Tiffany Allen is a transformational coach and founder of Thoughts Become Outfits. She founded Thoughts Become Outfits for women like herself. Women that have struggled with depression, weight complexes, autoimmune diseases, low self-esteem and much more. Thoughts Become Outfits isn’t just about showing you the latest trends in fashion or what not to wear.

As she puts it simply “It is about personal growth, building your self-esteem and how to reach your goals through feeling and looking good.” She helps women find their inner beauty and teaches them to love themselves for who they are. To keep it simple, Tiffany teaches women all over the world how to rock their best outfit; self-confidence. We caught up with our long-time Tiffany from the USA recently on her trip her to London for an event she recently covered.

Hey Tiffany, break down Thoughts Become Outfits.

I started Thoughts Become Outfits for women like me. I was teased when I was younger because of my outer appearance. Growing up I suffered from depression, anxiety and low self-esteem due to the teasing and me being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

So many women are going through these very things and feel like they cannot overcome it. Like they are not worthy. I want them to understand that their inner beauty is what matters the most. Once you discover that, your outer appearance will reflect that awesomeness.

How much did you research the US market prior to starting and do you feel you did enough?

Honestly, I didn’t do much research. I knew this was my passion or calling as some would say. I knew right away that I could touch so many beautiful women all over the world. Empowering women is something that is needed. The Universe called and I answered.

Did you finance this all yourself?

Absolutely! My dear and close friend helped me with my website but every event that I hold, branding materials, supplies and etc. comes out of my own pockets.

Talk to me about the high and low points when embarking on this new venture, did you feel at any point you wanted to give up?

Oh, of course! In the beginning, I wasn’t making any money, no one knew who or what the heck Thoughts Become Outfits was and I was putting in so much time and energy into something without seeing any physical results. Many nights I thought to myself “why the f*** am I even bothering”.

All it took was for me to be vulnerable (which wasn’t easy) and to share my story to get the results that I wanted. I had to be real and raw. Now, I get messages all the time from women I know and don’t know, telling me how I inspire them and have helped them through something. It is such an amazing feeling.

Where can you see yourself within the next 2 years then further 5 years?

Great question. I see myself continuing to help women find their inner beauty and building their self-esteem by holding fashion based events all over the world.

Do you feel like the market is over saturated and how do you keep the motivation going to find something new and innovative?

No, not at all. I feel like everyone has a story that needs to be shared. Maybe my story and struggles cannot help someone but maybe someone else’s can. As long as I am being authentic the ones who need to hear me will find their way to me.

Who do you look for, for inspiration and do you travel a lot to find content for to offer exclusive content to your audience?

The everyday woman is my inspiration. As women, we carry a hell of a lot on our plates. Single moms, working moms, wife’s, female entrepreneurs and etc. Just WOW! We are so unbelievably awesome!

How do you feel that fashion can raise the self-esteem of women and is it something you believe really works for you?

Thoughts Become Outfits is based on fashion and confidence. I have always believed that when you feel good, you look good and if you look good, you feel good. This works for any woman. I believe that being confident is a choice that you have to make and commit to.

How important do you feel it is to inspire other women out there on a mission and how do you feel you do this?

Goodness! It is SO important to inspire and also support other women. A lot of time women have the tendency to belittle and judge one another instead of recognising that we are all on the same team. That is why I chose to be vulnerable and open when it comes to my personal life and business. People don’t only need to hear the good because the bad is how I got the good!

Can you share your top 5 tips for success?

1.Start before you are ready.

2. Dress for what you want.

3. Get rid of any negativity around you (including friends/family).

4. Affirmations.

5. Visualisation.


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