Hackamore offers a strong and refreshing taste when sipped on the rocks or taken as a shot due to its pure and concentrated nature. Those who know how to appreciate a zesty mixer will enjoy its versatile taste when diluted with soda, fruit juice or alcohol. We talk to Olivia Robinson, the founder behind the premium luxury non-alcoholic drink for those on the hunt for a sober pick-me-up and discuss the story, the influence behind the brand and which boxes she is ticking.

How you first started out with Hackamore Energy?

The story behind Hackamore is actually a mixture of embarrassing and hilarious. I came up with the idea whilst out on a blind date with a fellow Brit at an Italian restaurant in New York. Whilst I was expecting an avid tea drinker like myself, I was greeted with quite the opposite – a guy downing a can of Red Bull quickly before I entered through the front door. After he finished slurping down his fourth can, I reluctantly confronted him because evidently there was something not quite right.

My now overly hyper date responded that he was a recovering alcoholic and had consequently picked up an addiction to canned energy drinks because when he was out with his friends he struggled to stay awake until the early hours. After an impressive eight Red Bulls we decided to relocate to an upscale club in Soho, to my dates strong distaste they did not serve energy drinks, needless to say the date quickly came to an end. This blind date was the true catalyst to the journey I have been on to create the premium energy drink Hackamore, I wanted to provide something originally for the sober market – A drink that resembled alcohol but obviously offered a true benefit to the consumer – keeping them awake whilst in a clean way with natural caffeine, without calories or sugars/sweeteners and ticking all of the boxes being gluten-free and vegan. After creating Hackamore ironically the mixology community picked up on it and it became somewhat of a hit in the drinking world as well as the non-alcoholic one.

At the time I went into this blind as a 20-year-old student and completely unaware whether this could even be achieved. Fortunately, I have continued on this exciting journey and created what I truly think is the future of energy drinks.

What influenced you into starting your own company?

I honestly think a combination of many things influenced me, I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs with my mother and father both starting up their own companies – Admittedly in different industries to the beverage one… The magazine and telecommunication industry. However, what can be said, I definitely inherited a sense of craving risk and loving the excitement of developing an idea into a physical product. However for me it ultimately comes down to the simple thought of I could have never forgiven myself for not creating something I truly believed in.

What helps you stay confident within yourself? 

It has definitely been an emotional rollercoaster and no one can prepare you for the number of people who will say no and the number of eye-rolls you will get, however, combined with truly believing in your product, great customer feedback and surrounding yourself with positive people who support you and your mission – you’re putting yourself in a pretty great position to take on whoever and whatever comes your way.

Do you feel in your industry that you are expected to tick certain boxes? If so how do you go against the grain?

Hackamore is going against the grain by boldly breaking new ground in terms of concept, design, and execution. We head to tackle the stereotype of energy shots/beverages being bad for you or an embarrassing order with a meal or at the bar. Furthermore, Hackamore caters directly to the premium market and due to the shot serving size of Hackamore this makes it the first energy drink that can be incorporated into any cocktail or non-alcoholic mocktail. Our glass packaging and serving concept allow it to be what we believe is the first true liquor substitute, curing the common drawbacks of not drinking: feeling tired and not having a ‘real’ drink to order.

I like to see it as we not only solve the issue of not drinking but we also solve the issue of drinking – Zero calories. Natural caffeine. No sugar.No sweetener.Gluten-free.Vegan.

If we are talking about boxes, Hackamore ticks them all.

What can we expect to see from you in 2018?

2018 is going to be exciting! We are shortly unveiling our miniature 50ml Hackamore bottles which will be one serving of caffeine. We will also be expanding distribution across the US so look out for us at your favourite cocktail bars, restaurants, clubs and health markets!



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