BEYOUROWN Meets Ree Humphries

Ree Humphries is new to the business world with recently starting her own Reiki practise. She is on a quest to help heal and transcend humanity back into their souls by the healing powers of Reiki. You will not only feel the benefits of this treatment from within but Ree will also provide you guidance in taking ownership of your healing so that you can live life to your full potential.  

 Thank you for interviewing with us today, can you introduce yourself to us?

My name is Ree Humphries, and I am a Reiki practitioner. I am on a mission to ignite the powers of healing we all hold within through the peaceful energy of Reiki, which is an ancient Japanese energy healing technique. I am also on a mission to unlock the divine feminine within us all and restore the balance between the divine feminine and the divine masculine. I have walked through the fire of life, which has not been an easy journey but with the gift of Reiki, I have been able to turn my pain into power and utilise my passion for healing to assist others on their self-development journey. 

 Can you take us through your journey to where you are now?

I have always felt a gentle, yet powerful pull towards the mystical, magical, and more holistic side of life. I could feel energy on a very deep level, and I just knew bits of information about people and in particular, what they needed to heal within themselves, but I didn’t realise that not everyone was awake to this power that we all possess. Reiki first entered my life at 17 when I took a career quiz in a magazine that suggested I should become a Reiki practitioner. At that time, there wasn’t much out there about Reiki, so I pushed it to one side and focused on partying instead. At 21, I was suddenly catapulted into motherhood and after the turbulent birth of my first daughter, I felt a passion for helping women through their births ignite. The Universe, however, had other plans for me and midwifery was not meant to be.

Motherhood carried a huge realisation that I was full detrimental and toxic traumas, trapped within my body from past events that was holding me back from my true potential. I suffered a lot of injustice through not understanding myself properly and I spent a lot of my young adult life trying to fight my sensitive side. Being very aware of the energy that surrounded people, and places was not easy to navigate my way through. I had no external guidance, only my inner voice, which I later understood to be my intuition and also my guardian angel.   

The trapped trauma was suffocating my self-worth and self-esteem. To add to the trauma mix, my mum died when I was 28 and I lost a lot of support from family members. My whole world had shattered around me, but it was all for my greatest good. I used this grief to kick start my healing process. I went to university to study health and social care and graduated with a First-Class Honours degree. I then decided to work on the front lines of mental health as a support worker for vulnerable adults, and this where I began to finally understand myself and through the eyes of the residents, I could see their trapped traumas stuck in their bodies that were producing all kinds of symptoms that were labelled as various different mental health disorders. I couldn’t help but feel that although medication had its advantages, there didn’t seem to be much recovery going on and residents were often in the health and social care system for life, and they lacked the drive to recover. In order for recovery to happen, the root causes of the issues people had suffered needed to be unearthed to release the trapped energy which would then set the healing process alight.

 I then went to work for the NHS on the First Response team which was a triage service into secondary mental health services. This was my dream job role but somehow, it didn’t feel like a dream, more like a nightmare to be honest! However, this job role did teach me some valuable lessons. I had already begun to see the disconnect from the mind, body, and soul in my previous job, but this role also highlighted my own disconnect from my soul. I had no choice but to take my intuition seriously because I had to assess risk and determine what someone needed very quickly as the person on the other end of the phone could have been close to taking their own life or causing serious harm to themselves or others. It was a very empathic job, and it would have been great but the ever-changing shift patterns were taking an unfavourable toll on my body. So only four months into this role, I admitted defeat and left. 

My body was literally screaming at me through lack of sleep and crippling anxiety. The harrowing calls from the general public regarding the state of their mental health haunted me because I just felt so helpless. I was in a very dark place for the first half of 2021 and then suddenly, in my quest to bring real recovery into the health care system, Reiki appeared again. This time, I felt my soul calling out to me because I just knew this was what I needed to bring into my own healing process. I was then able to sift through my unhealed trauma with love and light. When the toxic trapped energy appeared, I was able to sit with myself and use my hands to channel Reiki to the parts of my body that needed it. I become my own powerful healer and felt a deep unconditional love for myself that I had never felt before. I worked with diligence and care on myself to free my body, mind, and soul from all the trapped, stagnant, negative energy that was lingering from my past. I was able to let go of people and situations that were no longer serving my highest good and I was able to be my true self.  I became a more present mother and was then able to help with my children’s healing process. We had been through a lot in our lives, and I believe that Reiki saved us all. I knew that if I could work on myself and get myself through some very intensely hard times, I knew I could help other people too. With the help of a charity called Positive People, I was able to build my dream of becoming a Reiki practitioner. I was finally listening to the calling of my soul and awakening my divine feminine energy within. 

 Since starting, have you made any changes to your business model?

One of the main things I have learnt in life is that nothing is ever set in stone, so my business model is ever evolving, and I go with the flow and listen to my body for the answers. I am always working on myself in order to discover new and exciting ways to improve my practise and therefore, always making the necessary changes wherever possible. 

 Have you ever had a mentor? If so how has this benefitted you either personally or professionally?

Jacqueline LeSueur, who has extensive business experience in a career that has spanned the globe, both as an employee and as the owner of a successful consulting business for the past 2 decades. Working with Jacqui has been inspiring and her coaching has allowed me to grow and gain confidence in ways I would have never expected. With Jacqui’s motivational support and her abundance of knowledge in the field of business and holistic health, I found the businesswoman in me. Every time I speak with Jacqui, I am just in complete awe of her. Her amazing career knowledge and self-belief is infectious. 

 What outlets do use for marketing?

I use Instagram, leave business cards on advertising boards in shops and cafes, and I have a website. I am very new to the world of marketing and getting used to understanding that I am essentially marketing myself.  I thought I could hide behind Reiki as it is Reiki that is doing the healing work through me, but in marketing and business, it is me that I am selling, and I had to heal a lot of negative beliefs that were impacting my confidence. 

 Which methods are you using to build your own support network?

Protecting my energy by listening to my intuition and following the call of my soul. I connect with fellow reiki practitioners on Instagram, attend Reiki shares, and have plans to start a healing circle once I have built up my clientele.

 What is the best piece of business advice you have received to date?

Features tell, Benefits sell! This advise was given to me by my work coach and opened my eyes to the world of marketing! The benefits of a service will always entice new business, so I am telling my journey with Reiki and how it has benefited me, as well as the people I assist on their healing journey. 

 How do you create an evenly balanced work and personal life?

I listen to my body. I work when I have the energy. I am healing and working through complex traumas, as well as navigating through parenting two pre-teen girls, and starting a business. I have to get out in nature, be by the sea, allow the sunlight to send me ideas and answer the call of my soul. I make sure I do yoga and move my body by participating in soul soothing dance classes where I am able to fully release my emotions and feel a sense of joy and oneness with my body. I allow whatever comes to come, so when I need to work, I work smart, not hard as I know that working hard in the past caused burn out. When I need to rest, I rest.  I have learnt that I want a free-flowing life where I wake up every day excited and ready to support, heal and guide whoever comes my way. In order to do this, I have to be able to let things go and not overthink. If I feel I am working too much, I stop. It sounds simple, but it has taken a lot of practise to get into the flow and stop being hard on myself. This is the embodiment of the divine feminine and the divine masculine in harmonious balance. 

 Name a seminal point in your career so far?

When I was nearing the end of a Reiki session, I felt the pull of my body go back towards the head of the person in the treatment. I placed my hands either side of the ears, and began to channel Reiki, and then suddenly I felt goosebumps; tears started streaming out of my eyes, and I felt the presence of the person’s grandparents come through as flashes before my eyes. I then told the person that their grandparents had come through to say that they were with them and that they loved them. I suddenly felt like I was giving healing. I had experiences with Spirit before in the past, but nothing on this level. This was the moment in my career where I knew I was finally bringing in healing and helping someone to move forward after a period of grief. 

 What gives you ultimate career satisfaction?

My mission is to ignite the power of healing in every person who crosses onto my path, whether that is through Reiki or just a conversation. I want people to understand that they hold the power within themselves to heal. Once the bulk of the heavy healing work is done, people are able to be their true selves and get back into their bodies and in touch with their souls. I don’t want to create dependent people on my treatment; I want to see people take their power back and start living in their natural, free-flowing states. I want to awaken the divine feminine within them and regain balance between the divine masculine and the divine feminine. When I see a person take back their power and their healing process, I feel immense satisfaction. 

 Are there any leading entrepreneurs or SME leaders that you admire and if so, why?

Jessica Cunningham is a businesswoman that I truly admire. She is the founder of Belief Coding and uses the power of the belief system to help empower people to heal and live their best lives. I watched Jessica on Big Brother after she appeared on The Apprentice and could easily relate to her working mum persona. She has been through a lot of traumas and was very open about her healing process. She created a fantastic way to help people unlock their CRIPPLING negative beliefs and instantly soothe their souls by creating brand new positive beliefs that allow people to become the best versions of themselves. Her genuine warmth and bubbly personality fit nicely with her honest vulnerability and passion to help people. Her divine feminine and divine masculine sit in perfect balance, and she listens to the calling of her soul. 

 How do you define your own success?

My own success to me is being able to live in complete freedom. I can get up in the morning when I want to and work when I need to. My success is being able to spend time with my children without having to go to bed early because I have an excruciatingly early shift in the morning. Success is enjoying what I do and not feeling gut wrenching anxiety about the decision I just made regarding someone’s mental health. Success is working from my bed. Success is flowing with life, allowing whatever comes up to come and go naturally without overloading my nervous system and causing trapped trauma in my body. Success is healing myself and allowing my healing abilities to strengthen because I am able to work on myself, aid my family’s healing process and grow in ways that I never thought were possible.

 What can we expect from you this year?

I am determined to unlock the divine feminine within every person I meet, so that the vibration of this world continues to rise, and everyone can live in balance and unity within themselves. So many of us are stuck in survival mode due to unhealed traumas and not living in our natural states. By unlocking the divine feminine, emotions are able to flow freely, and we are able to just be inside our bodies and listen to the divine within, instead of searching for outside sources to help us. Our society is sicker than ever with alarming rates of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease due mainly to trapped emotions within our bodies.  I aim to free these emotions and help humanity on their journey of the rise of the divine within us all.    





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