Netty Jordan is a 12-year veteran of the beauty industry as a celebrity hairstylist specialising in textured hair and edgy editorial work. Hailing from a small beach town in California, she moved to NYC to pursue a higher education and experience.

Since then she’s created looks for brands like L’Oreal, label.M, bumble and bumble and many more. Netty has shot with the best photographers in the world including Steven Klein and Nan Golden whom she truly admires. She has styled stars like Charlie XCX, Sia, Icona Pop, Ciara, Lala Anthony, Zara Larson, Natasha Beddingfield and Kate Nash to name a few. Now as a bi-coastal artist, it is easy to see that Netty Jordan will continue to grow as a sought-after force in the beauty industry.

Hey Netty, can you give us some background information on your career prior to where you are today? 

I started my career 11 years ago going to beauty school right out of high school in my hometown of Southern California. After graduating I went through a multiple year apprentice program eventually progressing to working full-time behind the chair. While being a full-time stylist, I started traveling and assisting on set and with Industry education teams. I started to feel stuck behind the chair and decided I wanted to move to New York. I left my whole clientele I had built and started over in the city. I was referred to a salon with high education values and went through another multiple-year apprentice program. On any days off I would work outside the salon assisting on editorial and celebrity shoots. From there I ended up deciding to leave the salon life and assist full time with other Celebrity and Editorial Stylists until I had built a busy career of my own.

What training did you undertake? 

I love educating myself. I love this industry because its constantly growing and changing. I am continually still training and learning from others. I have been through education programs of TiGi, Redken, Loreal Professional, Shu Uemura, Kerastase, Mizani, Bumble and Bumble, and many more. I also continue to always assist and learn from other artists that inspire me. I’ve been blessed to train and assist under some of the most talented people in this industry. Cesar Ramirez, Josie Sanchez, Odile Gilbert, Harry Josh, Michael Silva and Jo Blackwell are all artists that I have touched my career. No matter how successful my career becomes or how old I am, I think its important to constantly educate yourself.

What is a typical day in the life of you? 

Every day is completely different. I work every day, some days I just work less. Somedays I’m up at 4am getting a client ready for a day of Press and Photoshoots. On some days I’m going to bed at 4am after a late night of clients performing at festivals and concerts. Somedays I spend the whole day hanging out at Broome Street Society Salon gaining inspiration, coloring wigs and catching up on emails. Somedays I spend it with creative friends enjoying the simple moments and giving haircuts.

What originally sparked your interest to become a hair stylist? 

In High School, I was fascinated with chemistry and colouring friend’s hair. When I figured out both went hand in hand I was hooked and just wanted to learn more.

What is your favourite type of project brief or collaboration to work on? 

Anything creative and with a team. I love big productions and campaign shoots. I love being apart of a project start to finish. From the creative planning and brainstorming to the finish photos and video. I’m also a big fan of craft services.

Favourite season or particular trend? 

Spring in New York. I love the energy and the happiness. There’s literally nothing else like it. There’s a feeling in the air you can’t describe but if you know, you know.

How do you handle the pressure?

Honestly, I love pressure. I work better under pressure when I don’t have the time to think and just need to do.

What about criticism?

Criticism is key. Productive criticism is what keeps you progressing and pushing boundaries.

I am definitely my worst critic. I stare and pick apart everything I do. I’m constantly bugging my mentors, friends, family and management team with things I’m struggling with.

What is the best advice you have received recently?

I just read an interview from my friend Clair Fitzsimmons of @salty.world magazine. She mentioned “As soon as you think you know everything, that’s when you have lost.” I love that.

Best advice you could give someone?  

Every moment is a learning experience.

Where do you draw inspiration from? 

The youth and the younger generations, I believe they take past trends and shape them and refresh them-they’re fearless.

How do you stay motivated?

I keep people around me that inspire me and that are constantly growing.

What does ultimate career satisfaction mean to you?

That I wake up every day still loving what I do.

How do you define success on your terms? 

Honestly, that my bills are paid and I am enjoying my life every day.

What are your goals for the next few months and how are you striving to achieve them? 

To continue to grow and push myself. To do better than I did the last month.

3 tips for making it as a hair stylist? 

1.Be reliable,

2.Be on time

3.Keep growing

Finally, what can we expect from you in 2018? 

To be reliable, be on time and keep growing.



Website: http://crowdMGMT.com/NettyJordan


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