Venus DelMar is a sensual dance coach and performance artist specialising in aerial silks, choreography, and sensual dance. Based in California, this multifaceted dancer encourages sensuality, self-expression, and creativity, believing deeply in the healing and empowering nature of the sensual movement.  She offers a variety of online sensual dance programs, custom choreography packages, and private mentorship. Her versatility and passion for dance and teaching have led her to perform and teach at many studios, events, festivals, and private gatherings. Venus DelMar’s mission is to inspire art and beauty through movement.

Thank you for joining us Venus, can you tell us about your business and why you teach dance? 

Such a pleasure to be here! My name is Venus DelMar and I am a sensual dance coach and performance artist. I have always loved dancing and performing and believed in its incredible power to heal. I never knew my passion would fully become my business and about a year ago I decided to go full-on in embodying my purpose and mission. I teach sensual dance– which is my own special creative fusion of all the styles I’ve ever studied and taught– to empower women to get in touch with their sensuality and femininity. It is powerful to be able to tap into our sensuality through dance and as a result, become more confident in ourselves and our bodies. I love teaching dance as a tool of empowerment to heal insecurities and move away from living in our heads. Being in touch with our bodies is so important, to be healthy, happy, and connected to ourselves.

Can you share a little bit about your background and your journey so far as a performance artist and instructor?

I have been dancing and performing for 15 years and have always loved movement art. I started dancing in high school and quickly realized that it was the way I naturally communicated– through movement. This love of dance, became my favourite language and I began creating choreography in different styles of dance including modern, jazz, and hip hop— my speciality has always been creatively fusing different styles together. I was fortunate to teach dance at a young age and perform often through the dance company at my high school. As I moved away from high school I performed less and got depressed. I came back to dance after I realized how much it really was my heart and passion. My comeback to dance started through college dance classes and I joined a burlesque troupe. I then became involved in theatrical hip-hop, fire dancing, belly dancing with snakes, and the aerial arts. I picked up many skills as I performed and collaborated with many different dance troupes and it was a natural progression for me to teach whenever I had learned a new style of dance.

I fell deeply in love with aerial silks about 5 years ago and was determined to excel at this art form. It proved very difficult, and I trained myself to get strong enough to climb and to move fluidly with the fabrics. Soon after I discovered silks I was already booking shows, events, and festivals– I guess the universe wanted me to FLY!  My love affair with silks has definitely been a beautiful & rewarding journey!


Within the last few years, I stepped fully into the embodiment of being a sensual dancer, teaching sensual dance, and starting my business. I realized that all the performances and skills I’ve picked up throughout my years as a performer and teacher, all revolve around this deeper sense of self, body intelligence and awareness, as well as the embodiment of being a sensual being—- and every woman deserves the right to explore this!

I began hosting dance workshops and events in California last year, including hosting a very powerful Sensual Dance Showcase. I worked with 8 women to perform their very first solos to our community, and the outcome was incredible, from the solos that were created to the community members that showed up, to the transformation that these dancers experienced. Some of my previous dance workshops included modern/hip-hop inspired choreography, heels, creepy movement— all with my signature sensual twist.

Last year I also birthed my first online sensual dance program. It has been such a joy to pour my heart and soul into creating dance videos that creatively fused everything that I have learned in my career as a dancer and performance artist. I love teaching my passion!! You can check out all the performance work I’ve done on my Instagram @venus_delmar, it’s a great record of all I’ve ever done in the world of dance and performance art!

Can you tell us how you are inspiring beauty & art through movement and what areas do you specialise in?

Of course! My mission is to inspire beauty and art through movement. I believe that dance is a powerful art form and that dancing is innately beautiful. The movement has the ability to inspire and create beauty in the world. We are already the art, we are already beautiful. Dance is the vessel to bring forth more inspiration, more beauty, and more love.

My speciality is sensual movement as a deeper way to connect to yourself, to your body, and to love. It is a fusion of everything I have ever explored and studied, focused on creating the space for women to experience their own sensual nature through dance.

By sharing my own personal movement and my choreographies, I am sharing that deeper creative connection that we all are capable of feeling. When I share my movement as an individual dancer, it is to remind us that we at any moment in time can create space to drop into our own bodies. When I share choreography of me dancing with other dancers, it is to remind us that we are here to dance, celebrate, and collaborate together! I love sharing both sources of inspiration– the community level & individual level– to elicit that spark of beauty, joy, and creativity I know resides inside of all of us.

How you are balancing the work/life strife?

My work does not feel like work! Honestly, I am so overjoyed to be exactly where I am right now in the knowingness that I keep growing and expanding! I take breaks when I need them, I focus on self-care practices to ensure I am in alignment with my work and follow the creative surge of muse energy when it strikes! I’ve fully stepped into feminine flow energy when it comes to working on my business, and out of outdated concepts of what “business” and “work” has to look like. My business is me, my life, and I highly value taking care of myself first so that I can authentically serve others in a way that is fruitful, enjoyable, and fun!

What platforms are you using as marketing tools?

I focus my energy on social media, Facebook and Instagram! I love these platforms and that is where all my community is. I also connect at in-person events such as workshops, festivals, and community events. I’m involved with a variety of online programs and love connecting to many amazing women through these online communities.

I also run a private facebook group called The Sensual Dance Tribe where I host free dance workshops and my most recent offering- The Sensual Dance Challenge! This is a super fun 5-day challenge that dives into connecting to all of our five senses through dance. If you want to be connected to a community of amazing women and dancers that are collectively supporting and inspiring each other, I highly recommend joining! It is such a blessing to be able to create a safe space for us to express ourselves in our sensuality and our movement.

Do you currently use any apps or tools to help the functionality of your business practice?

Yes of course! We have so much access to amazing tools for our businesses! I currently use Planoly to help with Instagram posting, Whatsapp to communicate, SoundCloud for music. My main tool is Google Drive & my phone! It’s amazing how much I can do for my online business with just these two tools alone. I’m at a stage where I love keeping things simple too, less is MORE!

Who is the most influential creative powerhouse that you admire and why?

When my deeper soul purpose called out about 2 years ago, I met Hemalayaa–she is an incredible transformational facilitator. She was the first coach I’ve ever worked with, and I deeply admire her work! We both believe in the movement is vital for true health and happiness for the emotional, physical, and spiritual body. Her embodiment practices and the wisdom she offers is phenomenal, I’ve learned so much from her. She is very creative in how she supports and encourages women to rise up together!

There are many ways Hemalayaa has inspired me, and her commitment to her spirituality and how deeply her work is very connected to that is beautiful. The way that she truly shows up for her clients and in sharing her visions is incredible. Another way she has been such an inspiration to me is what she has built for herself and her community, being a woman of colour. I find this incredibly motivating and as proof that any woman can run her own business! We have a lot in common and I think it’s important to have role models that serve your particular inspirations and Hemalayaa has definitely been that and more for me. It’s been such an honour to work with Hemalayaa!

The best lesson learnt throughout the business building so far?

It’s all about self-care. Caring for your physical vessel, your emotional world, your mental health, and your own spirituality.

In the initial stages of building my business I had the tendency to breakdown, get overwhelmed, and experience so much resistance. I had to do a lot of self-work, and personal development to get to where I am now. It is inevitable that we will experience enormous change as our businesses grow, we do too! And I realized that burnout happens when we aren’t fully aligned or taking care of ourselves!!

So in all this, I knew that my business was a reflection of me, and if I wasn’t taken care of, how else could my business thrive? What was the purpose of having my own business if I wasn’t going to create (energetically) from the right place?

Self-care can look like a lot of different things, and my go-to is definitely what I teach- sensual dance. Add some yummy nutritious food, flower baths, and nature time… and life is delicious!! I’m such a proponent of indulging in our own pleasures and taking care of ourselves in that nurturing way as a means to enrich your life. Prioritizing self-care is definitely my biggest takeaway lesson from running my own business.

What does #BEYOUROWN mean to you?

#BEYOUROWN means being your own boss, your own #1 fan! It means fully embodying who you are and the gifts you are meant to share to the world. It means owning your mission and being the example, the inspiration, the role model for others. #BeYourOwn is owning your purpose and the epic role you are fulfilling as a powerful leader!

Now, we know you are soon to launch your online dance program can you tell us about how that is shaping up and what does 2020 look like for you?

Yes! It is so incredibly exciting! I have officially launched my six-week program called the Elemental Sensual Dance Program—Tap into your Sensuality & ConfiDANCE.

This program is based on the four elements of water, earth, air, and fire with in-depth instructional dance videos that will get you to explore your sensuality through dance. It has been such a wonderful experience to have women go through the program already and get incredible results. My lovely friend Indigo up-levelled in freely moving her body more sensually in public spaces as well as being able to more intimately relate to people in her life! Getting in touch with your sensuality and femininity has the ripple effect of feeling and being freer in your body and creating more love for yourself and your body! This is why I use the word ConfiDANCE as a way to describe the powerful states of being that dance and being sensual can bring us. You can click here for more information about the Elemental Sensual Dance Program.

2020 is going to be the best year for my business, and my life yet!! I will be travelling to my roots in South America, I have family in Colombia and Chile. I will be hosting my first ever webinar, which is exciting!! I am so passionate and determined to share my Elemental Sensual Dance Program with as many women as possible, to change their lives in a high vibe, juicy, and fun way. I will be speaking more publicly about sensual dance and travelling to perform and teach! I will be collaborating with Hemalayaa in her Embody Events. 2020 is going to be so fun, there’s such a high vibration collectively at this time, and it is time to rise up and shine. And I am so blessed I have this opportunity to do so!

Thank you so much for interviewing me, it is so divine to be connected to so many powerhouse women who are truly making a difference in the world and supporting each other! We are here to thrive together and I am very grateful for the Be Your Own community! Please feel free to connect with me if you are curious about my work and want to become a sensual dancer!

You can find me on instagram @venus_delmar. You can join my private facebook community The Sensual Dance Tribe to access my free classes! Check out the Elemental Sensual Dance Program if you are interested in deepening your relationship with yourself and dance and truly tuning in to your Sensuality and ConfiDANCE! Again what an honour it is to be a part of this beautiful and powerful community. Sending so much love & keep dancing beautifully!!

Instagram: @venus_delmar

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/venusdelmardance/

Website: https://www.venusdelmar.com/

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