Mikalena Knight is a passionate and devoted author, mentor and teacher with an ever-expanding range of experiences and offerings to the women of this world who are yearning to rise into their human potential, who are being called into transformation through all levels of their being and are ready to rise into their power and potential.  

Following the callings of her soul has led her through education in holistic health, growing a wildly successful business in network marketing with doTERRA essential oils, and a deep open-hearted dive into her spiritual path which has led to profound personal transformations. She has brought all of her wisdom together into her first book Emotional Alchemy with Essential oils, as well as the accompanying Emotional Alchemy Vision Cards. In addition she has developed an online program called Becoming An Emotional Alchemist for those who want to go deeper into the alchemical experience.  

Her personal mission is to return to her power, to open to receive the truth of her soul, to stretch herself into the highest potential of herself and live as a free being. She now steps fully into her calling as a guide, to show women how to awaken the dormant forces within themselves, to teach women what sacred and powerful beings they are, and to initiate women into transformation so profound they can experience the limitlessness of their spiritual force.

Can you take us through your journey to where you are now as a priestess, warrioress, and emotional alchemist?

I’ve resisted sharing much of my journey mostly because I haven’t had the language to describe the experiences without the attention being focused on the story so (excepting a few little pieces) I’ve kept it to myself. I’ve also kept it to myself because it would have been story from a place of disconnect, powerlessness and victimisation, yet now I feel ready. Now I can describe the feelings, the sensations and the energy of my challenges and that is what I’ll share.  

Then; A terrified little girl (even in my adult life), so afraid of her own power that it was raging inside of her as anger, resentment, fear and pain. A little girl yearning to be able to speak her truth, yet needing to be witnessed, heard, validated and accepted so much that she buried that power (which she was afraid and ashamed of) deeper and deeper. She was disconnected from herself because the unworthiness, shame and hate were so overwhelming she couldn’t be in her body. She couldn’t claim her power or take responsibility and spent her life being directed by her wounds and emotions, blaming everyone for her experiences, reacting out in anger, defensiveness and aggressiveness even when people tried to show love. She didn’t know what love felt like, she had never had the ability to receive it and so her soul was grieving deeply. 

That was me. Until very recently. The pain peaked in 2006 when my last thread of hope for a different life broke and I took action and attempted to leave this earth. My spirit guardians were looking after me because I didn’t succeed. Thankfully. Although I didn’t realise it at the time that experience changed my life and forced me onto the path that led me here. That night was the beginning of a long series of events, some subtle but all significant that have led me up to this moment.  

Now; A woman who is feeling anchored, alive, free and fulfilled (at least most of the time). A warrior, priestess and emotional alchemist who is connected to my passion, my truth and my power (which are ever unfolding, expanding and moving deeper into my core). I’m a woman who has confidence in myself, can embrace the shadows and darkness without feeling defined by it and even when I experience challenges I can process them and return to my centre. I now use my experience and wisdom to mentor, guide and support other women on their own path.  

It was a long but honestly beautiful journey to get here. A journey of claiming my power back from those past experiences, changing my perspective around them, finding the meaning within them and moving from being victim to them to choosing to find the potential in them. I can truthfully say that when I look back and witness every single experience, I can see and feel they were the guidance that was absolutely necessary for me to step into my power path. Every single event was an initiation into a higher state of being, and into the next level of potential I’m here to claim. There’s still a lot to learn, to discover, to rise into yet I am willing and I am ready. 

Your Emotional Alchemy Vision Cards are truly beautiful, how would you say they are helping us to unlock and connect with our hearts intuitive intelligence?

What we need, what we deeply desire and who we are is often hidden behind layers and layers of programming, destructive patterns, perceived limitations and fears. Those layers become an armour that protects our heart but also disconnects us from so much of ourselves including our intuition and higher intelligence.
In my experience, many women feel their power buried somewhere within them. They long for it, yearn for it and feel less whole from feeling locked out of themselves and I know that pain, so my vision was to create something that could help us peel back those layers, cultivate connection and come back into the heart. 

These are cards work through many layers of our being; 

  • They help to break down the armour we have around the heart so that we can connect with our intuition, and what we truly need, not what we think we need.
  • They support us on the process of self-discovery and reflection, especially when using the book ‘Emotional Alchemy with Essential Oils’ I wrote alongside crafting these.
  • They help us resolve past experiences, emotions and fears that keep us stuck, disconnected and at war with our truth versus our fears. 
  • They initiate transformation through the power they have to peel back those layers and see deep into ourselves in a way we haven’t known we can.  
  • Through the connection with the essential oils they become keys that unlock new states of being. What I’ve found most potent about the union between the cards and the oils is that when you create your readings you are given tools to use to initiate those changes – your essential oils. 
  • They can guide us into our power, our potential 
  • If you use essential oils for personal or professional healing they become a tool to help you intuitively select and blend your oils. 

Can you tell us about emotional alchemy and what it entails?

Alchemy is a ‘process that changes, creates or transforms something in such an effective way that it seems like magic’.

We change the energy of our emotions in three ways;

  • Perspective shifts – working with consciousness to explore our thoughts, feelings and beliefs and expand our awareness around them. With all transformation there is a perspective shift and as soon as we change the way we think about something the energy of it completely changes.
  • Emotional recalibration – working with emotions to shift out of destructive emotional states, release trapped emotions and raise our base frequency (the vibration we know as our state of normal). In emotional recalibration we shift out of the entrapment of our core fears, the fears that we hold closest to our heart and direct our life as long as they remain in the shadows. In this layer we start to have the power to step into the power to choose our emotional state of being where before we were completely directed by them. 
  • Spiritual Attunement; this is working at the energetic level to release energetic attachments and bring all our power back into ourselves. Power that has been lost over the years to every conflict, event or painful experience when we left a thread of our energy within in. This is returning to wholeness.

We can’t fully resolve our emotions and past experiences until we receive the lessons from them. We can deny, reject or resist them but they will remain alive within us and direct our life from the depths of our shadow. 

They can be buried within us for weeks, months, years or even lifetimes with no amount of healing taking that away. We only suffer.
Yet when we accept, embrace and release the energy we become something from them. 

Emotional alchemy is not wishing our wounds away, it’s embracing them, resolving them, transforming them. 

Alchemy is shifting our suffering to strength, our wounds to wisdom, our powerlessness to potential.  

Everything we experience is an invitation into your highest potential and the essence of emotional alchemy is the transformations that lead to our spiritual force. 

Can you tell us 3 tips to help us claim our own spiritual force?

I’ve actually just started writing my next book called Empowered which is 7 lessons to claiming our spiritual force and it’s really hard to share in just three.

Get grounded; So seemingly simple yet so transformative. 

For so many of us our energy is concentrated in the mind or even stuck outside of our body and if you feel confused, overwhelmed by thoughts or dominated by your mind, or dazed, constantly distracted, disconnected, emotionally numb or powerless this could be you.

When we aren’t grounded we aren’t able to bring our power into being. We aren’t able to draw upon our personal will and strength, which effects our resilience, conviction and confidence. We aren’t able to feel and process our emotional experiences, to bring our desires into manifestation or to be in presence with life. We aren’t able to live through the senses and experience the beauty around us. We aren’t able to feel safe, secure and strong in our human experience of life.
When we aren’t grounded we aren’t able to anchor our spiritual force into us and live into the highest vibration of our human and soul potential.

Why do we become ungrounded? To disconnect from the things within us that we fear the most. Is healing possible without being grounded? No. It’s not, which is why it’s so incredibly important to focus on grounding practices before doing any other spiritual or healing work. How do you know you feel grounded? You will know you are. You’ll feel calm and peaceful (even through challenges), anchored, embodied and you’ll be able to draw on your strength.

2. Explore every aspect of your life with ‘why’

 Why do you hold those beliefs, attitudes, feelings, perspectives and emotions that you do?  Why did you make the choices you have? Why do you respond to challenges in the way you do? Why do you live life in the way that you do? Why do you ignore your needs and boundaries?
All questions beginning with why invite deeper awareness, understanding and consciousness within every aspect of your life. These initiate transformations, and they take you deep within to an exploration of the truth of your soul. 

You can spend time in contemplation, journaling and work with a coach or mentor that can help you navigate through these layers of you and what is alive within you. These questions also help you realise the power of your choices and will help you gain your power back through every aspect of your life.

If you only do one thing, do this. But it is not easy. To face all that you are, to peel back the layers and to confront aspects of yourself that you have been perhaps hiding from for much of your life may not be comfortable. Yet it’s transformational and what I know to be true is that it will take you to where you want to rise to (in fact our avoidance of this is what creates that feeling of stuck).  You can go gently, slowly and softly and it’s important to be anchored and honour your needs throughout your journey. 

Claim your power (back); Start this by accepting the responsibility you have within your life, in every aspect of your life and in every layer of your being. By embracing the power of your choices. By claiming the potency of our energy, our emotions and our thoughts.
This is not an easy journey either.


Because to successfully claim our power, potential and spiritual force we realise it’s necessary to accept that no one else is responsible for our emotions, energy and thoughts. What we yearn for is to be a sovereign being, what does that look like?
A sovereign woman is a magnificent being because she is a channel for her spiritual force because she knows she is the authority in her own existence.
She knows deep into her core that no one else is accountable for her experience in life so there is no blame issued for her emotions, or her wounds. Rather she takes action to change her circumstances, create space for her desires and design her life.
She accepts the full range of her emotional experiences by witnessing and honouring her feelings which prevents emotions such as resentment, anger and bitterness taking root within her. 

She doesn’t ask for approval or validation of her worth from her external world because she honours her own truth and heart with conviction and courage.
She is autonomous in her life, honouring her needs, desires and natural instincts. She is clear on her boundaries and honours them without guilt. She lives in integrity with her soul and won’t be compromised in them. 

She has been initiated in the mature heart – a place where compassion, forgiveness, gratitude and love nourish and revive her (as well as others) even through the darkest times. 

The challenge isn’t in rising into sovereign potential, it’s what we have to sacrifice on the way – blame, limitations, sabotage, resentment, guilt, approval, shame.
The most powerful aspect of our transformational journey is uncovering each place we give our power away so that we can rise higher and higher into our potential and pull our spiritual force deeper and deeper into us. 

Can you tell us how you are helping us to understand how our own emotions are guiding us and what it is they are trying to tell us through the emotional healing method that you offer?

As I have walked my journey my reflections around healing have gotten deeper, my understanding on emotions has evolved and through my personal experiences I have expanded awareness on the truth of healing.
The layers of belief around healing is that it’s a destination. It’s a place where acute longing, destructive emotions, painful memories and discomfort can be removed for ever. That in healing we can cut away, and release what we don’t like to move back to the way everything once was. I believed in that destination too, I yearned for it to be that way however, my perspective on healing has been completely changed.

What if there is nothing to heal? 

One purpose of our emotional experiences is to create change whether that is at our physical layer, our emotional/energy layer or our spiritual layer.
As a physical experience they work to keep us alive – fear (and many of the emotions branching off from that) is a primitive force that drives our survival.
At an energy layer they drive us to fulfil our needs and deepest yearnings – love, passion, nurturing, nourishment and significance. They enrich our lives, bring purpose and facilitate our connection with everyone and everything around us.
At a spiritual layer they are our source of enlightenment and spiritual growth – emotions are initiations into higher states of being. They expand our consciousness, they increase our intuitive intelligence, activate the wisdom in our crystalline structure and act as gateways to our souls potential. 

I believe there is nothing more sacred, or spiritual than the experience of human emotion – why else would our soul move from light to dark? From a place where all of the information, wisdom and higher intelligence of all linear time is accessible to a place of darkness and density?
Our soul chooses our human form because of what we can receive from these emotional experiences many of us resist, deny and reject.
Even the most sovereign being will continue to experience the density of forceful emotions because we grow through them.

There is nothing to heal because our wounds are sacred. Each has a potential. Each is a key that can open the door to a possibility we can’t even imagine unless we trust in the process they are here to take us through.
To remove our wounds and return to comfort would have consequences we can’t possibly imagine, and we aren’t meant to.
To bury something away because it hurts is rejecting an opportunity.
You are the person you are today because of every one of your experiences and you will have the power to live into your soul contract because of those experiences. 

How do we change our experience of them? Direct our attention and intention into the potential. What is this? Why am I experiencing this? How can I grow from this? Where is the potential in this?  

What outlets do use to promote Emotional Alchemy With Essential Oils?

I have felt challenged promoting myself on any outlet. Becoming visible in my personal work has been a gradual process and I’m only just now becoming more comfortable with it. Over many years I have slowly created a tribe within the holistic health community, and to this point I have been sharing my book and course very organically with my followers on social media. The reason I chose Emotional Alchemy with Essential oils to be my first book was to create an offering where I could combine my passions and serve those in the field of my first entrepreneurial journey, essential oils. To this point I have been limiting myself a little (or a lot) too much and now it’s time to step into full power and sharing my offerings with the world. I don’t know what this is going to look like but I am ready. I have a new website coming and am working with someone to create some strategy to move forward into the future. 

What gives you both ultimate career satisfaction?

I don’t see myself living a career. I see myself living a vocation and my soul needs it to be this way because I don’t have purpose, passion and power in my work I begin to die inside.
My work has to have meaning, or I lose my creative flow and vision very rapidly. It has to have space for expansion and allow me to step more and more powerfully into my magic.
I have to feel it will be leaving a legacy. From a young age I sensed that I had big work to do in this world but I didn’t know what it would be. I joined the essential oil revolution in 2014 and that became a channel for all that I am and now I’ve answered the calling to rise again. I just follow my heart and if I can’t feel my work in my heart then I will know it is time to rise again. 

How do you define your own success?

I define my success as fulfilment, and that in itself has many layers but most profound are the ability to know and live into my highest values which are freedom, truth and courage. If I don’t feel connected to those and I can’t see them showing up in my life then I am not successful. 

Many people share about what you can HAVE in success yet I often reflect most on what I have been liberated from; 

I existed in every moment of every day with an inner longing that was so strong it was painful – the longing to know and live in my truth, be intimately connected with my purpose and to living it as well as to be completely free.
I felt disconnected and fragmented, and through the opportunities to grow myself within a business I have been able to rise out of that place.
I was trapped – without freedom in my darkness of scarcity and fear. The abundance that I have created through my business has changed that, not just with the physical money but the opportunities to confront and resolve my fears and scarcity around money and abundance. Having money doesn’t automatically mean freedom, we have to work our way through to that place and feel it from deep within us. 

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

Be your own power. Be your own healing. Be your own transformation. Be your own spiritual force.
Be the source of your own light and you will awaken from within.
From this energy, even in the darkest of time you will be the capacity to love yourself, hold yourself, honour yourself.
When you are so filled with the light of your own power you will then be able to radiate that into the world and help others discover they can be their own source of power too. 

Finally, what are you working on throughout 2019?

I have a list of possibilities so long that I can enter a state of overwhelm if I don’t stay grounded.
I have another book to write as well as another set of cards both dedicated to emotional transformation.

My ‘becoming an emotional alchemist’ course went through a soft launch in April but I will officially release that to the world in June, and I have a vision for another course (or two) by the end of the year.

I am currently doing an apprenticeship with a shaman in the UK so I’m visioning what will be the next step from there. Perhaps mentoring and packages with the shamanista focus.
Additionally I have ideas for few other products that will support our sisters on their emotional transformation and spiritual growth journey.

I could be a very busy woman with all of the ideas and intentions but I actually take it gently and allow rather than force. I’m a natural creative so I honour those cycles and surrender to the process but I’m also setting strong intentions to harness my creative energies and bring more work into manifest. If I want to create a legacy I have to get serious about that!



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