This week we meet contemporary jewellery designer Suzanne Syz, who produces her own limited edition high end jewellery online at www.suzannesyz.com

Hey Suzanne, can you give us a little bit of background and how you got into design? 

I was born in Switzerland and studied in Paris before meeting my husband. Whilst being a mother, I was also an art collector prior to creating my own pieces of jewellery 15 years ago. The reason behind this, was I was tired of what I was seeing in the window, I wanted colourful and whimsical pieces that could give me happiness and fulfilment.


Suzanne Syz is a contemporary jewellery design, which is the most meaningful piece you have created and why? 

Every piece that I create is unique, however I would answer your question by: « The Next Piece » . I believe once you finish a piece you always push to create a new one, you find that you put your previous inspirations and emotions into it. We are working with Alex Israel on a collaboration that will be revealed at Art Monte-Carlo,end of April. I am working on a few pieces that will integrate some sculptures Alex is doing, which I am extremely excited about it.

What is the integral work of a jewellery designer?

To anticipate the desires and create the pieces of tomorrow.

Where do you get your inspiration from? 

I have been collecting Contemporary Art for the past 35 years and it’s influence is clearly what inspires me. Sometimes it comes from very common situation during daily life. I once imagined some barb wire earrings watching a hip hop  music video on TV. I thought that material was great and created some barb wire hoops in titanium and diamonds. When I was stuck at the airport during a snow storm in New York and wanted some sugar, I had the idea of the Life Savers earrings which became a signature piece of mine. But  Art is my main source of inspiration.

What would you say has been a seminal experience? 

The 3 years I lived in NYC during the early 80’s is where I met so many great artists such as Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat or Juian Schnabell. Ive definitely kept incredible memories that have helped develop my sense of colour and taste for whimsical art projects.

Who do you envision wearing your designs, and do you think about this during your create process? 

I simply create for the women of today. Women that are Mothers, business women, art lovers, wife’s, world travellers who feel that they need piece’s of jewellery that represent their freedom, personality and femininity. Very much women of the 21st century!

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