Tiffany Crosara has been professionally assisting others to clearly identify their blocks and work through them for over twelve years. Her first book, ‘The Transformational Truth of Tarot’ won the Best Spiritual Book Award of 2012. In her first year of TV work, Tiffany was awarded Best Newcomer TV Intuitive of 2013. She then followed this up with an award in 2014 for ‘inspiring human potential and assisting people to make better life choices.’ As one of the leading Tarot teachers in the world, she’s a co-author of ‘Tarot Masters’ published by Hay House. Her latest book, ‘The Transformational Truth of YOU!’ was released on 25th September 2015.

Hey Tiffany, can you introduce yourself to us?

My name is Tiffany Crosara I take people through the recalibration and evolution of the soul by being a journey guide for them through the archetypal land of the natural order of the Tarot, which is especially good for those who want to heal their family or intimate relationships and activate their purpose.

Can you take us through your journey to where you are now?

At 4 I came across Tarot, at 7 I had my first reading, at 14 I started teaching myself Tarot by learning from books. At 16 years old I stopped reading due to the predictive side causing mental health problems, at 19 years old I picked it up again and did a reading when I was pregnant and saw I was to lose the child – vowed never to touch the tarot again.

20 years old I lost my daughter Lauren, who was born terminally ill and then I started telling people what I had seen, who then, to my surprise, asked me to read for them. I resisted at first but as it kept happening I decided that maybe I was supposed to learn how to help people with life through the tarot – in a far better way than I had. 23 -25 years old  I enrolled on a Tarot diploma and passed with distinction.

At 26 years old I opened my first center in London and began professionally reading and teaching. At 29 years old I closed my center and went to read for Mysteries in Covent Garden, London. I was at Mysteries for seven years, I loved that kookey little hole! You never knew who you were going to read for next, from the homeless, prostitutes and pimps, to the rich, famous, MI5 and spies. I read and read, I read for about ten people three days a week that’s on average 10,000 readings. But I was getting worn down with the way the world saw Tarot as a predictive tool when we see it as that rather than a mirror then we are in trouble. People want it to be a magic pill but even with a magic pill you still have to take it in, internalise it and let it change you from the inside out. The answers aren’t in the external events happening around you, they are held in the way you respond to them.  Day in day out it was like I was continually showing people the keys to their dreams but they were so conditioned they couldn’t see it, and this was breaking my heart three times over, for them, for me and for the Tarot.

At 32 years old I got married started teaching Tarot for companies in London and began writing The Transformational Truth of Tarot. Then at 34 years old ‘The Transformational Truth’ of Tarot got published and won an award for best spiritual book of 2012 which opened doors, I  started getting invited to speak, be in the press and go on live TV.

36 years old I won an award for best TV Intuitive newcomer, then won three further awards for helping people make empowering choices with their lives. A year later I was awarded a scholarship with The Coaching Academy and published my second book ‘The Transformational Truth of YOU!’ which is all about activating your purpose – and then had my own realisation! Walked into the TV studio and declared I wasn’t a Psychic Tarot reader to a lot of very confused faces – I explained that I had only gone that way because that’s all society knew and walked out. I left all the companies and launched “The Transformational Truth of Tarot” program.

Iv since spoke in Delhi and collected an Award as Iconic Woman Empowering Women at The Women’s Economic Forum. Had a mini breakdown, left my marriage, my family, my cat, my car, my home, packed a bag, stuck a pin in a map and caught a plane, spent 18 months wondering the world alone, so, so very alone, but in that loneliness I started to work out what was my stuff and what wasn’t, sounds simple, but when you’ve been an only child to a single parent and done as many readings as I had, it’s really hard to know what’s yours.

I needed so much time and space to be me, to find me, and to cry, I didn’t stop crying for months, literally every day, wandering the world crying, I was so so lost but this was also where I found myself, this was another realisation of who I was and what I needed to do, this time it was about healing the wounds of my past, my childhood and losing Lauren that standing in the way of me being able to return home and have a happy family life with my husband and stepdaughter. After a ton of self development on the understanding of how I had been trained to be codependent both in childhood and in work ( I don’t think there’s an intuitive person there who hasn’t been activated through codependence) I could now see why things were happening as they were and what I needed to do to turn it around, I managed to return home 18 months later, that was a year ago now and the change has been profound and lasting – I now bring this awareness into my work too.

I did a sweat lodge in Mexico at 40 and got the vision of how to help the world understand how to work in an empowering way through Tarot. To top finish at 41, I birthed the vision and created The Transformational Truth of Tarot Game Changer thanks to Pamela Steele for licensing me The Steele Wizard Tarot and to everyone who backed it on Kickstarter it was fully funded in 10 days.

What is a day in the life of you like?

Well, it varies, depending on things like online and offline events but when it’s a good day it’s like this:

7:30 daily Tarot storytelling, Tarot meditation, and journalling – this helps me tune in to the day ahead.

8:30 jump in the car to go to the gym – as my Grandad always says your health is your wealth and as an online entrepreneur as soon as I am online that’s it the day gone and then at 10pm  I can wonder why I feel terrible  and look like a couch potato, I’ve learned to take time in the morning to look after me mentally, spiritually and physically, I’m so much more effective that way.

11 am – Brunch – Again when I work, I’ll work all the way through so I don’t have breakfast and lunch I have lemon water when I get up and a green juice and then brunch.

midday – 7pm – Value based exercises. Putting value into my self development, and going into a creative alchemical space to  and giving value out, this is anything from consuming content – this I do in programs I enrol on to keep me developing, and creating content for others, videos, blogs, challenges, webinars and meetings with ongoing or prospective clients and colleagues. I call all of this Value based exercises because I ask myself if what I am doing has value for me and someone else, if it doesn’t then why am I doing it?

How is your business funded, is it bootstrapped, self-funded ect?

It’s most definitely bootstrapped! 100 %, everything I earn goes back in- minus living expenses.

Can you tell us more about your own personal brand DNA and ethos?

“Know Thyself” is written over the Temple of Delphi, this ancient piece of wisdom that Plato and Socrates sited was the most important thing to do with yourself and your life – and the hardest. Over the ages, I think it may have even become harder – even though we aren’t so publicly persecuted and seen to have more freedom. I truly believe we are still being made to feel we have no choice but to conform and that we are always lacking in being enough, or having enough, we are caught in a sophisticated system that erodes self-esteem, the world will be at peace only when we all have a healthy self-esteem and how can that even happen if we don’t even know what the self is? Like I said, it’s a sophisticated system.

Can you tell us how you are professionally assisting others to clearly identify their blocks and work through them?

It really is not me and I mean that it’s the journey in the Tarot that does it and it’s pretty impossible to describe, everyone goes on their own unique journey, even when you have experienced it for yourself it’s still so difficult to put into words. It’s a bit like the word for ‘God’ ‘JHVH’ when you try to say it words fail and you just end up breathing which isn’t great when it comes to those 1-minute elevator pitches!

When I have asked my clients to describe they will say things like “I don’t get it! It’s a pack of 78 cards yet everyone’s going through massive transformations” or “get ready to find out you didn’t know yourself” or “I feel connected to myself and my life and able to be me” and so on but really you have to experience it. All I can say to try and convey is what I already have, I take people through the archetypal land of the Tarot to connect with themselves in a deeply empowering way, the natural numerical order of the Tarot has a divine order that when worked with that way clicks us into which activates self-knowing and acceptance, heals relationships, heals holistic health problems and activates purpose.

Congratulations on your book ‘The Transformational Truth of Tarot’ winning the Best Spiritual Book Award of 2012, what was the writing process like for you?

Thank you! It was 12 hours a week on a train for a couple of years I think! I don’t remember much! I don’t think it was me writing it if you get what I mean.

Can you highlight 3 effective ways for personal transformation?

I mention my daily Tarot practice above, it consists of three things:

  1. “Tarotfeely,” which is a meditation you do with a card between your hands, one you haven’t seen. You simply breathe the energy from the card into you softly, relaxing and opening your energy to the energy present in the card, then when you’ve merged you tune into how it makes you feel, anything you see and most importantly asking for the message – all without looking – it’s not about getting the card “right” although it’s a buzz when that does happen the exercise bypasses all judgments and projections we have when we see a card and tunes us in to our higher self-message. For instance, The Five of Pentacles looks like a ‘begger’ type card, and it’s easy to go into an “oh no! Financial ruin!” – but often when I do a TF (Tarotfeely) it completely bypasses the fear and plugs me into the higher self-message which is usually something to do with valuing my worth and in that case it gives us the antidote.
  2. Storytelling. Is like keeping a diary via selecting cards from the tarot by purposely looking at the cards and picking which ones spoke to you and lining them up to tell the story of your day. If you do this every day you soon start to see your patterns, where you are stuck and whether you need to do something about it or wait until it changes, in this way it’s a great practice for the serenity prayer ability too.
  3. Living the cards. This is where you take a card and live with it for the day, you might put it on your phone or computer as a screenshot or have it somewhere else where you see it regularly, so you can be visually reminded that you are working with it for the day. You ask 3 questions, who, what and how is this card showing up in my life today? At the end of the day you write your day out and read over it asking the questions again – you’ll be surprised!

All of these practices are life-changing, the Tarot is a visible, tangible spirituality that’s in the front of your face, it’s a mirror and the more you stare in a mirror the more likely you are to change anything you don’t like about what you see. This is The Transformational Truth of Tarot.

Who does the team involve behind you?

It’s difficult to have a team that doesn’t understand the unique journey of The Transformational Truth of Tarot so my team consists of people that have gone through the journey and stayed on after graduation because they loved it so much and wanted to help others through – I’m lucky like that.

Where can you see yourself within the next 3-5 years?

Well God laughs at those that have plans but I am really excited by a newfound collaboration with David Lapoco who is the Founder of The Tarot Reading Festival in Montreal, now in its second year, I’m excited because it’s a Tarot Conference aimed at dispelling the misconceptions around Tarot which my whole ethos is about, I will be speaking there this year and I feel inspired to hold a similar event in the UK in Bath known as The Transformational Truth of Tarot Conference and eventually go global with it.

What are the key tools that you use for your trade?

Erm Tarot! I guess a laptop too. It’s pretty lightweight and easy that way. You can have a deck of Tarot in your pocket and travel the world and never go hungry, you don’t even need a laptop!

Can you tell us what areas you have struggled in professionally?

My biggest challenge is being seen as a reader, and I get it, I even saw myself as that until my thirties. Society just doesn’t see that there is any other role with Tarot. As discussed above there are so many preconceptions that come with Tarot, it’s a very misunderstood art.

Firstly I come up against the dreaded “what do you do?” line, and as soon as you mention the ‘T-word’ people either think you are a she-devil that needs exercising, a crazy white female, a gypsy or a fraud, or they go the other way with believing you have some really amazing magical power that they don’t, that you hold all the answers to your questions and want to suck your blood – okay maybe that’s a bit strong, but you get the picture.

Spirituality is a niche market  and Tarot is a very small piece of the pie, for example, lets take The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle – a spiritual classic that sold 70 million in it’s the first year, now let’s take the Tarot classic, 78 Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollock that sold 7 Million in it’s the first year, so Tarotists make up 10 percent of an already niche market. Now in that 10%, I’d be willing to say 1% get how I work with Tarot for transformation and the other 9% miss the trick completely and just think its some overpriced Tarot course.

Then things like the system too, online merchant gateways for taking payments via a credit card online – oh my! The amount that has treated me as a fraud and not let me have access to my funds as soon as they find out about “my overpriced Tarot course” I often get lumped in the same categories as porn, prostitution, gambling, and even terrorists! It makes me wary of using the word “tarotist!”. This is despite being a legal tax paying company, the equality act says we can’t discriminate against people for their sex, sexual preference, colour, faith or any other way that is seen as the way we are born or just are, yet Tarot is not seen or treated like this, and so far it’s been pretty impossible to stand up against. People are still ingrained in deep conditioning by society over eons to get very uncomfortable about it and we really do need to grow up and come out of the dark ages, it’s something I am passionate about changing, but so far the community itself has been too fragmented, and I am pleased to say there are rumbles of change, we’ve had the rise of equal rights for feminism, Race and LGBT and Yoga. Yup!

Yoga was seen as a Satanism too you know! And now Tarot is hot on the heels of the Downward Dog! I just hope when the day happens the teaching of spiritual practice behind Tarot is what prevails, as I think the Yoga boom had it’s problems too with it becoming too much about the postures and not enough about the philosophy, but then that’s industries right? It all blows up to crazy levels before it resets itself, like bodybuilding for example!

Have you ever had any other mentor? If so how has this benefitted you to grow?

I see everyone as my mentor, and yes I make an effort to be professionally mentored someway or another at least once a year for a period of six months, sometimes it has helped me massively, other times it has been very expensive and full of painful lessons, all of which have helped me to grow some way or another. When I left the companies and went online I asked my mum for £5,000 to buy a three month course on how to put together a package and sell it online, it was the most expensive course I had ever done, my mum has always backed my strange choice in career which I feel much gratitude to her for.

It paid off, I made £20k in my first month. I went on to invest in other things that didn’t work so well, but I think letting that stop me would be worse, so I try to learn from it and still find a way to keep going and looking for the right mentors. I don’t ever let finances be the block to development, the best investment you can ever make is in your own skills – they are the only thing you can take with you and that’s the crux of the matter – evolution. I might not have spoken that nicely about the times we live in but on the upside, we are lucky that we do live in a time where if you really want to there are lots of ways to raise investment to move you forward, wherever there is a true will there really is a way.

What outlets do use to market your retreats?

I don’t really. My retreats aren’t generally open to the public. You have to be on a program with me, invited, or if you want to come then you have to go through an application process. I find retreats that anyone can come can be a recipe for disaster – I’ve learned this the hard way and will never just sell off a place on a retreat to someone who clicked a button. At times when I do need a top up, I reach out to Jo at the Retreat Company for a listing.

Which methods are you using to build your own support network?

Looking after myself, and the people who are passionate about what I do and are loyal to me. I am lucky to be surrounded by them and it’s my vision to give back to the people that back me. It’s already started with my PA who has been so loyal to me through thick and thin. She says she doesn’t know how she got the job, but that’s how!

What would you like to see changed for millennials in business?

Good question and one that would vary from country to country. I thought that we had it hard in England, but it was nothing compared to how people have in America with the high tax system there, and Spain, to be self-employed there costs a fortune every single month and there’s no proportionate scale either, making it very hard to start up, in fact pretty impossible.

If you would have asked me this a few years ago I would have said that the mortgage situation is crazy. People have to stop working in their business to get a steady job to get a mortgage and then once they have the mortgage they can go back to their business! I won’t do that,  but to be honest,  now I’m glad it’s been impossible for me to have a mortgage, I can’t stand the thought of having that chain around me. Oh, and why tax us at the most expensive time of year when cash flow is the lifeblood of a business – oh, of course, that’s exactly why!  Do you detect some cynicism?

What is the best piece of business advice you have received to date?

“If someone gives you an opportunity you really want and you don’t know how you are going to do it, just say yes, and work it out later” – Richard Branson.

What is the number 1 critical lesson you have learned in your career so far?

That I am not Tesco. I can’t serve high numbers of people for rock bottom prices.

When you are your brand there is only one of you. You have to find the fastest most direct route of being effective and try to make it so people can have your back, you have to find the people that believe in you and will back you, and back them too. There will be plenty that just doesn’t understand you, or will far from the back you as Buddha says when he was spat on “they didn’t spit on me, they spat on their version of me.”

Just keep going and keep your head down, stoke the fires of your passion and the alchemical key on how that can alter your people’s lives for the better and then do everything you can to make it work, in the short term with isolated incidents there will be failures, but nothing is a failure if you just keep going, gather the feedback, go back to the drawing board and see the bigger picture, and sometimes it takes years to see what the picture was, and what actions lead to what, it’s not always instant, to just keep your consciousness on that and to not get distracted by wanting quick wins, shiny superlurficious objects and other people’s stuff along the way, what they think of you, what they are doing etc, and and stay away from the illusion that you are superwoman – you can’t afford it, none of that stuff!

How do you create an evenly balanced work and personal life?

I put my health first, apart from last year, which was a difficult year, and I let it all slide, it wasn’t wise. This year I am back on it, gym happens first or it doesn’t happen at all, plus the more time I give myself to think in the morning the better I am through the day – work smart, not hard. I love the flexibility that self-employment gives you, you are in charge of your own hours, it’s one of the best things. I am also lucky that what I do is my life, give me a free day and this is how I will spend it.  Its a way of life and fills me up more than going out for a night on the tiles, if I go on a holiday without a purpose I’m bored after a few days, I have to be of service, I have to create from my purpose or I could be in the most beautiful place on earth and not feel alive. I am also lucky that my husband is self-employed too so he understands and gives me a lot of free licenses

A seminal point in your career so far?

By that, you mean seeding? I guess I would have to say working at Mysteries, without that I don’t think I’d have got to where I am today. It was one of those bigger picture moments that led to a cascade of success.

What gives you ultimate career satisfaction?

When people get it, and I mean really deeply, truly get it, that moment when you hear the gasps, see their eyes pop and their heads blow and then see what they’ve been struggling with becoming a thing of the past and most of all, when it stays that way, which most of the time, it does.

What challenges have you seen to have been presented during the growth of your business?

A couple of years ago I had a bit of a breakdown as mentioned above and I needed to employ a team to do the running of my business behind the scenes because it was taking all of me to show up for the clients, the thing is the teams ethos was all high numbers and low prices, the head of the team called themselves “an income strategist” I kept telling them that I didn’t have the numbers for that kind of rock bottom prices but it was falling on deaf ears and I was being told again and again that I was wrong. It was an expensive reminder about the cost of not listening to oneself despite how much someone presents themselves as an authority, my money ran out – and that was on a hefty loan investment.

On the upside, they had done a fantastic job on my website and branding, but that also meant they changed platform to a very advanced system, one that is also being demolished in a couple of years too! I think this analogy is the best one:

Imagine you run a very humble looking cafe, it doesn’t look much, it’s shabby, and the prices are high, but people go there because no-one in the world has the same dish as this restaurant and the dish has some really magical amazing properties that are life-changing.

But it’s such a powerful little vortex that after being there day in day out for many years the one woman band that runs it has a breakdown and employs a team to run and manage it. The team come in and renovate the whole place, it looks incredible, it’s now crazy sophisticated on the inside and out, and they are diluting the dish by making it into smaller and cheaper portions, but now, people don’t understand what the power of the dish is anymore, and it’s just another one of those restaurants (don’t get distracted by shiny objects remember!) so the very little specialist market now goes elsewhere leaving very big overheads and very little return.

So now the owner has to sack the team and reinstall the dish in a high tech kitchen she has no idea how to run, so now she has to learn how to run the kitchen whilst being front of house at the same time and keep the low ticket stuff happening now too because that was the only place any money was trickling in from, and try and find the time to course correct, its very tough when there is only one of you! And all of this learning for a state of the art kitchen that has to close in two years, and she’s going to have to pay for a new one to be installed again.

As I said 2018 was tough and some experiences have been majorly expensive, painful and humbling but all have given me value. They were brilliant with my branding and that is done now before they came my website was awful, but again a website is a shiny superlurficuos thing! You can have the best site and no sales, it’s not a website that gives you business, it’s showing up with a unique passion that is of life-changing value, and a system to deliver it which gets results. The most lucrative times in my career were run through Facebook and Skype that’s it. Nothing else.

Which other leading entrepreneurs and pioneering game changers do you also admire and why?

Don Miguel Ruiz tops it all for me. His Four Agreements of being impeccable with your word, to speak with truth and love, to not take things personally, to never assume and always do your best  and The Fifth Agreement  – listen and don’t believe anything you or another person is telling you, is sound advice to live by both personally and professionally. I am not sure I would class him as an entrepreneur though I might be wrong! I admire humility and humour in people, I love the Dalia Lama.  Saying that the big name entrepreneurs that have by far made the most change to my life is Bernadette Doyle, so credit where credit is due. Ted McGrath gave me important teaching about the story, I am a storyteller, so how could I miss that? Doh! And I have just embarked on course with Sam Ovens which so far so good. I know they have all come from a difficult background and have had their fair share of “failures” breakdowns and haters and they have never given up showing up so kudos. And for me, it’s all about the community. It’s the people in my life that are actually showing up in person to connect directly I really admire, and of course, it’s hard to do that when you ‘ve got really big.  My grandfather, had his business until he was 75 and is still alive at 97, is the most integral man I have ever met, never had a day off and when his customers would ask about when he is going on holiday he would say “I go on holiday every day when I go home”.  Business put him through the ringer but still he got up at 4:30am every day and worked through till 6pm, always with a smile on his face and happy to serve from a deep well of connection to his spiritual purpose, he taught me what mattered was not what you did but the way you did things, and yes, he is still alive and still my biggest inspiration.

Like Bob Marley said when he was shot and asked why he was still performing, “the people that are trying to make this world a worse place aren’t taking a day off so why should I?”

Bees don’t take a day off, I think if you need a day off from your purpose then it’s not your purpose, or perhaps your purpose is behind it all but it’s got screwiffed somehow, that can happen easily in this day and age. So yes take time out, reflect, review, regather, but if you need time to get away from what your daily life then something is very wrong.

Veronica Pullen, The Facebook Queen, I’m on a mile deep marketing course with her which is all about creating mile deep relationships on Facebook, I know it works, because it’s why I feel this way about her and enrolled with her and wait for it -she’s done this despite having Aspergers, go figure? She is also riddled with pain every day but still shows up and has learned how to use all these reasons not to are exactly the reasons to do. Then there’s my printer, who runs his business from his house whilst looking after his autistic son alone full time. Vicky Etherington aka The Website Mentor although I don’t know Vicky’s story deeply I do know her integrity, I see how much she shows up day in day out and how much value she has to offer, I don’t know another website person who is always there for you like Vicky is and gives half as much value as she does personally. David Lacopo who when he came out of “the Tarot closet” got so much negativity that it would have been easy to go underground, but instead he reacted by getting the Tarot community together to hold a conference on dispelling the misunderstandings on Tarot –  and last but most definitely not least everyone in my courses who shows me their astounding integrity and who without them I don’t know how I could live my purpose. Oh, and of course, Russell Brand! Because he is the Fool in the Tarot and the Tarot is The Fool’s Journey.

What is a good article or book you have read recently?

Don’t get distracted by shiny superlurficious objects! I haven’t read Tarot or a book for a good couple of years now. I am no longer a reader in either capacity -at least for the time being. When I have time to read, I write, and if I read I’m in danger of regurgitating someone else’s material rather than being a clear channel for what wants to come through. I’m a creator not a reader. This doesn’t mean I don’t learn, but I’ll invest my time in mentors – it’s much more expensive up front than a book but for me, because I am a creative action taker it helps me to channel my energy effectively which is a far better investment for meself development, not shelf development!

Top 3 go-to Podcast channels?

Don’t get distracted by shiny superlurficious objects! There is one or two that make it through sometimes, I’m quite partial to a bit of Russell Brand.

How do you define success?

When you can lie down on your death bed and know that you set out what you came here to do. That for me is a success.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

I love your hashtag, how can we be anything else right? You might be able to tell I am a little bit passionate about finding yourself, so of course, I am going to resonate highly with it, but then again who wouldn’t?  I believe we were all put here with a divine reason for living, and as stated above to discover that and live it out is the ultimate, but it’s not an easy thing to do in this society, you must believe in yourself and do whatever it takes to be you, don’t be a clone in society or your relationships, you are divine being worth so much more than that, find the uniqueness in you, the reason you were born and fulfil it.

Finally, what can we expect from you next throughout 2019?

I’m so excited about this year and everyone I speak to seems to feel the same, it has a great fresh energy about it,  maybe it’s the same every new year, but somehow this year feels different. I hope you feel it too.

In January I am running a Tarot course in London and meeting with Private Members Clubs and Publishers for the GameChanger. In February I am holding what is usually my bio annual Retreat in a really incredible and deeply powerful and magical Cornish bolthole – it’s only once this year because in the autumn I will be holding a Retreat in Canada after speaking at the Tarot Festival.

There is an article due to come out in Chat it’s Fate April or May, then there are plans to create a three month Tarot summit in the lead up to September, plus plans to be at Business, Games, and Mind, Body Spirit expos with the GameChanger throughout the Spring and Summer – no tan for me this year! Oh and watch out for The Transformational Truth of Tarot Journal, Yearbook, and Diary 2020 on Kickstarter in the run-up to Christmas – and who knows I may even pop up with a stall at Bath Christmas Market – yup it’s going to be chilly at times! Maybe I’ll have to wait for the Sun card to come back around!

Thank you for the interview BEYOUROWN team and to the reader for taking the time, I hope you found what you were looking for.




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