Consciousness is rising. More people are awakening than ever before, and as they do, they’re seeking coaches, teachers, healers, content creators, and other sources of guidance in their journey. Of course, you already know this, which is why you do what you do. But, are you optimising your capacity to spread your light? Because it’s not just about what you do, it’s about how you do it. 

That doesn’t mean prioritizing profits over purpose. With the right practices and systems, you’ll be able to elevate your conscious business and scale it to serve more people – especially online.  One that reaches your soul tribe, anywhere in the world. Creates real, recurring income. Gives you your time back to pursue meaningful projects. Offers renewed freedom and abundance. And gives you greater capacity to do more good for the world. 

Paige Marie is a lightworker, modern mystic and founder of Lightspace, the place for soulpreneurs to launch, grow and scale their conscious business. We discuss her career trajectory and her most favoured aspect of what she does as strategist and consultant for conscious entrepreneurs and wellness brands.

Can you talk to us about your career trajectory and how it has led you to where you are now with Lightspace?

I always did things my own way. I’ve always valued the idea of freedom, which looks different for everyone. For me that looked like: living where I wanted, moving around and travelling as I wanted, having no baggage and earning as much as I wanted. I spent my early years in business building up a strategy consultancy in Atlanta (where I’m from). I was working with anyone and everyone from Energy Healers to Financial Consulting firms (lol). I was definitely chasing money. In the background, I was feeling lonely. All of my friends had “proper 9-5” jobs, they were getting engaged and buying houses. I wanted to travel, live abroad and experience a lot of relationships. For around 6 months of planning that next step I really leaned into my spirituality, trusting my intuition and knowing that when I jump, the universe will not only catch me but propel me forward. So at 25, I sold all of my stuff, packed 2 bags and established a base in Berlin, a place where I had never been, knew nobody and spoke zero German. I got a “freelancer visa” and spent the next 4 years expanding my business in Europe and travelling. 

During that time I took a position at betahaus as their Head of Growth, where I worked with the founders to build out their marketing + communications department, their sales operations and digital transformation. Then, when COVID hit in March, it was as if everything went silent– a sacred pause. I went through the “binge Netflix for 2 weeks” phase, then the “cry because I don’t know what the fuck is going on” phase, and then I found comfort in the silence and uncertainty of it all. Once again, I grounded myself in my spirituality. As I leaned into that, I started asking myself, what do I want the rest of my life to look like? what truly lights me up? how can I serve bigger? Should I become an energy healer? The moment it hit me, I was scrolling mindlessly through Pinterest, when my inner voice shouted, STRATEGY CONSULTING FOR SOULPRENEURS! I realised that my superpowers lie in business strategy and I am wildly passionate about spiritual + personal development and I had always loved working with that niche, so that’s who I will serve. While they’re out there on the “front lines”, I will be behind them making sure their platform is sturdy and built for sustainable growth. So that together, we can help raise the vibration of the planet.

What is your most favoured aspect of what you do as strategist and consultant for conscious entrepreneurs and wellness brands?

I learn so much from my clients. They are these incredible subject matter experts in their fields and I feel so grateful to be able to go deeper into topics I’m passionate about, like wellness, spirituality, natural health, energy and so on — and do that for a living! On top of that, it feels incredibly rewarding playing a role in their success — to support them through turning their calling into their career, to help them reach more people with their message, to help them spread their gifts and help people.

How do you believe we can collectively raise the vibration of the planet to a whole new magnitude together?

Trust ourselves. Find and honour what makes us as individuals stay in alignment with our purpose here. Question things and don’t be afraid to let go of what’s not serving your greater good. Let gratitude enrich you every single day, find time for stillness and quiet so that you can shut your brain off and hear your heart speak. Become more conscious of living from a place of love rather than fear. And ultimately: trust the process! I believe that doing the work individually will help us show up better suited to serve the collective, clean out the “old” and usher in this new paradigm together.

What has been the biggest barrier you have faced whilst bulling your business so far and what advice would you give to another entrepreneur in start-up mode?

I think my biggest block has been myself! Ha! By that I mean, me, trying to do it all — build the website, marketing, social media and content, sales, admin, and so on. All of that stuff while also being fully present for my clients and keeping my bigger business vision in motion. The advice I would give is this: delegate early on, get a VA to take care of repetitive tasks and try to automate everything you can early on! Stick to your zone of genius + growing the business, and delegate the rest.

Biggest lesson learned so far for you professionally?

Purpose matters. Doing something just to make money is not sustainable (in my experience). I’ve seen it play out in my own business ventures and I’ve seen it play out for clients, business partners and peers. When I started to live and work from a place of purpose and service when I figured out what lights me up, what my core values are, what kind of impact I want to make and why and then started to filter opportunities and ideas through that… everything changed for the better. It felt like a rebirth — an “aha! moment” in my life. Fast forward to today, this is the first thing I tackle with my clients: getting clear on their big vision and building a business from that anchor point.

Which 3 business tools or platforms do you currently use to enhance your productivity?

Asana is my ride-or-die for project management, managing my clients progress and the tool I use to turn my goals into action plans. I switch back and forth between carrying around a notebook and using my notes app for jotting my thoughts, ideas, to-do’s there.

Lastly, what does 2021 look like for you?

You know, I think 2020, our great teacher, has taught us about how much control we have over how the year plays out, ha! But still, 2021 looks exciting! Right now, I’m working on my next Conscious Business Coaching program (thinking about trying a group format!). My partner and I usually go to Crete, where he’s from, during the winter months for some quiet time away from Berlin.


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Image taken by Nailya Bikmurzina

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