Miranda Horvath is the creator of MassageByMir Inc www.striveholistic.com/claritycall . – a kick-ass company created after she found consistent success in her own practice to specifically serve massage practitioners. Miranda’s personal message is to widely discourage you from listening to anyone that tells you that massage therapy is just a “side job,” or can’t be a lucrative career.

Miranda’s ultimate joy is to equip her practitioners with the skills and guidance that leads them to a full client schedule, getting booked weeks in advance with clients that respect them and pay them well. Doubling/tripling their income and independence by achieving clarity, purpose and fulfilment in their careers.

Notably, Miranda is consistently booked between 4-8 weeks in advance, have successfully profited off running her own convention booths, fitness assessments and programs, and sold out independent workshops all under her brand, MassageByMir. By launching this program, she aims to reach out to help you do the same.

Welcome Miranda, it is great to have you with us! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I grew up on a small island called Nanaimo, BC, Canada. I have lived in Alberta, Canada since 2010 where I’ve really had the opportunity to grow as a business professional and claim my true passions. I used to want to be a professional piano player and singer and did private lessons from the age of 7 to ages 22, but I finally switched directions into massage therapy when I was 23. I still love to play and sing on occasion – my niece was just born in October of 2019, and so I’m working on composing a little lullaby for her on piano.

I am very passionate about life and living up to my fullest potential, and so I throw myself fully into everything I do which can make me a bit of a workaholic at times but I also love how passionate I am about helping and educating others so to allow them to reach their fullest potential also.

Let’s talk about your business journey, what was the setup process like for Massage By Mir?

It’s been a long road, and it’s been a little messy, but the mess has ultimately taught me so much about entrepreneurship. MassageByMir was born when I had been hosting and advertising several small workshops under my last clinic’s business name and guidance, and I decided to go independent. During the creation of my very first workshop – Shoulder Pain Relief in June of 2019 – I realised selling out was the only outcome I would accept, and having a proper brand, logo and vision was necessary for me to feel like I was moving in the right direction and feel proud of who I was becoming like a business owner.

I wanted to properly represent myself and who I’m becoming. My great friend created my logo for me, took beautiful photos, and with the right look, and my persistence and determination, I sold out my first independent workshop! I’ve had a couple business coaches up until this point, but it was after creating, hosting and launching my brand and absolutely crushing it at my first workshop under MassageByMir that I felt ready to start my consulting business.

I’ve gained massive success in my massage practice, booking up to 8 weeks in advance at any season of the year, and my workshops continue to be in demand. I finally launched my consulting business after several months of intense coaching and messiness in August of 2019. I’m brand new to this industry and still tiny, but growing steadily.

What are your current marketing methods and what platforms are you using to raise brand awareness and essentially gain new clients as a massage therapist?

As a massage therapist and consultant, I teach my consulting clients the 4 primary ways that I use to actively build my client list. Although I am currently operating my business with anywhere between a 6-8 week waitlist for my treatments, so I don’t need to do all of these actively all the time – but I will often actively do at least 1 of these 4 things in rotation.

  1. Client referrals are huge – this requires asking for reviews, asking for referrals, and asking clients for help with your business in ways that I think massage therapists can feel uncomfortable with.
  2. Collaborating with other professionals who complement your business and align with your mission, values and vibe. This can help get client referrals and expand your audience into a different market you would not normally have easy access to.
  3. Social media, my social media account is still fairly small but I still get consistent new clients from this method (and then referrals from them once they become my biggest fan!)
  4. Convention booths, events, workshops and markets. The last one is the most difficult and time-consuming to set up and implement, but it really sets you apart from other massage therapists and gets you in front of a whole whack of warm leads and prospective clients that would vibe well with you and that you can impact with an in-person interaction (as long as you attend markets or booths that you support, love and would visit if you yourself were a consumer.)

Having launched Massage By Mir Consulting, you also consult other practitioners who are looking to achieve their own business goals. Can you tell us about the 6-week training program you offer?

Absolutely! my 6-week transformation is an all-in commitment on both my part and the practitioner’s part. My mission is to give massage therapists the tools to pursue their full potential with clarity, purpose, and fulfilment.

My ideal client is someone who has the fire and desire to improve, and is possibly recently graduated or been in the industry for several years and is looking to get unstuck. My journey was possibly messier than other massage therapists, but it gave me the resourcefulness and tools to perfectly craft a predictable 6 point plan of attack that I personally regularly focus on in my own massage business, and are the only 6 things I focus on, and as a result, my business continuously grows, evolves, and supports me to be able to live my best life.


What methods do you use to measure the success that your clients benefit from after working with you?

The way I measure my client’s success are my KPI’s – key performance indicators. By working with me, you will have.

  1. Skyrocketed your confidence.
  2. Nailed down your business budget, knowing your numbers.
  3. Committed to a daily self-care routine and achieving self-care goals.
  4. Be organised in multiple aspects needed to sustain and grow your practice.
  5. Nailed down and focused in on your short term and long term goals for clear vision and action.
  6. Have your dream schedule to be able to make time for business and personal life (focusing on the right things)
  7. Systematically and predictably getting client testimonials, referrals and rebookings (so your practice’s growth is in your control)
  8. Confidence and active networking and collaborating to grow your client base with the help of others who align with your values and lift you up.
  9. Understanding and removing overwhelm with social media, videos, and sales.
  10. Thorough understanding of how to implement your first workshop, class, market, or booth.

Who is the most influential female powerhouse that you admire and why?

This was honestly the hardest question to answer because I admire so many women that don’t necessarily have an Instagram following, and aren’t influential to millions but are hard-working, salt-to-the-earth, open, warm, loving and talented women in my life that I aspire to be more like every day. My Sister – she has overcome so much and yet has found a way to be more free, more playful and more herself than I’ve seen anyone be (including me!).

My massage therapist friend Nicole, who charged forth despite so many obstacles to starting her own thriving massage practice – you don’t mess with Nicole. The closest to influential I would say would be Laura Wieck, who has created an amazing online health practice that is extremely similar to where I want to be and where I see myself going.


The best lesson learnt throughout the business building so far?

That if you want it enough, there is no excuse. You find the way, you don’t stop and you don’t look back and to point to reasons that the past is holding you back. Don’t let anybody, least of all yourself, hold you back. I used to consider myself to be the absolute worst with technology. Wading through the swamp that is understanding tech was a monumental obstacle for me – because I would cringe, or shut down anytime a tech issue came up and absolutely hated anything to do with it. I couldn’t even use Google drive.

I realised that this was such a silly reason to let myself be held back and if I want this company and my freedom bad enough, I am going to get over it and do what it takes to overcome. Building my website, landing pages, email list, Facebook groups and mastering and organizing everything from branding content to social media posts to videos, photos, files, documents, and juggling different types of software was absolute hell for me for several months, and I cried several times. But I got through it, and now I’m stronger, and you will be too.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

It’s a beautiful, meaningful group, brand, and vibe that’s been created here! It feels inclusive, empowering, and inspiring, and it was such a huge honour to have been asked to interview and I believe Samanah Duran and anyone helping her in her mission deserves every ounce of success they receive from participating in a cool collective such as BeYourOwn.

In which areas are you looking to grow and develop the concept behind Massage By Mir Consulting throughout 2020?

Right now, my practice is full-time, my consultant business is part-time and I create and host the occasional in-person live workshop. It absolutely lights me up to have my hands in different projects that stimulate my creativity and challenge me, and my goals reflect that. I’m looking to increase the number of consultant clients I take on and hope to approach small to medium-sized practices (with one to several massage contractors) to do in-person group coaching, and eventually hope to bring this to educational institutions and colleges that have massage therapy graduates, in order to give them the tools to succeed right upon graduation.

I have started a project which is a starter video course that is available to clients who can’t afford one-on-one consulting right away, which I hope to have completed before I go to Thailand for my Thai massage course in February of 2020, and ready to launch when I come back. I will be hosting live workshops that are a client (health) based, and educational (consultant) based.

My biggest dream is to grow MassageByMir into a concept that envelopes weekend retreats that will include a multitude of resources for massage therapists – including business masterminds, mutual massage treatment trades and services, one-on-one consultant planning, networking and building community amongst massage therapists. How will I possibly achieve it all in this life!



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