Rachel Alyce is the author of the Quarter Life Funk. Rachel conquered her Saturn Return which according to astrologists is pretty much the equivalent to a quarter-life crisis. During this life-changing period, Rachel became immersed in the world of spirituality, psychology and neuroscience.

She is now a manifestation and mindset teacher helping women in their 20’s and 30’s who are feeling uninspired to step into their power and create their own realities. Masters educated at King’s College London and certified in hypnosis, Rachel is obsessed with reprogramming her subconscious mind for success. Originally from the UK, you can find her living her dream life in Bangkok drinking cocktails, aligning her chakras and exploring the world. 

Thank you for joining us Rachel, can you tell us a little bit about your background and your journey so far?

I am a 32-year-old Brit now living in Bangkok. I am a mindset and manifestation author/teacher. I started my business in October this year and currently writing my first book. 

What is the Quarter Life Funk?

The Quarter Life Funk is a community for women who are in their 20-30’s and questioning their life and where it is going. They are amazing, high achieving women who want to live their dream lives and do not want to settle. They are becoming aware of what their soul is craving and dipping their toes more and more into spiritual waters. The Quarter Life Funk has been built around my own story where during my late 20’s I reached a real funk or called it quarter-life crisis!

Astrologers would refer to it as my Saturn Return. I was not really vibing with my current reality and becoming anxious about the future ahead. Life seemed pretty rosy, I had a good job, just completed my Masters and was in a decent relationship, but I often asked myself “is this it?” and “am I where I am supposed to be?”. I felt like there was so much more I could be doing and I didn’t want to live a mediocre life. 

One day I decided enough was enough and broke down my life completely and ended up back at home living with parents. This was a real low point for me and it was during this time that I underwent the most amazing spiritual and personal development journey. It was also time for me to face and heals a severe case of emotional abuse from a narcissistic boyfriend I met in my early 20’s. As soon as I left him, I entered a wonderful relationship with a great guy and glossed over it. I needed to face it and heal my lack of subconscious self-worth.

I also discovered the truth that we can create our own realities and really live life by our own design. Whether it is the dream job, career, business, lifestyle or bank account- you can have it!. Since then, I have manifested amazing things into my life and now live a totally different reality. From enduring the same eat, sleep, work, repeat routine in the UK, I decided to take the plunge and moved to Bangkok, Thailand, where I am now living an abundant involving a lot of travel and adventure with my soulmate who I met in the city. I now want to teach women all the secrets and shortcuts to manifesting the reality of their dreams and creating a mindset for success. My mission is to help women step into their power and go after dreams unapologetically and courageously.

Unfortunately “manifestation” or what many of you may recognise as the “law of attraction” has often been too simplified in the online space, leaving many people frustrated with the practice. When in fact, the real secret sauce to manifestation lies in the power of our subconscious mind.

We consciously want to manifest X but our subconscious which has mainly been programmed since childhood and governs over 90% of our behaviours, emotions, reactions, self-identity and habits, is not aligned with this conscious intention. Once you align your conscious and subconscious – it is a game-changer. My approach to manifestation differs as I combine psychological, spiritual and neuroscience principles. My love of the subconscious mind guided me to study and become certified in Hypnosis. 

I am now writing a book about my story which is also a workbook so readers can implement the same steps. I have lots of free content including a podcast where I talk about these concepts and interview amazing women about their quarter years and points of crisis.

How you are balancing the work/life strife?

Pretty tough at the moment with building and growing a business. Trying to listen and meet my audience needs. But I love what I do – it lights me up and I am totally aligned. I enjoy late nights and weekends.

The tough bit is writing a book whilst trying to serve at the same time. It just requires careful planning and a whole lot of passion. The best thing was actually having a month off from writing my book – I had so many downloads of what I should include. I think that reflection period where we embrace the feminine state in business rather than the hustle all the time is when the true magic can unfold. I have been told that I channel when writing – I had an inkling that I  did but when someone else confirmed it, it made me realise that my work requires me to also rest and tune in. 

What do your clients expect to take away from working with you on programs such as The Alignment Hour and Academy and how are you measuring the results?

For me, it is the feedback I receive from clients. All clients experience breakthroughs and shifts. Recent clients have manifested within 1 week of starting the program competition wins and paid holidays. One client wanted something amazing to happen to her husband and pay off their honeymoon. Her husband came home very happy after he found out he had been underpaid at work which, of course, paid off their honeymoon. It is early days to track long-term progress but the courses have lifetime access so they can use the tools for life!

The program teaches you how to manifest, how to identify and shift subconscious limiting beliefs, how to rewire the subconscious and how to move forward fearlessly. I even teach self-hypnosis! My current one-to-one program includes a Rapid Transformational Therapy session once we have found a big core limiting belief that is impacting the client’s life! 

Who are the team behind you and do you currently have any mentors?

I am big into investing in myself and made sure I had the support. Whenever I have invested in myself it has always come back tenfold. I even remember when I invested in a course, I had an unexpected tax rebate the week later of the same amount. 

Kate Whillock is my intuitive business coach who helped me to launch my business. I wanted a coach who was intuitive and knew her stuff. 

My book coach is awesome! Her name is Djinji Jimenez. I found her through Lauren Elliz Love’s Badass Business Babe community. She pulled out the writer in me that I never knew existed! She is incredible. 

 I love James Wedmore and his approach- he is so knowledgeable and really echoes the concept that business is more mindset than strategy. 

Lauren Elliz Love has a fantastic monthly business membership and she really speaks from the heart. She just seems so authentic and her video training for those who are starting and growing a business are jam-packed with useful tips. 

For inspiration, I enjoy following Harriette Hale- she really shows up, serves and leads! 

What platforms are you using as marketing tools for your programs such as The Aligned and Abundant Academy?

The Aligned and Abundant Academy is my 4-week signature programme which runs twice per year. I use Kajabi so members can watch various videos and download workbooks in all areas.

They can make comments and ask questions which have helped to engage I record my videos with Zoom so I can display my slides and have a high-quality microphone for sound. Zoom is also great for recording 1-2-1 sessions with my clients so they can replay the recording as they wish.  I love Canva and that has been great at creating high-quality visual workbooks and slides. 

Do you currently use any apps or tools to help the functionality of your business practice?

Anchor for podcasts has been an amazing platform where I have been able to set-up for my podcast for no cost. The only cost was a microphone which you can purchase from Amazon for around $100 and I downloaded editing software for around $40.You can, however, record directly into your phone for free but includes no editing etc. 

Planoly for social media is great to use to help me plan my posting. Active Campaign alongside Kajabi, as I find the functionality great! Leadpages for certain high spec landing pages during launches. 

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

BEYOUROWN for me is all about aligning with your true authentic self. Living life on your terms unapologetically and courageously. It is not about what your peers are doing, what society expects or what your family wants for you. It what you want. You do you!

What does 2020 look like for you?

2020 is all about the book launch and serving!

I am big into collaborating at the moment and love having guests on my podcast and cross-training in programs. For me, 2020 is a year of service, collaboration and watching the seeds I have planted blossom.  



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