Born and raised in Houston, TX, Skyrah Bliss’s love for music has always been apart of her for as long she can remember. She starting scribbling songs of pure creativity at an early age of 5 years old. As she developed into a young woman, she continued to secretly write songs and poems in countless journals due to her being too shy to pursue her dreams at the time. The ice broke when she entered a singing competition that resulted in her being a third member of a girl group! She later became a solo artist and intends to shock the airwaves with her unique voice and sound! From a Reality TV Show that aired on MTV worldwide with Matthew Knowles to being one of the chosen few for the P. Diddy’s Revolt TVs Local Love Tour showcase.

We sat down with the songstress newcomer to talk about her start in her musical career, how she overcame her shyness and what is next on the horizon.

Hows it going Skyrah?

Everything is amazing, thank you for having me! How are you?

Let’s start off with a little bit about you?

I’m just a country/city girl who’s found complete freedom through my love for music. I’ve always had the passion to be a performer but was very shy about it growing up. Once I got the courage to get on stage for the first time, it was frightening but It felt so great at the same time. I knew at that moment I was going to sing for the rest of my life!

How did your career as a singer?

When I was younger I saw Michael Jackson perform on TV and I saw how he moved people and helped them either get through their troubles or forget about all their worries. I knew I wanted to be a musical influence for my generation! I started singing professionally while I was still in high school and I haven’t slowed down ever since.

Did you always know this is something you would like to do as a long-term career?

Well let me put it like this, I knew once I hit that stage for the first time the short term wasn’t an option. The rush, the high, the journey I take my fans on and the complete freedom I feel on stage is something I could never do as a hobby. I knew had to make singing my career.

You are recently are entered into a competition, congratulations on your position in the charts so far. How does it feel to have so much support?

Oh man the support that I’m receiving from my city, Houston, TX, is astonishing and I’m honored that myself and a record I wrote myself is being recognized. I have the best team to help me put a great visual out for both of my singles, “I I I” and “Green Light” ft. My’Key Iso. I thank God for them every day because I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. Shout out to Team Sky!

We love the fact you are really out there doing it for Houston, but long term what do you intend to give back?

I’m glad you asked this question but at the same time, I wanted it to be more of a surprise when I was able to do so. When I reach a certain level of popularity, I wanted to get most of my talent to tour with me from Houston. I also wanted to provide Houston with more accessible elite trainers and business specialist in the entertainment industry to help Houston become a more recognizable than we already are in the music industry! I also want to contribute to kids after school programs in sports, music, and education the best way I can. I played sports throughout all my years of schooling and attended after-school programs. Which I believe help many kids stay out of trouble and take steps to achieve their biggest dreams!

We can imagine your schedule is crazy! So tell us how does your day start and how does it end?

Most days I wake up to breakfast and a cup of tea. That followed by a full day of music and business festivities. Vocal exercises, producing and songwriting, rehearsals for up and coming shows, and of course the gym. I have weekly meetings with my team on the business side of things. I’m mostly in the studio for the majority of my days. At the end of the night, I like to unwind after a warm shower, a cup of tea and a good meditation recenter myself to positivity.

Is the music industry as you would have suspected?

The music industry is definitely different than what I expected but also a little of what I did expect. I watched a lot of biographies and biography movies when I first started singing professionally. So I kind of knew how most success stories were in reality. I’ve gone through my up and downs with different individuals. But at the same time, I’ve finally found the perfect team that has been very instrumental in my career!

Have you ever had a mentor?

I have lots of inspirational people around me and I feel that we all push each other to become better every day! As far as the mentor role goes, I honestly feel the universe will continue to guide me to the right people to either be more inspiration or a mentor for me.

Is there anyone you look up to for inspiration?

I know I’ve reiterated my team being my inspiration but if you meet them you would understand. They keep me motivated to keep going on a daily basis. I love all types of music and have many musical influences but my main ones are Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, Aaliyah, TLC and Beyonce of course!

Who would be your dream collaboration?

My dream collaboration right now would be with Pharrell and Sia! They are so amazing and I would love to have a chance to work beside them. I know we would lean a lot from them while creating some magic together.

What has been a winning moment for you so far?

A winning moment for me is successfully being a businesswoman and not taking no for an answer when there’s an obstacle to overcome. Being your own boss in the music industry as a woman is a winning moment all in itself!

Where would you like to see yourself in the next 5 years?

Firstly my album titled “Vacate” will be out next year in February, which will include my first two singles, “Green Light” ft. My’Key Iso and “I I I”.

Five years from now I see my brand being extremely successful by having something positive and motivating many generations will be able to cling to. I also hope to be on my own world tour putting smiles on as many faces as possible. The possibilities are endless so I believe this all will happen and much more. God and universe have a way of rewarding you with much more than you could ever imagine when good energy and hard work is put into play.



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