my last two babies, I’ve had less time. If I were to go back to any type of support group, I would do another high-level mastermind where everyone was way ahead of me so I could exponentially grow.

How are you working on your own personal development?

Every single day, I connect with my intuition, with God, with my soul. I meditate, journal and do what lights me up to be present so I can get deeper and remind myself of who I am. In my journal, I choose the life I’m creating and the next level, too. I decide it’s done as I know the power of my written words. Everything I’ve written down as done comes into my life. There is power in decision.  I also read a book a week with my husband so we can compare notes. You can never stop learning or growing. It’s limitless. 

One hard lesson in business you have learned so far?

Not trusting myself. I didn’t honour what I truly wanted to do, what I was feeling so deep inside of me. I kept trying to be like others and teach what they were teaching thinking this was the only way to be successful. 

It stemmed from not believing I could be successful doing what I truly wanted to do and thought I didn’t have enough experience. I had the imposter syndrome.

I waited for something outside of me to validate me and to give me permission do what I yearned to do which was to help women step into alignment, into purpose and mainly work with their mindset and energy.  I didn’t know that all I ever needed was already inside of me. The moment I trusted in my desires, in my gifts and owned that I was enough the world reflected it back to me. 

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

Oh, I love the name! BEYOUROWN means to be you. To be all of you and have the courage and boldness to let it be seen, be heard, be known and be felt by the world.

In this day and age, the most powerful thing you could do to catapult your life, to have the extraordinary life you crave, the soul-aligned business is to just be 100%  you and to own it unapologetically.  Stake that flag into the ground and say “Here I am, baby. All of me. Take it or leave it.” When you own who you are, the world will too.

What is next for the rest of 2019 through to 2020?

I’m getting ready to travel much more now that I’m not pregnant. I’m leaving to the Caribbean, Australia and Africa before the end of 2019. In 2020, I’m delving into more fun projects. I’m seriously thinking of an inspirational clothing line and an online show interviewing amazing, trailblazing entrepreneurs and looking into their mindset. It’s going to have an entertainment factor to it and have an off the cuff vibe to it. Just talking about it gets me lit up which is a definite sign it has to happen.



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