Meliza Sim has 30 years of Information Technology experience with the last 6 years in sales and marketing. She is also a certified Style Coach from Style Coaching Institute. She combines her technical, sales and marketing skills in helping entrepreneurs in building an online business. Find out how you can create a strong global internet presence, transform lives, make a difference and impact the world all at the same time.

Hey Meliza, how are you and how has your day been?

My day has been great! I recorded videos, went live in my Facebook group, went for a pedicure and manicure and now sitting down to answer your questions.

Can you talk us through your early day’s pre-business coach?

I started my coaching business in 2017. Prior to that, I spent 30 years in Information Technology with the last 6 years in marketing and sales. I am tech savvy, LOL ( yes after being in the industry for 30 years ) and my last 6 years was working with consulting firms with the likes of KPMG, Deloitte, Accenture  I was top sales in my company as I cliched the biggest sales in the history of my company in 2015!

What were the first steps you took to launch yourself as a business coach?

I tried all kinds of online courses and group coaching courses thinking I can figure it out. Unfortunately, I did not manage to “figure it out” and I was left very confused and not knowing if I had done the right thing when trying to advertise on Facebook after I developed the e-book that falls flat on me!!

When I became serious that I wanted to pursue the coaching industry online, I engaged a biz coach and it was then that I completed all my setup within 2 months!! As opposed to figuring out for 2 years.

What are you currently learning about in business as a business coach?

I have learned that although the funnel setup and all the cool stuff which has been taught to me by my business coach is good, there are still a lot more to it. I found out the hard way that it is extremely competitive to advertise in Facebook and I now have a way of doing this organically, creating an amazing presence via Instagram and booking my clients exclusively via Instagram with an 80% conversation rate without ads.

The same strategy has me build my following – 1000 followers every month and building my email list about 15 to 20 per week, all organically. The same strategy if done on Facebook would cost me more than USD 200 monthly.

This is a technique I teach my clients among the other foundational areas such as branding, ideal clients, website, funnel, sales conversation and Facebook group and Facebook ads strategy.

Is the industry as you expected?

Yes. Pretty much. I was forewarned that many coaches were having problems booking clients. And when I first started, I had the same issue.

However, it is really because a lot of coaches come into the coaching with a lot of fears. Fears are sabotaging and holding them back. I know all about fears. When I first started in 2017, I was literally paralysed with fears. When I turned around my business, I wrote an e-book called Book Clients Magically. It’s an ebook with a webinar and a meditation that is highly beneficial with lots of tips that one can implement immediately. You can get it here at this link – bit.ly/bcmagically.

They are also not willing to invest in a business coach and thus they have no idea how to create a market presence, they are struggling to build an email list. Most do not even know what an online sales funnel is and they do not know how to build one but wants to go online and then thinking that this doesn’t work.

It does not work because they do not have the systems in place. They think that watching free webinar will help but that only create more confusion and overwhelm as most will end up not knowing what to do first. They don’t know the next steps and if they don’t know if they are doing the right thing. When things aren’t working, they don’t even know why. That has been my experience pretty much when speaking to prospects. And my own experience as well when I first started so I know the pain.

Any great stories to share with us?

Yes, I was called to do this. I was at the peak of my career in 2016 in a regional role making very good money positioning analytics with consulting firms in the region. My father passed away on 2 Jul 2016 and that was when I fall into depression. I literally could not function in the next 2 months. As I picked myself up, I heard a voice/calling, telling me to resign by December 2016. I was shocked. I made sure I “heard” the right thing and waited, I then saw a vision of a huge tree with yellow flowers dropping everywhere!! It was beautiful. I knew then that I was meant to quit my job and plunge in and I did!!

After 3 months as a mindset coach, I was terrified, had to go inward and re-look at what I was doing. It then dawned on me during the period of hibernation that I was not meant to be a mindset coach but a business coach. During that period of 2 weeks, I saw so many butterflies, yellow, orange, black, white, turquoise, blue – you name it!! I have never seen so many butterflies in my life. I speak about this in-depth in my e-book – Book Clients Magically – Click here to get hold of your book – bit.ly/bcmagically.

I knew I was heading in the right direction as I am now using all my knowledge and skills from my corporate career as a business coach. Not just any business coach but an intuitive business coach for soul aligned entrepreneurs. I am called to assist soul aligned entrepreneurs to transform lives, create an impact and make a difference. This is my soul calling and what I am called to do.

I know that many soul aligned entrepreneurs want to do something and yet one cannot transform lives, impact the world or make a difference if no one knows about you. You need to market, create a presence, basically shout to the mountaintop – that’s the way to impact lives !! I see so many soul aligned entrepreneurs only have a couple of hundred of followings on their Instagram. With such little exposure, you cannot truly succeed in the online world.

I come from sales and marketing, and in my past corporate life – this is what I do – craft strategies to penetrate the market. And now I use this skill to help my clients do exactly that.

How are you helping professionals & entrepreneurs achieve success?

My main target market are entrepreneurs. I help them create their dream business from zero to launch, literally I have a 6 months coaching program that covers everything one needs to know to set up a business online. I start off with helping my clients define their messaging and target market. This is where lots of people find it difficult to grasp, this is my forte.

I then help them create a sales funnel, an amazing organic Instagram presence followed by creating an on-brand client attraction website! I include sales conversation for those who are selling services but that won’t be necessary for those selling products. Lastly, Facebook group organic strategy and facebook advertisement.

The above is all that is required as the foundational piece for new coaches or people who are new to the online world. You can find the details of this program here: www.melizasim.me/magicalfoundation. It’s called Magical Foundation. I combine woo woo, tech and biz strategies in my coaching.

How would you define success in your terms? 

Making lots of money but doing something that is soul aligned. Wake up doing what you love instead of doing what you “have to”. That’s when whatever it is you are doing is eating away at your soul and it does not matter even if you are making lots of money, you will be unhappy.

Why do you think we put so much pressure on our selves to overachieve?

I wouldn’t want to speak on behalf of someone else but for me, I came from a poor family. My mom died when I was 6 years old. My father was an alcoholic, gambler, womaniser – you name it and I was basically in the care of my grandparents. My aunties and uncles looked down on us and we ( me and my brothers ) were treated like second-class citizen.

I recalled clearly that at the age of 10 years old, I told my auntie that I wanted to be a secretary. She laughed at me and said that since I could not speak a word of English and constantly score 0 for Spelling that I could never be a secretary.

I vowed at that moment to myself that I will not be a secretary but I will be much more. I will be a success, and I was. Climbed the corporate ladder and in my last job, made close to half a million a year in sales.

As you can see from my story, I had reasons to push myself. I was insanely trying to prove to everyone that I can make it.

How you believe 1 on 1 private coaching programs can help individuals overcome current difficulties?

I totally believe 1-1 coaching is the way to go. That’s because when I took the group coaching and online, you don’t get personal guidance and as a result, you don’t know whether you are doing right.

With 1-1 you get complete guidance, reviews, support in between sessions. I would highly recommend 1-1 coaching anytime. You know what you are doing every step of the way!

Do you find that there is a common thread between all of your clients?

My tagline is soul aligned entrepreneurship. I attract soul aligned entrepreneurs, people with a heart and on purpose. They are usually spiritual and/or creatives. I attract these types of clients.

How do you deal with client demand?

Quite frankly, there hasn’t been any demand – so to speak. I don’t even view it as a demand. I attract clients who are right for me and it is a beautiful working relationship. I have clients who are struggling with tech and they even text me to ask how to set up stuff and I help them. Setting up tech stuff is so easy for me. What I can do it 5 mins, literally I see my clients and even my VA struggle to do for hours or days.

Because of these special requirements that I notice clients need, I even offer that they sign up to Kyvio ( an all in one platform ) and as an affiliate, I set-up for them for 1 hour as a bonus and with that 90% of their funnel is set up. They just need to tweak if they want. With this, they save countless hours of slogging over tech issues. And seriously, 1 only need 1 hour to set up.

What has been a seminal moment for you so far?

I signed my first client who six months ago was a housewife, wrote a children book and she did not know how to market the book. Through my coaching, she discovered her true calling as an inner child healer, turned out she is a psychic. She didn’t know and neither did I. She is now offering readings, she books clients weekly, with tons of people showing up on her live stream, like 100s of comments and all she does is use my organic strategy.

When I saw her in a live stream recently, I was so touched, she has come a long way. 6 months ago – she could not have imagined making $10 per hour. It was that scary for her and now she charges $111 per hour. This is what I do. When I see my client lives transformed in such a profound way, it makes everything worth it.

I am doing what is right and indeed it is my calling.

Any challenging times you have faced along the way?

Yes, in the first 3 months when I started coaching. When I put out Facebook ads, build a list of 1600 in 3 months and yet was not able to book clients. It was super scary. I had savings but it was still scary. I spoke at length about this in my book. Book Client Magically – bit.ly/bcmagically

What does it mean to you to truly #BEYOUROWN?

Running my own business on my own terms. Call my own schedule. Take off whenever I want. Making tons of money doing something I love. Seeing the lives of my clients transform. Superbly satisfying.

What do you have planned for 2018?

Write a book called The Asian Cinderella. My story, I want to have this story touch and encourage lives. I haven’t started speaking on stage yet so that is what I would want to do as well for 2018.



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